How to prepare and submit a Complaint to a Consumer Forum

Source Courtesy: An Indian Bureaucrat’s Dairy (Binoy Gupta)

Consumer Court

How to prepare and submit a Complaint to a Consumer Forum

Of late, I have appeared before the Consumer Forums in Mumbai on behalf of several consumers.
The procedure is simple, and the decision quite fast.

I have received a few requests to detail the procedure for filing a Complaint.

I am summarizing the procedure: But you can file a complaint before a Consumer Forum, only if you are a consumer.
You cannot not file a Complaint, if the transaction is business related.

First, you must be a consumer.
If you have purchased goods or services for your business, for example for re-selling them, you are not a consumer.
But if you have purchased goods or services, like medicines, computers, mobiles, etc. for your own use, or mediclaim insurance policies, you are certainly a consumer.

Secondly, you must give a notice in writing to the supplier or service provider asking him to rectify the faults, defects, etc.
The notice should be simple, clearly pointing out your grievances, and requesting the supplier or service provider to rectify the faults, defects, etc. or replace the goods.
Normally, you should give a clear one month’s notice.
You should address the notice to the nearest address available, so that if you have to file a Complaint, it will be in the nearest consumer forum.

Thirdly, the Complaint must be filed within 2 years of the cause of action.
If there are reasonable causes for delay in filing the Complaint, you can always request the Consumer Forum to condone the delay.

The Complaint: The following is the procedure for filing a Complaint before the District Forums.
(State Forums and National Forums have their own rules, but they are essentially the same)

Although it is not essential that the Complaint should be typed, it is always better to get it typed, double spaced, with at least 1½ inches of margin space on the left, top and bottom.

The Complaint has to be arranged in the following Order and you have to page number all documents.

1. Index giving the page number(s) of each document.

2. Application for condonation of delay (if there is delay), giving the reasons for the delay, duly affirmed before a notary public.

3. Complaint – containing details of the grievance, preferably arranged in chronological order; briefly giving the ground on which relief is claimed, and the relief (including legal costs, damages and interest) claimed.
The Complaint has to be signed by the Complainant.

4. You can appear before the Consumer Forums in person, or allow a close relative to appear for you.
But if you are engaging an advocate to appear on your behalf, you have to enclose a Vakalatnama, But then, your advocate will be doing all the paper work and attending the hearings.
If you are authorizing, your close relative to appear for you, you have to enclose a letter of authority.

5. Affidavit that the contents of the Complaint are true.

6. Copies of all documents on which you rely upon in support of your Complaint.

No of copies of the Complaint to be filed

 You have to submit:

1 Original and 2 xerox copies.
In addition, if the Complaint is admitted, you will have to submit as many more copies as there are parties.

Where to file your Complaint:

The jurisdiction, that is the Consumer Forum, where you should file your Complaint depends on the amount involved.

I am summarizing the provisions below:

Amount Involved Jurisdiction

upto Rs. 20 lakhs District Consumer Forum

Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore State Consumer Forum

More than Rs. 1 crore National Consumer Forum

The Fee:

The fee, which is nominal, depends upon the amount involved. It is as follows:

Before District Forum:

For claims up to Rs. 1 lakh = Rs. 100

For claims from Rs.1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakhs = Rs. 200
For claims from Rs.5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakhs = Rs. 400
For claims from Rs.10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakhs = Rs. 500

Before State Commission: For claims from Rs.20 lakh to Rs. 50 lakhs = Rs. 2000
For claims from Rs.50 lakh to Rs. 1Crore = Rs. 4000

Before National Commission

For claims exceeding Rs. 1crore = Rs. 5000

The fee has to be paid in the form of a demand draft on a nationalized bank in favour of the President of the concerned District Consumer Forum (Registrar of the State or National Commission if the Complaint is filed in these places).

There is no prescribed format for the affidavit. I am giving a simple format which you can modify and use.

Format of Affidavit

Specimen Draft Affidavit to be filed with the Complaint



In practice, you can get the affirmation done (or affidavit affirmed) before any notary public, but he will usually charge anything between Rs. 100 to Rs. 200; or you can affirm before the Registrar of the concerned Forum.

