Consumer Advice Network

What is Consumer Advice Network ?

Consumer Advice Network links consumer advice centers (CAC), State Consumer Help lines and voluntary consumer organizations located in different states. Presently services are available in seven states viz., Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Tamil Nadu and will be started in other states soon. We at CAC provide pre-purchase information, post-purchase advice and also offer “next-step advice” for resolution or redress.

Our intent is to make the consumers be aware of their rights to:-Safety, Choose, Be Heard, Redressal & Consumer Education

We also aim to sensitize the consumers of their responsibilities of being: – Critically Aware, Involved, Organized, Responsible towards the Environment and Practicing Sustainable Consumption.

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Consumer Handbook

Consumer Handbook (India Diary) is a very interesting write-up in pdf format. The Table of Contents includes the following :


Who is a consumer?
Why should consumers be protected?
What are your rights & responsibilities as a consumer?
What are Unfair Trade Practices?
How to be a smart consumer?
In case of a problem …
The products you buy
The food you eat
Shopping for clothes
Gadgets and gizmos devices
All that glitters…
Currency county – your money in the bank
Are you insured?
Health is Wealth
Public Distribution System
Dispatch riders
Going where you want to go
The POWER corridor
Real Estate – your house
Elixir and essentials of life
Things to know while you are on the Internet


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Basics of Consumer Protection Act, 1986

The basic features of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986

-Puneet Chaturvedi, Advocate

The Constitution of India, which is divided into different parts, has two very important parts . Part III Fundamental Rights and Part IV Directive Principles of State Policy. These two parts denote two important features of our constitution. The former denotes the existing and enforceable legal rights and the latter denotes the targeted social and economic goals which our founding fathers desired, our successive  governments to achieve.

That in pursuance of achieving one such goal, Consumer Protection Act came into force in the year 1986. That as per the preamble of the Act it was brought to provide for the better protection of the interests of consumers and for settlement of consumers’ disputes. Although there were remedies in other laws like Contract Act, Sales of Goods Act, Torts, IPC and procedure prescribed in C.P.C. and Cr.P.C., the purpose o f enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was to provide specialized redressal to the consumer grievances.

That the Act provides for the Central Consumer Protection Council, State Consumer Protection Council and three tiers of the Consumer Redressal Authorities i.e. District Consumer Forum, State Consumer Commission and the National Consumer Commission. The Councils were assigned with the job to promote and protect interest of the consumers at the Central and State levels and the redressal authorities  were established to provide speedy and simple remedy to consumer disputes through a quasi-judicial machinery. Continue reading Basics of Consumer Protection Act, 1986

Banks can’t freeze accounts if KYC papers not submitted

Can service be suspended for failing to comply with the subsequent demands for KYC (Know Your Customer) ? This issue has been decided by the Gujarat high court in the case of State Bank of India, Chandkheda Branch & Anr v/s Ashvin Chaturbhai Parmar & Ors in Criminal Misc Appl No 5100 of 2012 decided on April 30 2012.

The court also held that in case of failure to comply with the KYC requirements, the bank would neither have the right to freeze the account, nor could it stop the cheque book or the ATM facility. However, the bank would have the right to close the account, but after following the due process. This means that due notice would first have to be given to the customer, and if the documents are not supplied despite the intimation and repeated efforts to procure the same, the issue would have to be referred to the competent authority at a higher level, who would have the power to order closure of the account.

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Resolve Consumer Complaints

Resolve your consumer complaints quickly.

Getting new things is always a pleasure. You feel like the boss when the salesman talks to you about the product and the big brand name. And why not? After all, customer is king.

Yes you are king, till he sells you the product. After that the same products become a horror in your life. You call the customer service numbers, all you hear is “All our customer service executives are busy…blah blah blah … Your call is important to us”.

But for how long? Is there an end to this?

Just use Akosha – India’s most effective consumer platform

Log on to and just file your complaint in 2 minutes Or call our team of experts and sit back and relax. Our team of experts takes up your complaint with senior officials of the company. And keeps you updated via mail on the progress of your complaint. If that doesn’t work, our team sends out letters to the management of the company. That is not all, we even use the power of social media to your advantage. And for serious complaints, consumer forums are always there.

We do everything to get your complaint resolved, without the hassles.

Consumer Cases and Consumer Law

Consumer Law in India is regulated by Consumer Protection Act of 1986. It provides for establishment of consumer forums at various levels so that a speedy redressal can be made available to the ordinary consumers. Consumers can approach a consumer forum in case of violation their rights.

Consumer Law India intends to provide you with latest news and issues from the consumer law field, which includes the issues faced by customers/consumers, action taken and response received from the other party.

The issues discussed here are those matters in which at least some legal action has been initiated and we are satisfied that the fact/issues are true to the best of our knowledge and belief. We do not intend to defame any company but our aim is to make aware the consumers of their rights and the action they can take against consumer exploiters.

You can contact us for free basic advise/guidance on the consumer complaints you may have. We have Consumer Law Experts on our panel, who will happy to assist you legally.

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