What a consumer can do for delayed deliveries of Flats

What are your options?

… The point is, as an aggrieved buyer, you should not wait for either the builder to take the code seriously or fast-track the execution of his project just because he has to follow a code. In the following pages we tell you what your options are while taking on the builders to demand what is rightfully yours, and also how individuals and groups are doing it across the country.

To know your rights as a buyer you must understand the obligations of the seller. According to Section 55 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882, the seller is bound to:

–> answer all the relevant questions put to him by the buyer about the property or its title.

–> provide to the buyer all the documents related to the property that are in his possession or power.

–> disclose any material defect in the property or in the title about which he is aware, but the buyer is not.

–> execute a proper conveyance of property when the buyer tenders it to him (after payment of due amount) for execution at a proper time and place.

–> to take care of the property and all relevant documents in his possession between the date of sale and delivery just as an owner would.

–> pay all public charges accrued in respect of the property up to the date of sale .

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