Allotment of flat without OC is illegal – Illegal to move in without OC

Allotment of flat without OC is illegal; The builder must get occupancy certificate on time. In case of any delay, the builder must compensate the buyer with rent for that period; Latest NCDRC Order….. to read more Click


Bombay HC: Illegal to move into property without occupation certificate
MUMBAI: It is against the law to move into flats in buildings without the mandatory municipal occupation certificate (OC), the Bombay high court has ruled. A division bench of Justice S C Dharmadhikari and Justice Gautam Patel sought action against 49 flat owners as well as a nursing home in two wings of a building with six wings in Sion East.

3 thoughts on “Allotment of flat without OC is illegal – Illegal to move in without OC”

  1. Sir,
    My builder had constructed two wings and completed in 1997 and my society is registered in Jan, 2001 without cooperation of builder. Society is having two wings, “A” wing having 7 floors and “C” wing having 5 floors. Our builder had given part OC. to the society. OC up to five floor for “A” wing and up to four floor has been given. What is the status of our society? will it be considered without full OC or will it be considered as per given OC? What should we do to get full OC as builder has not obtained full OC?

  2. Sir I bought a flat at Evershine homes Virar west in August 2014, I took possession in February 2015 paying advance maintainence of Rs.2 per sqft, now since 1st October 2016 builder handed over society as the formed a committee there from that date, I recently received my maintainence bill from Oct-Dec 2016 for maintainence @3.20 per sqft, iam also told that since due to pay the same was on 31.1.2017 I will be charged 21% fine annually, the chairman and secretary have just not cooperated at all with residents like me who are not staying there since the beginning as we all have taken this property as An investment kindly let me know the Rights of members of a CHS as no mail was sent to my official email id or I never received a call on my registered mobile no, even now recently they had a meeting with the builder but nobody has shared the minutes of the meeting with residents like me,pls let me know my rights as a flat owner as iam incurring heavy expenses month on month for this unoccupied property which is so far only giving me home loan deduction in income tax.

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