Online Grievance Registration with Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar

We do not know the efficiency of Online Grievance Registration with Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar, Cooperative Societies (CC & RCS), Maharashtra State, Pune.

However, one may start using the link to register online their new as well as old complaints and grievances :

J.B.Patel (Jeby)
Housing Societies’ Activist!


16 thoughts on “Online Grievance Registration with Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar

  1. Govt. Panel List is published in which many Exiting Panel Auditors name is not added being there is no Affidavit on Rs.100/- Stamp for last five year aduit done. But said modifiction to submit affidavit has been published by the Commissoner after submission of Application, Hence it is necessary to give one more chance to Old and Existing Panel Audit to submit their Affidavit so that their name may appeal in the list of Panel.

    • Friend..It is injustice on others if concession is given to individual. Prof.Mahendra Kharat (Professor in Law ,Ph.9860108419)

  2. dear sir,
    our society committee is expiring it’s term on 21st may 2013. we have already started our election procedure on 14.2.13 . provisional and final list of members was already displayed on notice board. now registrar has issued a letter in connection with adaptation of new model bye law .
    kindly guide me ..whether to continue with election procedure or else…..registrar is not giving any thing in black n white.

    • Mr. Rahi, as per my experience u r not going to get anythng from them until unless your VITAMIN reached there, i made 14 visits to vasai Dy.registrars office, finaly i sold my unit n get out of the problem. like wise the new election proceduce is boost for this corrupted officers. there will work either with muscle power or money power.

      • 14th May 2019
        Mr. Thomas,
        This is not the solution. Every citizen should be aware of his rights. The exclusive use of RTI Act can bring a positive result. I did it seeking a guidance from a expert advocate on you tube.

  3. I had sold my flat in the year 2008. While transferring the flat to the new owner I paid Rs25000/- towards transfer fee. In addition to that I was charged extra RS 25000/- in lieu of impending court case against the builder on an issue. I was orally told that the said amount would be would be kept as a deposit in the bank and refunded with interest in case no court case is filed. Now even after 6 years since no case was filed I approached the society for refund of the amount since there are no chances of filing any court case. The society has not replied to my request letter even after a lapse of 6 months neither refunded my amount . Please help me recover my amount with interest as early as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

  4. Dear sir our society, s name shree darshan chsl ambadi rd vasai rd w from 13, 09, 2015 sum members who are defulter also want the desol of committee and complain against committee in vasai registrar office. And registrar says you are fail to take AGM ontime then we show all agms n committee, s register to registrar she can’t read or see any paper properly n doing wrong jujment so pls help us to doing right

  5. Are there any laws governing the regulation of facilities in a Housing society?
    Specifically, our society has a gymnasium and we are not allowed to take personal trainer there. I have paid all requisite dues and find this rule unnecessary. I dont think a society can oppose this as the said trainer will not be using any facility of the of the society but will only be helping me.

  6. Dear Sir i am writing this mailto u so that i can get justice .. i Mr Russell Fernandes residing from past 3 years at Flat no 26 5th floor Om appt Undri my number 9545556894

    i would like to bring to your notice about the harassment done to me & my family by the society chairman .for past one week our building lift is not repaired & two months back my mom had a heart surgery its not possible for to climb the step due to which we cannot take her for checkup my wife is a housewife handling one kid 1.5years its how difficult to handle the situation

    we are regularly paying maintenance 1000 which is for every flat total 30 flats & the society has expense only watchman payment thats 6500 & common light bill 12000 rest there is no development in the society 3 months back there was a day robbery in our building 2 flats where broken .but still cctv are not installed every time its said society does not have fund as these are all retired army people who are staying & they have there unity so we citizen can question them .Yesterday in the meeting it was informed to collect 7000 from each flat for repairing the lift .when society has fund they are not ready to utilize first 2 years 500 was the maintenance & previous chairman was a local citizen he used to manage all the problem in 500 & no election had happened for electing new chairman it was discussed between those 4 army people & selected the chairman who isMR Sanjeev kadam

    its a request from me pls visit our society any try to solve the issue even no audit is done

    looking for a positive reply

    Thanking you

    Russell Fernandes

  7. Election officer in chand soc juhu ward k deleberately disqualified me for contesting election kindly confirm as my name appeares 2 in share certificate after my mother filled form 10 a noc yet disqualified member pn sec 144 e 3 child after 2001 was allowed to contest deepak khandeker and deepak sonawane should be questioned as to why injustice was done being an election officer does not know bylaws

  8. Our society has passed a bylaw that no society member can do renovation without their approval . I have started my work after their approval. During work there wee cracks developed in next door flat. I assured to. Rectify it. For this reason society have forcibly stopped my work. What should I do?