Actual Filing of the Complaint

You, or your advocate, will have to personally file the Complaint in the office of the concerned Consumer Forum.

The Consumer Forum’s office will go through the Complaint and point out any deficiencies.
You have to correct them and submit the Complaint again.

The Consumer Forum’s office will give you a short date for admission.
On this date, you or your representative has to appear and explain the Complaint to show that there is a genuine consumer Complaint.
This is a simple process and usually the Forum members are very helpful.

Once the Complaint is admitted, The Consumer Forum will direct you to submit more copies of the complaint (as many as there are respondents). These will be sent to the Respondents along with notice prepared by the Commission’s office.

If you have problems, you can write to:

Binoy Gupta


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  1. After receiving the reply of Complainant from Opponent can Complainant mae Amendment APplication in typographical errors and in prayers. Does the Complaiant needs to file another Affidavit in this regard

    • Typographical errors do not really matter.
      But you can not add new prayers under this pretext.

      But if you still concerned, submit a simple letter pointing out the errors
      To the forum and do what the forum directs you to do.

      Binoy Gupta

      • Sir

        I have imported small amount of flexible glass from a German Company for research purpose. But the same is withheld in Mumbai Customs Warehouse from 10.10.2017. I have submitted all my relevant documents to UPS. No action has yet been taken by them either to release the package or to shift the package to Kolkata Customs. Can I go to the Consumer Forum against UPS ?

        Regards, Purnendu Laskar Bolpur, WB

    • I have booked a hotel in advance 2 months in coimbatore for jan 25,2015.Have paid the entire amount for 8 A/C rooms. Amount = 16900. On Jan 19 they informed me to send my account details as they are closing their hotel and my booking is cancelled. I have send the account details for the refund but till 22 Jan they have not paid up the money. Due to which i was not able to book another hotel and i have to cancel my trip. I have repeatedly called upon the manager of the hotel and he told some or other excuses for the refund being delayed. Please suggest me what what to do next.

      • My complaint number. is 19021107351dated 11 the Feb 2019 which is still not closed my Volta’s.
        Number of times Im trying to call service center as well as ASM but they even don’t know how to talk with a customer .
        Not expecting such kind of service from Volta’s.

  2. Please provide case laws whereby the condonation of delay was allowed to the consumer in filing of the consumer complaint beyond the period of 2 years.

    • Condonation of delay is allowed only when the delay can be satsfactorily explained.
      Pl. give the reasons for the delay in this case, then I would be in a position to advise.
      Binoy Gupta

      • Hello, Sir. Please share with me if we can raise a complaint online. If so, please let me know if it is better to file a complaint online or in person? Thanks in advance.


  3. Hi
    I have send a parcel via Dtdc courier company and they havent yet delivered it to destination.The parcel contained Old Indian currency notes for collection purpose worth Rs.5000/-
    Am I supposed to complaint against Dtdc to consumer court in this issue?
    Please reply me

    • To the best of my knowledge, you cannot send currency notes through courier. Please check the consignment note of the courier company, which may have this clearly written in the fine print.

      • Thanks Mr.Yazdi for the reply.
        But I have been sending and also receiving Old Currency notes and old coins through different couriers.Its the first time I came across such a situation.The courier officials were quiet irresponsive about this matter.
        What can I finally do in this case?

  4. As per our telecon and with reference to the below trailing mail, we hereby request you to wait for another 8 days & your entire payment will be refunded in cash on next Wednesday i.e. 20/02/2013 @ 05:00 pm.

    Thank you for your co-operation & regret the inconvenience caused.

    Gayatri Fernandes
    General Manager
    Om Sai Honda

    — On Wed, 13/2/13, Uddayanand Naik wrote:

    From: Uddayanand Naik
    Subject: Re: Cheque Bounce
    To: “omsai honda”
    Date: Wednesday, 13 February, 2013, 10:42 AM

    Dear Madam

    At what time should i come to collect the cash tommorrow.


