Consumer Alert – January 2016

Consumer Education and Research Centre
(Registered Public Charitable Trust)

January 2016                                                                              Vol. 3   No.4

What hotels won’t tell you
Staying at a hotel is one of the best ways to get away from your routine and pamper yourself. Here we unveil some hotel secrets which will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and make the best of your stay. Read more


  • Syska made to pay insurance claim
  • Builder gives possession of flat after 3 years

If you have a complaint, email it to:


Restaurants can’t charge more than MRP for bottled water      

United India made to pay unfairly deducted sum

Play safe while buying toys 

While toys provide entertainment for children and are also a tool for education and development, it’s important to keep in mind that safety should always come first. Read more

No kidding!
The claims made in the advt. that Pediasurecontains 37 vital nutrients that increase height, weight and immunity are too good to believe.Read more

Put used tea bags to good use!

For many people, tea bags are a one-use item. But used tea bags can be reused in an incredible number of ways from soothing puffy eyes to getting rid of body odour. Read more

Silent epidemic of magnesium deficiency
Low magnesium is known as the ‘silent epidemic’ of our times which often goes undetected and untreated. Read more

Approach a consumer organisation for help
What if your complaint has not been heard or redressed in spite of the letter/phone call and/or post on social media? Take the next step. Read more
Did you know it’s better to take drugs for hypertension at night? And, news that lovers of seafood may not like – seafood may contain plastic! Read more

  • Re 1 compensation for call drops
  • Banks cannot reject notes with scribbles
  • Keep junk food out of school, says FSSAI
  • ‘Expiry date’ and ‘best before date’ are distinct: HC
National Consumer Rights Day was celebrated on 24 December 2015 with a rally and other programmes. CERC was nominated to an expert panel on salt, sugar and fat in food. Read more
Consumer Education and Research Centre
“Suraksha Sankool”, S. G. Highway, Thaltej, Ahmedabad – 380 054.
Tel: 079-27489945/6, 27450528, 27438752/3/4            Fax: 079-27489947

Toll-free Gujarat Consumer Helpline: 1800 233 0222       [from BSNL]
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