Mobile Towers – Govt. of Maharashtra Notifications dt. 3 June 2014

To implement procedure and practice for installing Mobile Towers on the terrace or to display advertisement board / hoarding on the building of the Co-operative Housing / Premises Societies:



2 thoughts on “Mobile Towers – Govt. of Maharashtra Notifications dt. 3 June 2014”

  1. Really want to know ,how much safe——- if mobile tower instualled on terrrace of co.op housings. soc. as well as draw back of same

    Need all negative and positive points against this issue.

  2. the intentions seems to be noble, but the babu who has drafted this
    has scant knowledge of the law: the first cooperative society which
    challenges this in court will win. The circular violates everything:
    the constitution of India, the (Cooperatives) Act, the Model Byelaws,
    and the actual byelaws.
    Navroz Havewala

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