Removal of Encroachments – MCGM


For reporting illegal constructions and encroachment in Mumbai file you complaint at You can also monitor action taken.

Courtesy : Shailesh Gandhi


6 thoughts on “Removal of Encroachments – MCGM

  1. What about Bangalore?Mafia has taken over two plots of land illegaly and has built two buildings of 3 floors  each without any documents.They have rented out to 6 tenants in each building who pay rent to them. We cannot even approach the place as the whole area is controlled by hooligans carrying hockey stick.Even the land officer of the Corporation from whom we bought the place legally, is afraid to get involved. If we want to go to court, the lawyers say that it will take 10 /12 years for the case to come up for hearing,as their lawyers keep on asking for adjournment and delay the case. This is the state of affairs in Bangalore,If anyone is planning to buy property for renting out, please take care.RG   

  2. This site is Just a eyewash and waste of tax payer’s money. Complaints are means to generate income for the BMC Staff by just issuing notices to offenders. No actions taken on the complaints for years. It is better to post your grievances on Aplesarkar an initiative by Hon.Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Within 15 days, actions are taken on Grievances posted on Aple Sarkar. But there also BMC provides false information to the grievances posted on aplesarkar, But Aple Sarkar gives one more opportunity to the complainant to know whether he is satisfied by the Resolution. One should appreciate such initiatives of present government to expose corrupt officials. Such initiatives are really value for our tax.

  3. This is perhaps a good move but surprisingly disgruntled corrupt officials of mcgm are purposely not updating their daily job and daily shores

  4. Gm sir
    Myself hereby requesting you to demolition of illegal n encroachment of my father’s Hut at HUT NO. M.G.4- 6/6
    Harichandra Surve Chawl , Near Municipal School, Mankhurd Village ( east ) Mankhurd Mumbai 400088
    Mr. Sampat Eknath Gaikwad n Mr. Laxman Pandurang Jadhav both are trespasses the same property.
    Myself humbly requesting you to arrange to visit same spot n inspect illegal construction
    n demolish as soon as early sir.

  5. कोई भी बांधकाम तोड्ने के बाद वापस क्यु बन जाता है क्यू ऑफिसर पेसा लेकर उसको ब्नाने कि पर्मिसन देता ह

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