Election Rules for Co-op Societies in Maharashtra

Please refer attached eight files related to general election in a co-operative housing society:










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J.B.Patel (Jeby)
Housing Society Activist




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    • You will find the form as an Annexure to the Bye-Laws of your society, else you can download the Model Bye-Laws – See Appendix B in Annexure III – Election Rules

  2. I am member of a housing society at CBD Belapur , Navi Mumbai. The secretary in his election notification dated 16 th March 2013 declared that those defaulters of maintenance charges as on 31st Dec 2012 are not eligible to vote in the election of the office bearers of the society and MC members which will be held in the month of May. As on today,I am not a defaulter but as on 31st Dec 2012, yes. Pls clarify whether the secretary’s stand is correct or not. Can any member be denied of his right to vote without any proper advance notice?

  3. Can a defaulter propose a nomination for a society election. where a person is paying the maintenance regularly except an extrra amount added for installing new lift which is still pending

      • THANKS for quick reply? I have another query. Since from forming society the audit from competent authority never carried. its almost 6 years now. What are the procedure now? the society was registered in 2007.

  4. Can a owner of a flat who has rented out the flat and has been a non-resident of the society for more than 5 years contest Society elections ?

  5. Hi,

    Can now selection of Managing Committee will be done by Federation or internal flat member can do. I guess some rule has come up this time. Could you please share some thought on this.


    • selection of managing committee will be done by hsg.society in sgm as per new election rules

  6. Is it mandatory to elect managing committee members by secret ballot in a society that has 30 members only. What is the correct procedure of holding elections?

  7. election can be conduct during this month and I want copy of Gr in which it is said that you cannot conduct election

  8. Sir,
    In NaviMumbai my wife is the owner of the flat I am not co partner whether I can stand for the society Election or in managing committee. and Secondly The second partner can stand for election in executive management committee kindly reply me

  9. In thane nalasopara E my wife is the owner of the flat I am not co partner whether I can stand for the society Election or in managing committee. and Secondly The second partner can stand for election in executive management committee kindly reply me

  10. Hello Sir,
    Is there any provision where in Society can mutually deiced to have e voting rather then manual voting. Most of the member of the society doesn’t stay in the society for various reason, is there any provision wherein the Society can deiced to conduct e voting for the Members Election scheduled for next Annual General Meeting and all members can vote through email or online.


  11. Hello Sir,

    Our society has members between 301 to 500 so we the strength of our MC needs to be 17 inclusive of general, women & SC/ST/OBC/VJ. I would like to know :

    1] If we dont have any SC/ST/OBC/VJ members do those reserved seats get scrapped or do they transfer to the general category?
    2] If a member votes less than the required votes is that vote null & void. eg. instead of ticking
    12 members in the general category only 9 are ticked is that vote null & void or counted.

  12. Hi,

    Our society has elected managing committee. In that committee 3 members are serving government employees.
    One member working in airport authority of India
    Another member is working co-operative department of state government of maharashtra
    and third one in defence ammunition factory.
    The query here is whether these serving government employee are eligible to contest election of CHS and hold a position in managing committee.


  13. Hi
    I am second holder owner .i am eligible to contest election of CHS and hold a position in managing committee.

  14. Dear Sir,

    As our secretary has resign from his post, and he told us that new procedure of election is more tough. as he tell us that there will be deposit of 17000 for whosoever wants to stand in the election and the committee will come from Pune Maharashtra and also mention that Palghar district has different rules, as previous Vasai was in the thane now it is in the Palghar district so rules are change.

    As all the member of society want to elect one person and don’t want this long procedure, is there any way that all member decide to elect one man for their secretary post without going the way which he told.

  15. Hi,
    We had Management Committee elections 2 months back. One seat reserved for “OBC” is vacant.
    What is procedure/rule to fill in this post if an eligible society member want to contest/nominate against this seat?

    Thank You.

  16. Hello,

    I have my own flat at Mumbai. But, for my personal work I have to travel to other country on election date. Is there is any option of online voting for Co- op HSG society elections?


  17. Hello sir,
    Our society has made a Buildingn repair fund for repirjg of the enitre building as per the plan provided by the committee. We hv paid all installemtns in order but since the work is still peniding and not as per the schdule we have stopped the pyment of the last installment.
    In this case i have a query that since this is only a Fund raised for a specific purpose of tte soceity -Can non payment or defaulter of this fund payment can be stopped from contesting committee elections- Also fYI i m regular and before tym in the pyment of the maintainence charges of the society since last 10 years.
    They hv mentioned my name hnder non eligible members for the committee meeting -.
    Pls guide and help so i can contest the elections if possible at the earliest

  18. During August 2104 AGM, Our Society has resolved to fix the terms of MC as 2 years. now with New Model Bye-laws being adopted, can we hold elections this year

  19. Hi! Elections were held in month of nov, 16 in our building in thane wherein 2 defaulters were elected by the registrar. Inspite of all the members raising voice against defaulters, the registrar ignored these voices and proceeded with the election. Out of these 2; 1 is become the chairman who have not paid a single penny of maintenance, what can the members do to protest against it? We approached the registrar but it seems the registrar is not ready to accept it and is misguiding us. Please help.

  20. hi
    My query about i am elected member of society located in Navi Mumbai, i am treasurer of society. but last month i gift deed my flat to my brother so i resign from my post ( resign letter not submitted yet ) and i am taken new flat in same society so i want to join a committee so what a process for rejoin the committee. Before i am resigning 7 member committee now 2 member r resign including me . now only 5 member present.( so suggest who to i am again committee member and vacant post of treasurer who to fill .

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