Consumer Uno

Clipboard01Everybody in today’s India has a complaint, but does not have the time to take up the issue and get it resolved. A complaint could be anything from a wrongful deduction on your mobile to a builder unwilling to give you your money back. A platform has been developed by a young Chennai based lawyer Aashish Krishna Kumar who looks forward in empowering consumers across India through ConsumerUno. ConsumerUno is a simple and friendly consumer redressal organization. Any consumer grievance you have, you can go ahead and file a complaint with ConsumerUno and ConsumerUno has a four step redressal process through which they take action on your complaint. ConsumerUno also has a simple yet efficient mobile app through which a consumer can file a complaint at any point of time and can also attach the picture. If the complaint is still unresolved after the intervention of ConsumerUno, they also draft you a Consumer Complaint, and put you in touch with a lawyer in your city or explain the procedure involved in filing a case in the consumer forum and help you in reaching the logical end.

File a complaint by visiting or call +919884512334

Follow their Facebook page for constant updates –

Or you can download the android mobile application –



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