    Uddayanand N Naik

    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 12:06 PM, omsai honda wrote:

    Dear Sir,

    As per telecon and with reference to the below trailing mail, we hereby request you to wait for another 8 days & your entire payment will be refunded in cash on next Thursday i.e. 14/02/2013.

    Thank you for your co-operation & regret the inconvenience caused.

    Gayatri Fernandes
    General Manager
    Om Sai Honda

    — On Thu, 7/2/13, Uddayanand Naik wrote:

    From: Uddayanand Naik
    Subject: Cheque Bounce
    To: “omsai honda”
    Date: Thursday, 7 February, 2013, 11:16 AM

    Dear Mrs Gayatri Fernandes
    Mr Vijay Pandey and
    Mr Akshay

    of M/s

    MALAD [W],

    This is in reference to the cheque No 882572 dt 4.2.13 for Rs 58459/- issued by you against cancellation of Honda Activa which got bounced.

    i m giving you one day time, if you fail i will lodge Police Complaint.

    This you can take as a Notice. for your faster and proper action.
    Uddayanand Narayan Naik

  5. I have purchased a TATA NANO in Hyderabad, A.P. It is now over a year since the day of purchase. From day one of purchase the car has been giving problems. The past six months and more I have been writing emails and making phone calls to the concerned TATA motors staff in Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad but No one seems interested in responding to my complaints, even after informing them that I will publish my Email correspondence in the News papers and submit the same to the consumer Forum. The only response I get is from the dealer’s workshop in Hyderabad making excuses on behalf of the TATA motors staff.

    I have complete Email correspondence proof of over six months which I want to submit to the Consumer Forum.

    Please advise me How I should go around filing the same and Please help me with the address of the Consumer Forum in Hyderabad, A.P. so that I can approach them personally.

    I thank you in anticipation.

  6. Hi, Can non refund of security deposit by telecom operator towards postpaid connection be filed in consumer court for action against the operator.

  7. I had ordered a mobile phone (Micromax A116 Canvas HD) on on 8th APR. 2013. Order No. 6272211. For some reason it showed that the payment which i did from my credit card is not received by, to which i checked my Credit card details and it showed the payment was done, i confronted then with the screenshot of my statement to which they agree after at-least 10 days, then i requested then that i don’t want the refund give me the product. to which there one executive (Named Saddam) agreed and told me that ill get the product in next 7 to 10 working days. In the mean time on 19th APR. i received two different SMS’s on my mobile one says my product is already dispatched and will reach me in 7 – 10 working days and another saying my refund is being processed. Since the day i ordered this product i am calling them everyday and i get different responses from them. i am so frustrated with this portal. Now i want my money and also compensation for all the stress, trouble and headache i have been put through by

  8. Hi,

    sir i took paid membership in metrmonial site and once they sent 6 profiles but now neither they are sending profiles nor returning back my money. In this situation can i go for consumer forum.

    Please guide me.

    • Depends on the terms of service. Please check if there is any provision for time period or no. of profiles they are supposed to give. If they are not adhering to the terms of service, you can definitely proceed to a Consumer Forum stating the deficiency of service.

    • sir,
      I have a life insurance policy in birla group since 7 years and i m regularly paying instalment. in dec.14 i got a call and some body asked me that compny have giving me golden customer plan and my agent cide will be deactivated so that the Commission taken by agen will come back to me. He asked for a check of 26000 on the name of BIRLA SUNLIFE INSURANCE Group which i have courrie and after some time i got a new policy on that check payment. in this policy my signatures are being taken digitally and fraudly.
      sir please guude me what i can do to recover my hard
      sweating money back.

      • You can file RTI and take the name of that officer which was on duty that time and also you can take copies of rules and regulations and your all policies and accounts details. On the basis of documentation you can make suit against them. You can file RTI via this portal online.
        They will surely help you to resolve matter.

