100 Subscribers

Hello Friends,

Today we reach a small milestone – we have more than 100 online subscribers to www.ConsumerResources.in  Moreover, on an average, we get more than 750 hits per day, and growing. Thank you so much for your continuous support and encouragement.

Over the past few months, we have tried to cover a variety of topics which may be of use to the consumer, which are not easily available under one roof. We would love to hear from you about the topics covered, what you like and what you don’t and what more you would like to see on a growing basis.  Please do send in your comments and bouquets and brickbats – All are welcome !

If you like the quality, the topics and the frequency of the posts, please do refer us to  your friends and family. As you are aware, subscriptions are easy and free. Also, if you like a particular post and feel that others should also know about it, you have to option to post the same on Facebook and Twitter.

Best Wishes for the new financial year

Yazdi Tantra


One thought on “100 Subscribers

  1. Dear Sir,

    My Name is Vinay Kumar

    I have a flat in Santa Cruz west which belonged to my Parents.

    This flat was put in my Two Sons name and now they have strained relationship.

    I am a retired 69 year old man and instead of seeing these to boys fight for the flat, I was hoping I can get this flat transferred to my name. So that I can sell the flat and divide the money among two Boys.

    Since my Father’s death in 1982, I have paying the society dues as well as paying for the maintenance and renovation of the flat.

    Kindly let me have your advise and solution as I understand there is help available for Senior Citizens who can reclaim the property.

    Look forward to your advise and Help, Sir



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