Aadhaar – UID – is it anti-people ?

This is an excellent 9-part series which examines UID-Aadhaar in all its aspects, security, legality, privacy, practicality and much more.

Is UID anti-people? The database state –Part1

Is UID anti-people? –Part 2: A bundle of contradictions, misconceptions & mirages

Is UID anti-people?-Part 3: Tall claims and tomfoolery of UID

Is UID anti-people?-Part 4: Does the implementation smack of corruption and negligence?

Is UID anti-people?–Part 5: Why UID is impractical and flawed “Ab initio”

Is UID anti-people?–Part 6: The foundation for incessant intrusion

Is UID anti-people?–Part7: Incarnation of new geo-strategic tools, NCTC, NATGRID, UID, RFID and NPR

Is UID anti-people?–Part 8: UID’s security is flawed

Is UID anti-people?-Part 9: Law makers as law breakers


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