CERS compels Whirlpool India to compensate harassed consumer

Ahmedabad, July 4th, 2013

Consumer Education & Research Society (CERS), a name synonymous with Consumer welfare, came to the rescue of complainant Kalpesh Parikh, who purchased an RO water purifier from Whirlpool India which was later on found to be defective within a few days of its purchase. Recently the matter was settled through Lok Adalat organized by Consumer Forum on 25/3/2013 and  as per the settlement,  Whirlpool India has agreed to pay a token amount of Rs.2000/- along with replacement of the damaged parts of the machine and extending the warranty cover for the damaged RO sold to Kalpesh Parikh. 

As per the case details, Kalpesh Parikh was facing major functionality problems with his recently purchased RO water purifier from Whirlpool India. However, his repeated attempts to get it repaired from Whirlpool went in vain as the company refused to pay heed to his complaints.

As a result of the constant neglect of Whirlpool India, Kalpesh Parikh approached CERS to intervene and resolve the matter. After verifying the case details, CERS was quick to react to the situation and lodged a complaint against Whirlpool India in the consumer forum.

As per the settlement arrived at Lok Adalat between both the parties it was agreed that   a technician from Whirlpool will  visit the complainant’s house and do the necessary repairs of the RO water purifier. Even if there are major repairs involved, it will be Whirlpool’s responsibility to have the machine repaired and returned to the complainant within 3 weeks from the date of initiating repairs.

Additionally, it was also decided that  Whirlpool will  give Kalpesh Parikh an extended warranty cover for the RO water purifier that will be considered valid from the day it is returned to the complainant in workable condition.

For further information please contact: Ms Pritee Shah (O) 079-27489945/46   

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