Govt. of India – Consumer Welfare website

Consumers are one the most important resources of the country and the Government of India is committed to guarantee their welfare and protect their rights. The Department of Consumer Affairs- External website that opens in a new window under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution is responsible for this task. Sometimes, after buying a product or service, consumers may feel cheated for reasons such as being charged more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP), getting less than what they paid for, the product being defective and so on. Most people are unaware of the procedure to seek redressal and leave things as they are. Consumers need to wake up and take action against such businesses, which they believe to be non genuine. To ensure this, the government has taken various measures like the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act- External website that opens in a new window, launch of the ‘Jago Grahak Jago- External website that opens in a new window‘ campaign and Standardization of Weights and Measures- External website that opens in a new window.

Click Here for the website


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