Alert: Did KYC before Jan ’12? You need to know this

If you had complied with the know your customer (KYC) norms before January 2012, you better get in touch with your broker or asset management company (AMC) or your distributor.

Because, Sebi has made a few changes to the KYC norms after January this year. So, if you had  done your KYC before that, you won’t be able to invest in mutual funds, unless you take a few steps.

What you should do: As soon as possible, fill this form and attach the required documents and get in touch with your broker, distributor, AMC or local CAMS/ KRA service centre.

Not sure: If you don’t remember when you got your KYC done or if you need to fill the KYC change detail form or not, you don’t need to worry. Click here  to submit your Permanent Account Number (PAN). If the screen shows MF – VERIFIED BY CVLMF then you need to take the above mentioned steps. However, if the screen shows MF- VERIFIED BY CVLKRA, you are already new KYC norm compliant.

Click Here for the detailed instructions



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