Women Empowerment

The  Sexual   Harassment   of  Women at  Workplace (Prevention,  Prohibition and  Redressal)  Act  2013

Employer Responsibilityunnamed (10)

  1. To provide a Sexual Harassment free work environment.
  2. Every  workplace having 10 or more employees is  required to constitute an Internal Complaints  Committee -ICC.
  3. The details of the ICC should be put on the notice  board of the office.
  4. To conduct Workshops and Seminars to Sensitize Employees

 Employee Duties

  • Check if your office has an ICC
  • Complain if you face any kind of Sexual Harassment  ( Mental, Verbal or Physical) to ICC


For Non Compliance the employer would be liable to be punished with a fine up to Rs. 50,000 and thereafter double penalty and cancellation of his license to conduct business.


Courtesy : Ruzan Khambatta


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