Five-star judgment

Subject: Hotel liable for injury suffered by the guest due to defect designing of rooms.

Backdrop: Here is a unique landmark judgement, where a five star hotel has been held liable to compensate its guest for the injury suffered due to faulty designing of its room.

Case Study: For accommodating the invitees to his wedding in Goa, Siddhartha Bhimrajka had booked several rooms in Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa, a five-star hotel belonging to Blue Coast Hotels and Resorts.

Negligence means a breach of duty to exercise due care expected of a reasonable prudent person. It is common knowledge that the slightest wetness on a polished marble floor or on a slanting polished floor is extremely dangerous. The hotel ought to have foreseen that the faulty designing of the bathroom could lead to an accident, but had been negligent in this regard, thereby entitling Vijay to claim compensation.

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