  9. Sir,
    I (Harjinder singh) earlier my father was chairman during the Redevelopment, Building Blue Gardina chs ltd. Plt No. 61, 5th road , Santacruz east.and he is member of d society, & i am a associate member fro 26 sept. 2016, but they MC made me on 3/7/2017. Sir my father always complained about wrong work of d Option developer which he had done, like
    1) on his own without concent of the housing society the option developer alloted the excess 350 sq. Ft. Area for d substation to Reliance energy.
    2) Excess area given for substation he (option) has adjusted car stilt parking below my flat, ven car parked in that parking the Car exposes out side about 4 to 5 feet from the constructed wall.
    3) According to the plan by architect of Option Developer,d underground water tank was front of the building, but option developer had shifted d underground water tank 80-90 mtrs. ahead on d back side of d building from d original place, of which we are still suffering with scarce water supply.due to vich we have been spending in ordering tankers since 3 years.and we spend about 14 to 15 lakhs on only water & around 2 lakhs on 5 watchman Aziz.
    Leakage problem from very begining in side & outsode of d lobby area.
    Cable pipe linked vid terrace, in every rainy season water accumulated on my floor & lift area MC installed taalpatri inspite of staying in a new building.
    Lobby slope, earlier v made an fanking for returning security deposit of developer in every rainy season water accumulated in the lobby area, but till date lbby slope work not done.
    At d time of redevelopment my father has always complained about all these when the work started, but the secretry never attended any meeting vid other mc members.
    Sir we got oc on 5 oct. 2013, & got possession on 4 April 2014, new committee form on 1 september 2014, and d new sec. Started harassing by papers vich is secretaries duty. And who is also custodian of d papers without reffering d exchairman have taken d charge of d office of d committee with all list of d papers & property prepared by himself was made chairman in new MC. Sir d AGM held on 18/9/2016, my father wrote a letter for video recording but mc nt accepted, dan my father wrote letter to d mc for allowing my son on his behalf, even i inform about fractured wrist, but mc insist only for members, it is bcoz dat i had to bring my (94) year old aged father in to d lobby area for d meeting even den treasurer insist only my father can take part for discussion and not to me.
    I have also complained about all these to Ass. Sub Registrar office dadar h east ward. Even hearing also done at dadar but i have not get justice.
    And one mc member Who sold his flat in 23/9/15, is still a member of mc.
    And also objection in formation d mc.
    In 3 year mc wasted our 14 to 15 lakhs money for water tanker.
    How mc allowed d 5 watchman to stay in d buildig and he slept under my flat,and also suspectef dat thief entered from dat parking itself .

  10. We have take a house in malwani malad (west) at maitry c.h.s.l.i have done stamp duty registration& mhada transfer letter .but society committee is not giving share certificate at my name .he is missguiding me. I make a request at bandra registar but no reply.what we do.we have no more time to go again&again bandra registar .they are not taking action against society plz help me.we are un kmown about rules &regulation.

    • We have taken ahouse inmalwani maitry malad(west) mumbai .wehave stamp duty registration and mahada transfer letter in 2011 .but commeettee is not giving share certificate in my name .i make a request in 2016 bandra registar but no reply .what we do we are hopeless plz guide me .

  11. There is a administrator in our society since last over one year, since last 2 to 3 months no one from his side is coming to our society office to check working of the society nor we are receiving maintainence bill or maintenance payments reciept. I want to sell my flat and have found a buyer, but the administration is not accepting my application for the NOC , WITHOUT which I cannot go ahead for registration and share transfer, Administrator calls me to his office and when i reach there he is not available ( i reach exactly on time given by him) when i call him he does not answer my call, there is no reply from his side towards my SMS and Messages. I am scared i may loose my Buyer, this is happening since last 1 month, request some body plz help me, my name S A Merchant, no 9819058793.

