RTI Application formats

Three activists – Ashish Mhatre, Krishnaraj Rao and G R Vora – have put up an online bank of successful applications to help people use the RTI Act effectively. Just browse through the list available, click on the one of your need, and find links to successful applications to be used as a format for your own. It is very simple to use and will go a long way in making your own applications successful. Click Here for the links

The list includes the following titles :

  • Employment
  • Railways
  • Area Development Funds of Corpo-MLAs-MPs
  • Waste Management and Cleanliness
  • Blank RTI Application and Appeal Forms – Annexure A, B and C
  • BMC Accounts – Finance
  • LMC – Ludhiana Mun. Corporation
  • MTDC – Maharashtra Tourism Development. Corporation
  • Village Panchayat
  • BMC – Bom Mun Corporation – Hoardings
  • PWD (Public Works Dept) Maha Govt
  • Passport
  • Home Ministry ( Maha. Govt.)
  • BMC – Roads
  • Finance Ministry (Maha Govt.)
  • GAD (Maha. Govt.)
  • Maha. Govt. ( Legislatures )
  • Education
  • Bombay High Court
  • Maha Govt – Co-op and Textiles Ministry
  • Dairy Commissioner (Maha. Govt)
  • Mumbai Collector Office
  • BARC – Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – Mumbai
  • CM’s Relief Fund
  • Bldg Plans Permissions etc
  • BMC Circulars – List of PIOs and APIOs – 3.9.2010 onwards.pdf

    Some more format links are listed for your perusal – Click Here


16 thoughts on “RTI Application formats

  1. my gumasta licence is lost date od issue 2002 i want my licence i have any charges of bmc rules my licence shop name kadri kirana shop cama road near darrussalam masjid

  2. I had park my car in pay n park and my car is stolen from ther and I will not get insurance because my insurance was third party and my car was 2 year old pay and park people says we are not responsable for your car we only take money for parking ur car is stolen it’s your problem I am telling that why the take money for parking police is not helping me please say me what to do

    • Please file your complaint with the parking contractor, the local police station and then also file a complaint in the Consumer Court for deficiency in service. All complaints should be in writing and duly acknowledged. Please keep the parking receipt with you as evidence to be produced in court.

  3. I was gone to police station to file a compliant against pay and park police has launch my compliant but in the fir they had only written that my car was stolen from pay and park I told them to put the name of parking owner police said we will not put name of parking owner and I have give them the parking recipt police officer told me we will give u tomorrow the fir copy and parking recipt next day when I went to take fir copy and the parking recipt the police officer handed me a fir copy when I ask for parking receipt the police officer says that the police officer who had written your fir he is on holiday for three days when he will come he will give yout the aft parking receipt after three days I went to police station and ask for parking recipt they said we have seal your file and now we cannot break the seal they r not giving me the parking receipt what to do please help me

  4. i am veterinary graduate, so i want to know if a government veterinary doctor VAS(veterinary assistant surgeon) doing these things what ll be effective method to compliant abt him?
    * Coming (?visiting ll opt) to VD once or twice in a week.( even that visit ll be after working duty hour 12noon ). But perfectly maintains the daily attendance register without any kind of leave!!!
    * Appointed one Inseminator(private person) to attend cases in the dispensary and carryout all department related paper works as a DUTY DOCTOR?!
    * Selling the government subsidized grass cutter n other instruments in higher prices.(that to not for people who really needed)
    * Using the fertilizers, seeds (which meant for poor farmers) for his mother-in-law uses.
    * Registering (the real 3 or 4 cases) more than 50 cases in the VD register, that also by that duty doctor(Inseminator).
    * One mobile unit also allotted to that dispensary,but nobody aware about that other than VAS and DUTY DOCTOR(Inseminator).
    * Preparing fake vouchers and rubber stamps for scheme (KPT, IAMWARM) money.
    * Making reports for FMD vaccination as fully vaccinated but using only 20-30% of government provided doses.(other 70-80% doses are spilled in the wastelands).
    * DUTY DOCTOR (Inseminator) government provided semen straws(100s) for VD and Mobile unit for his private cases and taking part of government supplied drugs for his private cases( THIS INSEMINATOR ATTENDING ALL KIND OF CASES WITH SUPPORT OF THAT PARTICULAR VAS).
    * Having illegal relationship with his widowed client(what worse? within the dispensary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    i want to complaint abt him to department with photos but he is influencing one,,,so what abt using RTI ?

  5. I would like to get copies of approved building plans of our society from MCGM (our society is registered in 1959). Can you please guide me as how to get certified copies of plans etc. and how long does it take? Thanks.

    • In all probability, since your society is so old, there may be no approved plans. You may however approach your municipal ward office and make an application for the same. If they do not respond after reasonable follow up, you should file an RTI application to obtain the same

  6. Our business is 65 years old. It’s in a small industrial place in south mumbai. In April 2008 we started with the repairing of our loft which was in a bad state. The only problem was we did not take the required permissions from the BMC. After the work was 60% complete the local corporator threatened us that they would complain to the BMC if we did not pay them X amount of money. We did not comply with their demands and the BMC sent us a notice of stop work. They demanded that we prove that the loft is legal and it was there before we started the work. We contacted our landlord if he has some old plan where we can prove that the loft existed before. The landlord says that since it a very old place he too does not have any plans about the place. All the galas in our Industrial estate have lofts and are actively being used by the tenants. Since the corporator and the BMC are hand in glove with each other, they both are trying to extort maximum money from us for something which is ours and we are paying for the repairs.
    Now after 5 years we want to start using the loft but want to do it the legal way. I want to know is it possible to file An RTI to find out if the loft existed before.
    Please help.

  7. I have Applied for O.B.C(Other Backward Class) Certificate at Old Custom House ,I had Submitted All relavent Documents with the application ,they accepted and gave me an receipt they told come after 15-20 days .But when i went their they told me your submitted application with its Documents have been Lost for unKnow Reasons .I want to file an RTI Regarding this matter Please Help Me

  8. Sir maharastaa go.
    sir mey mankurd mey rahataa hu hamaree. yaha mhada kee 10 8 7 6 18 19.20
    kucha aeshi emartee hi jenmey kaee log ghusihee huwee hi. yah log ejat shee melkar rum becharahie. hi jenke kemat 11 shi 15. llak hi yah log. yahi kee rahnee wale hi jo ejant shee melkar rum becharahi hi please action you Sir

  9. . Sir esam hamaree deska hi nuksan. hi sir aplog jenhie apatra kartee hoo unkee bal bacher sadkoo par aajtee hi enkee jagaha vkendra room.moo mey ejant ghuskar room par tabaaletaa hi awor ushie becadeta hi jeshi haree madhaa ko faydaa kam ghata jada hotaa hi please Sir action to immediately

  10. I stay at suraj building, elphinstone road, mumbai-400013. Its is been taken over by Mr. Vijay Khandewal through welfare society. I am the tenant of this building. In 2011 we made an agreement that the area will be redeveloped by him and we will be get flats in the developed building. Till today no action relating to reconstruction and redevelopment is taken. Now he has taken a hide saying that the whole area of suraj building has been declared as an education zone. I want to file rti application to find out whether the area is under education zone or not. what the exact sq.ft belonging to suraj building. what the ci number of suraj building

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