Do-able Goals for Mumbai for 2016

Resolutions were for yesterday, today let’s get ticking on a checklist to mend MumbaiCapture
The year got off to a great start with the Chief Minister of Delhi quoting John Lennon’s “Imagine“. That song spurred a revolution across the world, with the words You may think I am a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. Of course the Delhi CM was promoting his dream of using the oddeven rule to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. But an injection of poetry into politics is a good beginning for the New Year.Here are some simple ideas, almost poetic in their impact. Ok, not poetic per se, but such is their impact that people may break into spontaneous shayari, praising the government. These are implementable within a one-year time frame. The examples are specific to Mumbai, but surely there is similarly low hanging fruit for other cities too.

  1. Convert all STD kiosks into public WiFi hotspots
  2. Convert Trash to electricity
  3. Unclog Bandra and Ghatkopar Stations
  4. Instal Escalators at all major railway stations

All of them are do-able within a reasonable cost and within less than a year.

Do we have the will?


Click Here for the full detailed story by Ajit Ranade in Mumbai Mirror


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