Non-occupancy issues in Co-operative Societies

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  • Non-occupancy charges
  • Common services
  • Jurisdiction
  • Criminal Liability of the Society
  • Bachelor Tenants
  • ………and more!/2013/10/service-charges-in-coop-society.html

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2 thoughts on “Non-occupancy issues in Co-operative Societies

  1. Sir,
    Sub: Non-Occupancy Charges of Rs 500/- billed to me by the society for leasing my flat.
    This is with reference to Non-Occupancy Charges billed by the Managing Committee to us for leasing my flat. Are the Committee members justified in levying Rs 500/- as non-occupancy charges. Please advice the correct amount that I must pay the society as non-occupancy charges.

    The format of the bill is as follows:

    (For your Ref and advice only…
    Our Coop Hsg Soc Monthly Bill is in this format: )

    Sr No. Particulars Amount
    1. Municipal Taxes 555
    2. Maintenance Charges –
    3. Sinking Fund 139
    4. Parking Charges –
    y5. Non-Occupancy Charges 500
    6. Water Charges 100
    6. Any Other (Specify) –
    Total 1294

    Meanwhile I have intimated the Chairman to rectify the NOC amount and correct it to 10% on the maintenance (excluding municipal charges).
    Awaiting your reply at the earliest.
    Thanking you,
    with best regards,

  2. Can i be charged non occupancy charges by a co op housing society if i allow a friend to stay with me permanently without paying any rent

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