  9. Mr. Yezdi what’s your opinion After receiving the reply of Complainant from Opponent can Complainant mae Amendment APplication in typographical errors and in prayers. Does the Complaiant needs to file another Affidavit in this regard

  10. I’ve sent a courier to Hyderabad through GMS couriers and subsequently that courier has been misplaced/lost during transit. I’ve even complained this to GMS couriers head and in relation to this he has even lodged a Police complaint at jurisdictional Police Station in Hyderabad… Do I have a prima facie case?? Can I file a consumer case?? Pls advice

      • Respected Sir,

        I made 1 year agreement for super stockies of a company named Valka Vasu Energy Pvt Ltd Jaipur in Nov-2013. I made transaction in their account first time of rupees 3,00,000/- and they provided us a material worth it fairly but next time when I made a payment of rupees 1,00,000/- they deceived me. They never sent me a matetial and denying to refund my money as well. If I am calling them then they are neglecting me from past one year.

        I have filed a case in consumer forum on 19/03/2015. Forum sent them a notice on 25/03/2015. Now whats the procedure for I have to follow with consumer forum please guide.

        Please help me if there any other way to get my money back from them.

        Thanks & Regards,

  11. Sir,
    I tired to book tickets online from pvr cinemas portal but was not successful. The money was deducted but no tickets were booked. Later, I received an email stating bad transaction with some ID stating that money would be refunded in 7 days. Now, its more than 7 days but I haven’t got my money back.
    The phone number does not work as nobody picks up the phone, also tried by emailing but no replies.
    On searching, I found that ‘n’ number of users are suffering from same problem.

    Am I eligible to file a complaint against PVR group in consumer court?

    thank you.

  12. In most of the cases where the query is whether a complaint can be filed in a Consumer Court, we must remember the following :

    1. The product or service should be paid for. You cannot take action for free products / services which may be found defective.
    2. You should be a consumer – you should be an individual (not a company) and the product / service should not be purchased for trading or commercial purposes
    3. You should have full documentation to substantiate your case. Phone calls must be followed up by written confirmations with acknowledgements.

    Generally, if the above conditions are satisfied, you are within your rights to file a complaint in the Consumer Court. Please consult your legal advisor before you proceed, in all cases.

    • Respected Sir,
      I made 1 year agreement for super stockies of a company named Valka Vasu Energy Pvt Ltd Jaipur in Nov-2013. I made transaction in their account first time of rupees 3,00,000/- and they provided us a material worth it fairly but next time when I made a payment of rupees 1,00,000/- they deceived me. They never sent me a matetial and denying to refund my money as well. If I am calling them then they are neglecting me from past one year.
      I have filed a case in consumer forum on 19/03/2015. Forum sent them a notice on 25/03/2015. Now whats the procedure for I have to follow with consumer forum please guide.
      Please help me if there any other way to get my money back from them.
      Thanks & Regards,

  13. Dear Sir

    I have filed a ticket refund TDR with irctc some 10 months back and till now not got the refund.Should a file a case in consumer court

  14. Dear Sir,
    I and my family members have purchased commercial property in our personal names and for personal use.
    There is a delay from the developers end.
    Can I file a complaint with the Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission?

    Thanking you

  15. Dear Yazdi sir
    I had send a parcel via DTDC Courier Service and the parcel included old Indian currnecy notes and I was about to sell it for Rs.15000/- .But unfortunately the parcel was lost in transit I contacted DTDC several times and they are irresponsive in this matter.
    Am I able to file case in Consumer court?
    Pls reply

  16. Dear Yazdi sir,

    On 4th May there was my exam for which I should have received my admit card before 4th May but I did not receive it (even it has not been delivered yet) so I could not appear in exam due to which my money (1100/ rupees) time were wasted. I was waiting for this exam for 2 years. I checked the status of speed post it showed that the item was delivered on 22nd April at head post office but on asking at 27th April the post officer at branch office said that it was not delivered. I again inquired at 2nd May and got same reply. I also register an online complained on 27th Apr at but never got reply. Can I file a case in Consumer court.

  17. I have purchased a used SLR camera lens from an individual seller on an online forum in India. The age and condition of the lens was not according to the description mentioned in the online ad in the forum. I am currently trying to get in touch with him and try to get a refund. I had made payment in cash and being a used item I dont have any bill/recept.
    If we are not able to resolve this to my satisfaction can I go to consumer court against the individual?

