Deemed Conveyance

Deemed Conveyance is a hotly discussed & debated topic these days among the Members of Co- Operative Housing Societies. The credit for these discussions & debates goes to the drive run by Government of Maharashtra for the Deemed Conveyance of the Societies. The Media is also contributing to the information flow on this subject.

The Members of Co- Operative Housing Societies are looking for information on the subject of Deemed Conveyance. is an initiative of IamResilient Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The objective of is to offer authentic information on the subject for the benefit of Members of Societies Planning to go ahead with the Deemed Conveyance of their Property (Land & Structures).


One thought on “Deemed Conveyance

  1. I Have registered my agreement of sale documents con 23/2/1983 paid registration fees of rs1725/_ and rd 5/_ the society wants to do deemd conveyance and we have to pay stamp duty.
    Besides I am a part owner of the property .I paid for 480 sq feet and 240′ sq feet adjusted against land carpet area 720 sq,feet
    Kindly let me know how much stamp duty I have to pay and can the society demand cash payment from me

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