Latest Society Election Rules and guidelines

Election_Rules_Final 20

Election Guidelines – 29.11.2014
New Doc 11_1New Doc 10_1(1)

Circular in Marathi dated 29 November 2014


26 thoughts on “Latest Society Election Rules and guidelines”

  1. Sir, If it is possible to you can you send me election rules & process in marathi it will help me to all other members clear all dough ts. Or send me PPT for this subject, last week you send one Video but PPT will be more helpful for meeting among members. thanks, Hinge R S M-7774006406

    Regards, Hinge R.S. M- 7774006406

    On 8 January 2015 at 08:22, Consumer Resources wrote:

    > yazdi posted: “Election_Rules_Final 20 Election Guidelines – > 29.11.2014 “

  2. Dear Sir,

    Our Co-op. Housing Society is Tyoe D ( 40 Members ) in Mumbai, registered with Govt. of Maharashtra in 1972. Is it mandatory to have Election officer from Registrar’s office or any Member of Society shall be appointed by General Body ? Any violation if election officer from Housing society is related to candidate for Managing Committee in the elections ?


  3. In Co-operative housing society A person who is having more than 2 children before Sept. 2001 is eligible for candidate for Managing Committee in the elections?

  4. Sir I have taken flat just before 1 year and 3 months I am eligible as a candidate in elections 17 Dec 2015 we have 91 flats society

  5. 1)if person have four children (after 2001)can he become a committy members of housing society?
    2) newly enter member in society( not attend any AGM )can become able to stand for election?
    3)A committy member who resing and society hold by registard (D.D.R) can that member again stand for new election?
    4)three wing have one society but (some people wants)two wings peoples want wing wise society can be possible ? if yes, then whats the process?
    yours faithfully
    prakash mhaskar

  6. Sir,recently in my society an election was held.8 nominations for open category were needed,1 for sc/st and obc and 2 for women.Symbols were supposed to be given to each candidate for election purpose.But out of 14 applicants,8 members who had applied for the nomination,selected 1 symbol and stated that they will be 1 group for the purpose of election and any vote cast for any member of their group shall be equal to casting vote to the entire group.Election officer agreed to it.1)Is it valid?Besides of the 8 applicants 1 was asking other applicants to withdraw and other hand was forcing some members to file nominations and it also refused to give nomination form to one of the member.2)Plz state what can be done.Besides that,1 member who contested for election in the team of 8 is having a residential flat where beauty parlour is rum by his wife commercially.3)Is it valid?Kindly help me at the earliest since I have to address these issues to the court asap.

  7. Dear Sir, Kindly advise if in a housing society there are no SC /ST member, can members in general category be taken as committee members in their place?

      1. Dear Sir,
        i) If it is possible to send me election rules & process in marathi it will help me to explain all other members droughts.
        ii) If society member his own flat end me PPT for this subject, Also send me he rules about. II if society members can elected election if his own flat given on rented basis (he is not staying in the society)

        mail or Contact 7738110002

  8. Dear Yazdi Sir,

    Ours is type D Society. 3/4 members had appealed the society to eliminate 3 members who were either inactive or incapacitated. Our Secretary today put a notice on the notice board that a member (whose name he mentioned) has been inducted in the committee to strengthen the Committee. Is this the right way to elect? He has not called the committee meeting for this purpose.

    Thanks Sir
    Nafisa Trivedi

  9. Seeking advice:-
    A resident member of the housing samiti submits his form to seek / stand for member of society managing committee member.
    Then well before last date of withdrawal submits an application to withdraw his name.
    Thereafter on second thoughts before the cut off time on last date, takes back his application of withdrawing his name and decides to stand for the election.
    What is the the procedural process ?

  10. Sir, can a member who has not attended any general body meeting can become managing committee member.

    2) sir there are 4 to 8 partners in commercial premises and that has been give on rent for without the consent letters from other partners and can become Managing committee member.
    Please sir I will be oblige if can reply me at your earliest. Thanking you Sir Good Day

  11. Dear Sir,

    Where is the office of SCEA ? How can one request them to start election process ? We have 38 members in our society. Please suggest.

  12. Sir,
    I wish to know of procedures followed when any major work is to be carried out in a housing society , viz procedure of floating tenders .
    My Society is insisting on issuing new additional share certificate , which they claim is mandatory according to the new byelaws , we were issued 5 shares of 50 each in 1990 , is this legal .
    Also Car Shed made has not been given approval by BMC , can I refuse payment ,I don’t own a car

  13. Sir actually I want to say that recently an election has been occurred in my society and I was the candidate too of school category. I opposition of me there was only 1 person of school category. After the results cam I lose . The opposition of me got a huge vote coz they were having one whole group of 15 people of only one logo . So sir I want to ask that can the opposition of me then shifted to general category . Is this a rule

  14. Dear Sir,

    Please can you advise whether the Companies Act is applicable for filing nomination in an election in a registered housing society in India( Ltd co)? Is there any such rule that one has to pay Rs 1 lac for filing nomination in election in a registered housing association? It is burdensome for people to pay that money for voluntary community services. Please can you throw some lights on this issue as soon as possible?

    Our housing society BOD (which is registered as a ltd company) told us no one can participate in the election of the committee unless Rs 1 lac is deposited by each person as per Companies Act. If a candidate doesn’t get 25% vote, the entire money is forfeited. We have few senior people who are retired, however, willing to work voluntarily for the society and depositing Rs 1 lac is burdensome for them.

    If there is any such rule, can it be changed by EOGM or any other easier process?

    Please advise.

  15. Dear Sir, the term of the Management Committee of our society ends on 14.09.2017. I have been trying to get the address to whom Form E 2 is to be sent. but could not get it. PLEASE GUIDE ME. Our society has got only 16 members of which 1 member stays abroad and comes for about 2 or 3 months only. Three flats are given on rent.

  16. Our Management Committee term expires on 14.09.2017. Our Society is situated in Garodianagar, Ghatkopar East. Can you advise me to which address Form E 2 is to be sent. I have been trying to get it but could not.

  17. SIR, We want to conduct a election in our society because the terms of earlier committee were expires in May, 2017. So where to submit all documents related to election procedure. ( i.e. form no. E1, E2, E3) & all.

  18. Why this election is necessary,if all society works and documentation, is going smoothly members are happy.
    Increase govt Revenue??
    Who will pay??
    Digamvar Tekade

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