Complaint Against Anil Ambanis Mobile Company

 I have for the first time in my life yesterday evening got calls from Reliance Anil Ambani group, three calls to be precise in one hour after posting Complaints on Social Media with a request that your problem will be solved just visit reliance store. I have also been informed disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned franchise for the inconvenience caused to me.

I have told them to confirm in writing and have told them that till my mobile is started again I will continue claiming Rs. 2,000/- per day compensation. I challenge them to provide documentary evidence how porting request is treated as termination request.

Anil Ambani, you may be a big man. But don’t forget you are not above law. I understand that some of your senior team members are behind bars for some wrongful acts of some company of yours. I challenge you to specify in public to clarify what u r achieving by haressing customers who wish to port their number? I understand hundreds if not thousands of customers are complaining of portability issues.

I am reserving my right to purchase one share of your company and question the management in the Annual General Body Meeting of your company in front of all shareholders of the company the haressment caused to mobile users with statistical details of portability requests.

Friends my personal view is whenever we face a problem irrespective of the high and mighty person he may be ( this suggestion is not just against Anil Ambanis Reliance group but all products purchased as consumers from different industrialist, manufacturers) we should post it on social media which is a very powerful tool. You may be haressed but at least you will get satisfaction of warning others of the malpractice / deficiency of service provided by company. I will for the next one month guide free of charge consumers in person who have suffered at the hands of mobile company.

Gone are the days when consumers were considered weak. I feel some corporates commit wrongful acts with the help of battalion of persons. Be it tax evasion etc. Tax evasion of shell companies, vodaphone tax demands etc are just a tip of the ice berg. So much is spoken about 3G, 4G, but nothing is spoken of earlier years when in my view mobile companies have literally looted government of its resources. Similarly in my view oil (from sea )as of date is commercially looted of the government by powerful industrialists.

As far as mobile companies are concerned I thave a strong feeling that they evade stamp duty on franchise agreement. As a soldier of consumer movement I will take up this fight to the best of my ability with authorities to levy stamp duty on franchise agreements. Best of luck Anil Ambani and one free advice to you to recheck if you have paid proper stamp duty on all your franchise agreements since formation of Reliance group. The penalty for evasion of stamp duty in Maharashtra is 2% per month for the period of default. Maximum penalty is 400%. I appeal to government authorities particularly stamp authorities all over India to recheck if proper stamp duty is levied on franchise agreements executed by all persons all over India.

Friends I will appreciate if u share your views as regards haressment by mobile companies, other manufacturers, service providers. It may be a service for some unknown friend, sitting somewhere cutting across continents but reading such posts.

Wish me goodluck friends in my fight against the high and mighty.

Vinod Sampat


One thought on “Complaint Against Anil Ambanis Mobile Company

  1. Dear Mukesh / Anil Ambani,
    This is M Divakar Nathu, raising complaint regarding your workman ship at Gulbarga Karnataka.
    Your cable laying workers has distroied layout of front house gate and they have broken the drainage pipe.
    Your cable laying working people are not fit for job.
    We are poor people to spend money to repair this.
    Kindly consider and take suitable action for damage.
    Thanking you
    With Regards
    M Divakar Nathu

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