Now, govt. staff will have to declare assets annually

Its now mandatory for government servants to declare their assets annually. Section 4 of the RTI Act mandated transparency only in terms of their salary and compensation. Strangely, the new rules have not been pubicised

Section 4 of the Right to Information (RTI) Act mandates that salaries and compensationpackages of government servants including officers from Indian Administrative Service/ Indian Police Service (IAS/IPS) cadre, be put up on the website of the relevant public authority. The notification issued last week by the  Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) should come as a shock for government employees who have been amassing wealth, beyond their means. They will need to declare their assets by September this year and then by March or July, every year.

Every government employee is now required to file his annual returns pertaining toassets and liabilities, along with that of his wife and children, on a newly drafted declaration form. The notification is a sequel to the Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013. The rules are termed as Public Servants (Furnishing of Information and Annual Return ofAssets and Liabilities and the Limits for Exemption of Assets in Filing Returns) Rules, 2014.

As per the notification by the DoPT, this declaration has to be made by every government servant over and above other declarations as per his/ her services rules.



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One thought on “Now, govt. staff will have to declare assets annually

  1. Thaks Mr. J. B. Patel you gave a very crucial information, I have made an RT Application asking for the same information of Custom Superintendent, and they cannot even give the property on Pagri,. Pl share some more information n this regards, until I will hold my Application
    Best Regards
    One more information if you could share with me as I have gone through a caveat filed on your behalf or by you in the Joint Registrar Office and became the Respondent., You got order in your favor, when entire committee was disqualified. In my case the same, and Jt Registrar has put status quo. until next date, The MC insists that show cause notice was not given to ex secretary who has in fact resigned before the complaint filed by us in the Dy. Register office, and then sold her flat and the said flat is transferred. SO how could show cause notice is needed to issue to someone who is no more a member of the society.
    2ndly they asked the failure on the part of secretary only for not calling AGM under sec 75 (1) of MCS Act, but they had signed before the mandatory period of signing bond before it was abolished, sect 73 is liability on entire MC and not on Secretary only. and also sec138 of byelaws,
    Pl give your valuable comments at earliest which will boost my efforts.

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