Special Drive for Deemed Conveyance

Special Drive for Deemed Conveyance


The Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1983, provides for Conveyance of the Titles of the land by the developers to the Co-operative Housing Societies within four months of their formation. At present, the Co-operative Housing Societies have to depend fully upon the developers for getting the benefits of additional FSI, redevelopment of buildings, etc. till conveyance of the land to them.

The State Government has decided to undertake a special drive from 15th December, 2012 to 30th June, 2013 with a view to confer upon the Co-operative Housing Societies the legal right of land from the developers. You have to apply in the prescribed pro-forma for Deemed Conveyance to the office of the concerned District Deputy Registrar, Co-operative Societies and Competent Authority of your area. He would pass appropriate orders after due hearing to all interested parties and issue conveyance certificate.

Once a Co-operative Society submits the certificate regarding Deemed Conveyance for registration with the respective Sub-Registrar (Stamps), necessary action would be taken for registration of the certificate of conveyance. Upon registration of the conveyance you have to approach concerned Revenue / City Survey Officer to make a mutation entry and issue property card in the name of Housing Society.

It is my sincere endeavor to see that the ownership title of the land to all the Co-operative Housing Societies in Maharashtra in conferred as a part of this special drive. ‘The building belongs to the Society; so does the land under the building’. Therefore, I appeal to all Co-operative Housing Societies to actively participate in this special drive and make it a grand success.

The Government Resolutions and Circulars relating to Deemed Conveyance are available on State Government’s website http://housing.maharashtra.gov.in

Yours Sincerely,

Prithviraj Chavan

Chief Minister, Maharashtra


8 thoughts on “Special Drive for Deemed Conveyance

  1. very confused. not opening the site housing.maharashtra,gov.in
    what is the position of lease hold lands in dombivali

  2. I am unable to locate the application form for deem conveyance. Kindly mail me on my email id.

  3. pl. send your suggestions in this regard.

    Our’s is a registered society long ago in 1994. comprising of 30 flats and 14 shops.
    the developer/land-owner has not sold the shops since 1991 to anyone or leased.for the reason best known to him.the flat owners are all registered . Are we entitled for the DEEMED CONVEYANCE ?

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