    • Since you do not have any documentary evidence, it sounds difficult. Try and contact the online forum like ebay from where you bought this from. They might help

      • Hi Mr. Yazdi,

        I do not have documentary evidence regarding the payment. But I have emails stating the agreed upon price of the item and confirmation of dispatch of the item by the seller.
        Would this work?


  18. Hi
    I used SBI credit card ant told to customer care to cancell my credit card. But they have blocked my credit card and I paid all my dues during Feb 2012 and its reflected in statement. But I got SMS from SBI during DEC 2012 to make payment 455. I asked SBI customer care regarding this dispute. And I sent lot of mail and I raised a complaint with RBI. But still now there is no responds and my profile in Cibil so I am not able to take lone. Due to SBI I faced lot of financial problem. Now I diside to file complaint to consumer court to get companzation. Please advice

      • Dear sir
        Please see the below mail came from RBI there no resolution from SBI but they are trying to close my complaint

        Dear sir

        Please refer to your above  complaint. The bank has resolved your complaint. If you have to make any submissions pl do within 2 days from the date of this e-mail. else, the complaint will be trated a s dealt with and settled.

        Yours faithfully

        p.Banking Ombudsman

      • Dear Cardholder,

        I thank you for writing to me and bringing it to my notice. We will contact you if we need any further details to resolve the matter.

        Since this is the Escalation Desk and all cases are investigated in detail, resolution of your concern may take up to 2 weeks.
        In case you have a query or writing to us for the first time, please reach our feedback ID or contact our call center on 1860-180-1290 from BSNL / MTNL Lines and 39 02 02 02 from all other phones.

        For faster tracking of your future communication, please do not change the subject line of this email. If you have not provided your SBI Card / Contact Number in your email, please provide the same for faster resolution.

        While we work towards providing a resolution, we request you to please bear with us in the interim.

        In case you do not get a response within 2 weeks or your concern continues to remain unresolved, you may reach our Customer Service Vice President, Ms. Divya Dhody at

        We thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you.

        Warm Regards,
        Nodal Officer
        Customer Services
        SBI Cards

        Please note that our email id has changed to For any further correspondence, please write in to this email ID.  We request you to add our email id to your contacts list to effect priority delivery by your email service provider.

        —–Original Message—–
        From: []
        Sent: Friday, Mar 1 2013 1:54AM
        To: Sbi []; Sbi []; Sbi []; Sbi []; Sbi2 []
        Cc: Sbi2 []
        Subject: FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:RE:RE: Card no5264685329147647-reminder-5

        Dear All
        After given lot of complaints and reminder even though I getting sms from sbi for your reference I attached the message. In future communication I don’t want any phone call from sbi. If you want to communicate any thing means communicate via mail or letter

        Your Statement Dt 23-FEB-13has been dispatched. Total amt due of Rs 699.62 or Min Amt of Rs 627.01 is payable by 15-MAR-13.- SBI Card. View last 1 yrs statement & manage your account online at

        J Balaji

        —–Original Message—–
        Sent: Wed Feb 13 20:01:31 UTC 2013
        To: Sbi , Sbi , Sbi , Sbi
        Subject: FW:FW:FW:FW:FW:RE:RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647-reminder-4

        —–Original Message—–
        Sent: Wed Feb 13 04:16:53 UTC 2013
        To: Sbi , Sbi , Sbi , Sbi
        Subject: FW:FW:FW:FW:RE:RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647-reminder-3

        —–Original Message—–
        Sent: Sat Feb 09 17:13:00 UTC 2013
        To: Sbi , Sbi , Sbi , Sbi
        Subject: FW:FW:FW:RE:RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647-reminder

