New Website for Consumers

Consumer Forum Help ( is a website for the latest articles and information about consumer law.

These articles will help every person know their rights as a consumer and protect their interests when the need comes to. Consumer rights protect consumers in getting their rights in many day to day things like medical insurance, flights, flats, properties, retail purchases and the knowledge of such rights will help every person throughout their lives.

Consumer Forum Help is headed by Dr. Binoy Gupta, an ex Chief Commisioner of Income Tax and a very highly learned LLB, ML and PhD in law. He and his team are sincere in their attempts at bringing rights to consumers and this website is their attempt at getting the information across to everyone.

Contact – How To Contact Us

Hello, we are always open to handling any type of case in the consumer forums in Mumbai. Please feel free to contact us for free consultation or for legal representation.

(However, we can only offer free consultation for cases in other places. But this will be a great help if you are ready to represent your own cases in Consumer Forums)

Phone: 09819116360

You will directly be in touch with Dr. Binoy Gupta, ex Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, LLB, ML and PhD in Law.
He has half a dozen P G Diplomas in a variety of subjects. You can search for his name on google to see the various landmark victories he has had in consumer forum against such companies as BEST,  Zee, ICICI Lombard, and Insurance Companies. He specializes in cases against builders, housing societies and insurance.


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