Complaints India Website – Help & Consumer Resources

Complaints India Website – Help & Consumer Resources

1.0 How does Complaints-India Work? 

    • Complaints-India is Free Consumer Assistance Website.
    • We need to appreciate the fact that in India consumer satisfaction is of least priority to suppliers and service providers. Consumers are forced to follow up and beg to get work done for which they have already paid. Govt. agencies are no better.

Complaints India takes up website users complaint with the concerned company/agency

if its email Id is given

      . If email ID is not given,

if our database has existing mail id we will forward 

      to that mail Id with specific note explaining

why your complaint is to be redressed.

  • Complaints India helps to publish complaints for potential future customers of Company to view. This will be a deterrent to companies who wish to project good image so that their brand value is not impacted.
  • Other Parties against whom complaint is submitted, is requested by Complaints-India, by mail to post their response to Complaint. If they respond, its published below the respective Complaint and a copy is sent to the website user to review.
  • Most of the time, if specific details of the complaint with reference numbers etc are given Companies will respond.
  • Users may republish their Complaints. Submit a Complaint Now!

2.0 Complaint Against Govt Agencies:

Submit all your Complaints at Complaints India. The Central Govt has a Grievance Redressal System. Efficacy of the same is not known. This covers only certain Departments and you can post complaint at Govt of India’s Each State Govt also is expected to have Grievance Redressal systems. You may search on the net for the same, for specific states.

LIC Complaints can be sent to Insurance ombudsman –

Click Here for the website


One thought on “Complaints India Website – Help & Consumer Resources

  1. on telephonic discussion the website offer me for 3 day 4 night pacakge just for rs 5999.00 i check the webside on net i deposite the by cheque. after deposite money on 9th of nov. the web site customer care not responding. i am regular contacting them but there is no response .once i request for refunding money they tell me “jo karna hai kar lo we cant refund ur money” so please take proper action against this web side because they make full lots of people in our country i have some contact no.+911165022159, 9891238971, 9891291602.
    so please take proper action against this website

    pancham shah

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