        —–Original Message—–
        Sent: Fri Feb 08 19:52:29 UTC 2013
        To: Sbi , Sbi , Sbi , Sbi
        Cc: Apex Sathish , Balaji , Gis Jp , Gis Kalai , Gis Sridher , Karthi zone2 , Kotti , Ramesh.BBNL , Saravanan z2 l3 , Santhosh tata , Karthi tata , Vel tata
        Subject: FW:FW:RE:RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647-reminder

        —–Original Message—–
        Sent: Tue Feb 05 18:59:56 UTC 2013
        To: Sbi , Sbi , Sbi , Sbi
        Subject: FW:RE:RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647

        1. Tell me the percent status of my credit card.
        2. If cancelled or blocked status means tell me date of cancelled or blocked.
        3. During credit limit and cash limit are in blocked status any possibility is there to use the credit card.
        4. Tell me why I dint received NOC even after cancelled credit card.
        5. Still now there is no proper reply from SBI. Regarding my dispute.
        6. Are you thinking that customers are mad.
        7. I asked you to send the all statement of my credit card.
        8. This is the second time I am facing issue.
        9. Give me proper justification else I will go for legal

        J Balaji

        —–Original Message—–
        Sent: Thu Jan 31 19:19:24 UTC 2013
        To: Ddhody , Sbi , Sbi , Sbi
        Subject: RE:RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647

        1)one year before itself I cancelled my card.
        2)I cleared all the dues.
        3)my card was blocked status.
        Now give me proper justification how my card was used even after canceled and blocked status even though my card was used. So send me complete card statement to check how many dispute u did during when card was in active. For your reference I attached my card last year statement.

        —–Original Message—–
        From: Ddhody
        Sent: Wed Jan 30 14:02:41 UTC 2013
        Subject: RE:’CaseID=006-292-382′ Card no 5264685329147647

        Dear Mr. Balaji,

        Warm Greetings for the day!
        We sincerely regret for the inconvenience caused to you on the matter addressed to us.
        We would like to inform you that as requested, we have already cancelled your SBI card account.

        We would like to share with you that we have credited Rs.131.49 plus government service tax Rs.16.25 towards the Late Payment Charge and Finance Charge, which would reflect on your statement of account dated 23rd February, 2013.
        We wish to inform you that regarding the disputed transaction for Rs.455 dated 31/1/2012 debited on your card account towards BEST WINES, we are enclosing the transaction dispute form.
        We would request you to complete the form in all respects and send the duly signed form through either of the below mentioned modes:
        1. Scanned image at or,
        2. Fax on 0124-3992476/0124-2567131 or
        3. Courier-Chargeback Department, 10th Floor, Tower-C, DLF Infinity Towers, Block-2, Gurgaon-122002
        Please note that a charge slip retrieval fee of Rs.225.00 plus government service tax ( as per applicable charges) shall be charged per transaction to your card account, if the case does not get closed in your favor. 
        We would also request you to provide your complete mailing, non-mailing address and contact numbers (both landline and mobile number) for an early resolution of your query.
        Further, we wish to state that the dispute form is readily available on our web site
        Please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance or clarification.
        Yours sincerely,
        from Nodal Desk – SBI Card
        —–Original Message—–
        From: (
        Date:   Saturday, January 26, 2013  11:56 AM
        To: (
        Cc: (
        Subject:  Card no 5264685329147647
        Hi I cancelled  SBI credit card 1 year before and I paid all the dues moreover I blocked my credit card. But I received SMS from SBI to pay 561 during December 31 my credit card was used in bar at Bangalore. If card blocked status means how its possible. I already given complaint in customer care complaint no 22094147. But even though I am getting sms to pay the amount. Do needful as soon as possible regards J Balaji

      • SBI bank costumer care helpline number 9733393134 24×7 hours MasterCard Visa card rupay card credit card customer care number 9733393134

    • Pl address your complaint directly to the Chairman, SBI.
      Take his email from the SBI site.
      Your grievance will be redressed in no time.
      Binoy Gupta

  19. i purchased a HTC One X which got some LCD issues in just two months! when i took it to service center on 16-4-13 they told me it will be repaired and given to you by 20-4-13, whilst stating the expected date of return on 18-04-13. its been like 22 days now and they have not repaired it and are saying that they have shortage of spares.

