Insanely stupid health lies still pushed by the nutritionally illiterate media

I’ve identified the most insanely stupid lies about health still being pushed by the mainstream media… an institution that’s increasingly detached from reality and losing readers and viewers at a record pace:

#1: Mercury in lobster is bad for you, but mercury in flu shots is good for young children!

#2: There’s no such thing as a food that helps prevent cancer

#3: Fluoride improves public health

#4: Nutrition is a waste of money

#5: Disease outbreaks are caused by a lack of vaccinations

#6: GMOs are perfectly safe to eat in unlimited quantities, and without GMOs, half the world might starve to death.

#7: All the money donated to pink ribbon cancer fundraisers goes to help find cures for cancer. (Total lie. Most of the money goes to fund mobile mammogram trucks that go into low-income neighborhoods to falsely diagnose poor women with cancer so the cancer centers can rack up huge Medicare billings. Ka-ching!)

Click Here for the detailed story


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