Legal Resource Center

What is LRC?
The LRC’s (Legal Resource Centre’s) main objective will be to provide information, advice and preliminary guidance to a person needing legal help or planning legal action
For those seeking legal help, Moneylife Foundation’s new initiative—Legal Resource Centre, will provide support to individuals seeking legal guidance. Here’s how the LRC works
After receiving several requests for legal guidance, Moneylife Foundation has setup Legal Resource Centre to help those individuals who are lost when it comes to dealing with the complex Indian legal redressal system and are seeking legal help. The LRC will guide them to the right forum and suggest on how to get the best results. We will not draft applications for them or appear for them in any legal forum.
If you are seeking legal guidance, here is a guide to the MLF-LRC:
What will the LRC cover?
The LRC will focus on 10 main areas-
  1. Guidance for filing complaints with financial regulators & stock exchanges
  2. Guidance for filing consumer complaints
  3. Guidance on IT Act and issues that affect life and liberty.
  4. Guidance on filing Public Interest Litigation
  5. Guidance to Whistleblowers
  6. Guidance on filing complaints & consequences in Sexual Harassment cases
  7. Guidance Wills, transmission of assets etc.
  8. Guidance on filing RTI effectively and handling the appeals process
  9. Property, conveyance, cooperative society related issues, registration, stamp duty etc.
  10.  Basic legal research of different kinds especially pertaining to new legislation where there is no case laws in India such as Class Action Suits under the new Companies Act
To know more, kindly visit- 

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