    In the mean while i emailed and complained to the HTC India office directly via email,facebook and phone call on 25-04-13
    The called me and took all the information on 26-04-13, then the next day called me up again on 27-04-13 to tell me that my device will be replaced via the service center and not repaired but it will take 10-12 days.
    Yesterday (7-4-13) when i call up the service center they tell me that they have got no information and will not replace but repair the phone whenever they get the spares.

    So its been like almost a month and i am without a phone. They could not arrange me for a spare phone and are not replacing my phone as well.

    would you suggest a consumer forum complaint for my situation? and an appropriate time to complaint.

      • i already emailed them that if they don’t give me the replaced handset or refund my money by Saturday I am filing a complaint in consumer court by Monday.
        I have all the emails from them as well as my replies to them along with bill of purchase and job card details of giving it to service centre. I hope these many documents are enough or I need something else as well??

        thanks for your guidance

      • hello…the mails that I got from HTC regarding my complaints have the following foot note

        “CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE : The information in this e-mail is confidential and privileged; it is intended for use solely by the individual or entity named as the recipient hereof. Disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of the contents of this e-mail by persons other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited and may violate applicable laws. If you have received this e-mail in error, please delete the original message and notify us by return email or collect call immediately. Thank you. HTC Corporation ”

        can the copies of these mails be used in the complaint to consumer court??

      • When ALL disputes between cellular provider and subscriber is to be referred to arbitration, why do cellular companies file a complaint or suit to recover billing dues? Shouldn’t cellular companies too go for arbitration? Subscribers should take this defence before paying any bills..

  20. Dear Mr Yazdi,
    i have got one disputed transaction in my credit card account for last 1 year it was acknowlegeded by the bank & assured in writtedn email that it will be refunded soon but for the last several month only assurances come but not the money.
    Should i file a complain ,if yes wther it will be accepted as bank companies have big legal system to shield our action.

    • Banking issues are best taken up with the Banking Ombudsman in your area. If that fails, you may approach the Consumer Forum

  21. I recharged my mobile for Rs.100/- on 23.4.2013, the required amount is deducted from my bank account but when I check my phone no recharge had been […]i already emailed them regarding this they asked some details and bank statements etc. But after making many correspondence through e-mail they are yet to refund the amount to me.
    I have all the emails from them as well as my replies to them and the bank statement I hope these many documents are enough or I need something else as well?? please reply.

    • If you have all the documents, you do have a case. But you will spend much more than the Rs. 100 that you seek to RECOVER. Think about it before you proceed

    • When ALL disputes between cellular provider and subscriber is to be referred to arbitration, why do cellular companies file a complaint or suit to recover billing dues? Shouldn’t cellular companies too go for arbitration? Subscribers should take this defence before paying any bills..

  22. Hi Binoy just wanted to know what would be the quantum of compensation one can expect on mental agony by any vendor. As one off the packers and movers have damaged my goods (value can be assessed) and moreover the mental disturbance I’ve gone though during last 10 days wrt my belongings and they were quite irresponsible and unresponsive to my calls. I’m planning to file a complaint to get the compensation for damaged goods and mental disturbance during that period.

    • Get the damages / loss assesses and you would definitely get it from the movers and packages.
      You can also claim and get reasonable damages from them.
      Binoy Gupta

  23. hi
    I am G.Anvesh from andra pradesh i have taken a setup box from the local service provider for 1700 and recently i have gone through a article witch stating that the setup box should not be more than 1200 itsems so i mailed them regarding this issue i dint even got any reply from them so im planing to file in consumer court will that can be filed and what is the procedure to follow
    thank you

  24. Price is something you agree to, when you enter into a contract with the seller. After purchasing you cannot dispute the price. You do not have a case based on an article stating that the price should have been lower

  25. Sir i bought(Online Shopping) watch worth Rs.2000 with 6 months Warranty for the same from Fashionandyou in january,2013 .. But 2 months back, it stopped working.. So, After contacting them they asked me to wait for sometime, then after a week or so.. they asked me to verify the exact problem and so asked me to check this at local vendor.

