Complaint System for Cell Tower Radiation

The system will be handled by a government enterprise. It will work with the department’s Telecom Enforcement Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cell. Based on the location of the mobile tower, the monitoring team assigned for the zone will visit the site and test the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation levels. Within ten days from the registration of the complaint, a report will be prepared. In case the report indicates that radiation levels are within the prescribed limit, the complainant will have to pay a processing fee of Rs 4,000. In case a violation is identified, the errant firm will be fined Rs. 5 lakh and the complainant’s fee.

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How to Complain

LOG ON to the Department of Telecommunication (DOT) website Click on the link ‘Public Grievance- EMF Radiation’ to register your complaint about the suspected high radiation levels emitted by mobile towers in your neighbourhood. Once you get the complaint no., you will have to deposit a cheque or DD for Rs. 4,000 in favour of  Telecommunication Consultants India Ltd. – Current Account No 000705005880 in their  ICICI Bank Account. After having deposited the cheque, you need to call on the number given below and give them the details of the cheque no., Bank Name etc. on phone ( the payment update link on the website is not working as on 11/10/2012)

CALL 99695 55000 between 10 am and 5 pm to register your complaints.