  12. प्रति,
    माननीय , जिल्हा निबंधक,
    सहकारी संस्था ,रत्नागिरी.
    विषय:- प्रशासक नेमणुकीच्या बाबत व संचालक मंडळ यांचे राजीनामे
    संदर्भ:- दिनांक ३ मार्च रोजी चे आपले पत्र , जावक क्र ४८९ आणि या पत्राचे उत्तर सहाय्यक निबंधक यांच्या कडून मिळालेले पत्र (१० मार्च २०२१ , जा. क्र .१८५४)

    मी प्रशांत पुंडलिक बाणे (तक्रारदार) असून, आपणाकडून निघालेल्या चौकशी आदेश्या नुसार ,मला सहाय्यक निबंधक सहकारी संस्था रत्नागिरी यांनी मला दिलेले उत्तर (१० मार्च २०२१ चे पत्र) समाधानकारक वाटतं नाही आहे,तरी माझी आपणकडे मी नम्र विनंती करत आहे की आपण ह्या विषया बद्दल चौकशी करावी आणि मला सविस्तर उत्तर मिळण्यास मदत करावी असे मला वाटत आहे
    तसेच मला काही प्रश्नांची उत्तरं प्रशासकीय अधिकारी यांच्या कडून मिळण्यास मदत करावी अशी मागणी आपणाकडे मी करतं आहे.
    १) राजीनामे मंजूर न करण्याचे आपलेच पत्र असताना आपण आमच्या श्री नरेंद्र नॅनोसिटी गृहनिर्माण संस्थे च्या संचालक मंडळ यांचे राजीनामे मंजूर कसे केले?
    २) आपल्या आदेशाने आमच्या श्री नरेंद्र नॅनोसिटी सोसायटीच्या संचालक मंडळ यांनी राजीनामा विषयावर ऑनलाइन मीटिंग(१९/०७/२०२०)आयोजित केली,त्या मीटिंग मध्ये सर्वानुमते संचालक मंडळ यांचे राजीनामे नामंजूर करण्यात आले,तसेच माझ्या माहिती प्रमाणे आमचे संचालक मंडळ आपली जबाबदारी व्यवस्थित रित्या पार पाडत होते आणि सभेचं इतिरुत २१/०७/२०२० रोजी आपल्या सहाय्यक निबंधक यांच्या कडे जमा करण्यात आले ,तरीसुद्धा सहाय्यक निबंधक सहकारी संस्था रत्नागिरी यांनी २३/०७/२०२० रोजी प्रशासक नेमणुकी चा आदेश कसा काय काढला?
    ३) आदेशामध्ये, आमचे संचालक मंडळ काम करत नाही आणि पोकळी निर्माण झाली असे कारण निबंधक यांनी कसे काय दिले???( आमचे संचालक मंडळ आपले काम चोख बजावत होते आणि कोणत्याही सभासदाची गैरसोय होऊ दिली नाही)
    ४) प्रशांत पुंडलिक बाणे, सचिन मिर्गल, गजानन बारस्कर, आणि श्री विचारे यांनी केलेल्या हरकती अर्जाचा आपण विचार का केला नाही?
    ५) महाराष्ट्र राज्य सहकारी संस्था अधिनियम१९६० चे ७७ ( अ) लागू करण्या पूर्वी काही अटीची खात्री आपणाकडून केली गेली का नाही???( हरकती अर्ज, नोटीस बोर्ड वर हरकती ची सुचना लावली का?)
    ६)१५ दिवसाचा अवधी का दिला गेला नाही?
    ७) हा आदेश बेकायदेीररित्या लागु कसा काय करण्यात आला,???
    वरील प्रश्नांची उत्तरं प्रशासकीय अधिकारी अजूनही मला देत नाही आहेत व तसेच प्रशासकीय अधिकारी पदाची ६ महिन्याची अवधी संपलेली असताना आपण वार्षिक सभा (सभासद संख्या -१७२) कशी काय आयोजित केली?
    आपणाकडून ह्या विषया बद्दल चौकशी झालीच पाहिजे अशी मागणी आपणाकडे मी करत आहे ,मला योग्य तो न्याय मिळेल अशी आशा करत आहे
    प्रशासकीय नेमणुकी चा आदेश जर बेकायदेशीर ठरल्यास आणि ६ महिन्याचा प्रशासकीय नेमणुकी चा अवधी सुद्धा पुर्ण झालेला आहे तरी आपण सध्याची परिस्थिती लक्षात घेता आदेश रद्द करून इच्छूक असलेल्या जुन्या संचालक मंडळ यांना आपण पुन्हा एकदा काम करण्या ची संधी द्यावी .ही नम्र विनंती.

    . आपला विश्वासू
    श्री प्रशांत पुंडलिक बाणे
    I१०३ श्री नरेंद्र नॅनो सिटी गृहनि्माण संस्था, रत्नागिरी

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