Re-discover the might of India!

This site is a direct result of a fanatical belief that the time has come for India to take its rightful place at the center-stage of the world. This site makes a sincere effort to portray India in the best light, by analyzing news, vital statistics, facts and figures from known reliable sources.

Click Here for the website created by Gaurang Damani – Engineer, social and legal activist and a diehard Indian. Mr Damani is a B.E. Electronics (7th rank in Mumbai University, 1993) and the founder of ‘Karmayogi Prathistan’, which helps with the education needs of 200 slum children and about 300 children going to private schools. He publishes a newsletter www.DieHardindian.com He has also volunteered at LTMG Municipal Hospital for over four years as part of an NGO called ‘Sunday Friends’.


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