    After exchanging mails couple of times. they finally asked me to get the battery changed at the local vendor when it is the Product Manufacturer’s duty to provide the battery.

    They assured me of the money in my Account(Rs.100). But then its been a month . i have not received any amount of money even after reminding them 2-3 times through email and each time they asked me to wait for 2 days…

    Can i file a case against them??

    I have the Original Invoice, the call details , all emails … everything…

    • If you have the evidence, you may proceed to the Consumer Court. Remember though that there will be a cost involved, which may well be over Rs. 100

      • No problem sir.. I will make sure that they will be fined heavily.. According to you how much compensation court will allow keeping in mind the problem, non- helping nature of the company’s executive and the time i have invested in all these things..

        The main thing is how much time you think it will take to file the case, hearing and final decision..

    • Consumer courts do not award exemplary damages,
      But only small amounts.
      A case normally takes a year or so ….from filing to final order.
      Binoy Gupta

  26. Sir,

    I had booked a Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia tour with “Sachin Travels Pune” for 23rd december 2012 for 8 days. I had made a full payment of 137477 for it. I received a call on 18th december 2012 that the tour is canceled and my money would be refunded. I got a written letter on their letter head that they would also pay interest @ 9% till the time they refund the money. In february 2013, they gave me a check of full amount. But the check bounced. I gave them a written notice under section 138 to which they have not responded and they do not answer my phone calls.
    Can i use the same notice or do i need to give another notice before filing a case in consumer court?

      • Thanks for the response.
        Do i need a lawyer to file a case in consumer court in pune or can i file a case myself by following the details above?
        With a lawyer, will the process be fast tracked?
        What duration can i expect to get a resolution from the time that i file a case in consumer court?
        Also, can i claim any compensation for lawyer fee etc. in consumer court?

      • Apurv

        You can file the complaint in person…. You dont need a lawyer, unless you are short of time. A lawyer can not expedite the hearings. The case should take about a year.

        You will get the amount paid, interest, some costs and damages.

        Binoy Gupta

  27. I have applied for premature withdrawl of fixed deposit which was accepted by the company and i received the premature amount by cheque. but premature calculation done by the company is wrong and due to wrong calculation I have to suffer loss of Interest upto Rs 7000/- can I file my complaint in consumer redressal forum against the company

      • Sir I live at Mulund Mumbai and I have to file a complaint against the company which is located at kandivali and the registrar of the company who gave wrong calculation is at Bhandup, so where I should file my complaint at consumer redressal forum Thane or Parel ? and I and my wife both are sufferrers so can we file a joint complaint.

      • Make the Company and Registrar ….opposite parties nos. 1 & 2 or vice versa. The address of the 1st party will determine the jurisdiction of the forum. You and your wife can be complainant nos 1 & 2.

        Binoy Gupta


  28. sir ,
    we have been receiving an unconditional amount of electricity Bills since last yeear. like 50000, 15000, 8000, with an avg. readings. and when we approach to the electricity dept. they ignore us . whilst no doubt somtimes it’s been deducted a bit but we have to visist there all the time . BUT this time we again received a bill amounting 8000. on previous analys as told to us . but we have paid all the billls regularly . and we have all the receipts from the dept. can i file a case against them .

  29. Hello Sir,
    I am suffering delay in order since last 1 month from despite making prepaid payment.
    The Authorities are very helpless to help me.
    Being a consumer i wish to teach them lesson.
    For a order of 1000 I had to make calls of more than 1500.

    • Some times, it is not only the money involved, but the way you are treated which hurts you.
      If you feel this way, file a complaint in the Consumer Forum.
      Binoy Gupta

  30. This is a great thing that you are doing for the society!

    My query: I am covered under United India Insurance Mediclaim. It is a corporate policy provided by my employer (NIIT Limited). Me and my dependents are covered under the policy. But the company is rejecting claims pertaining to my father’s hospitalization (in Dec 2012) due to CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) stating that it was a PED (pre-existing disease).

    My mediclaim cover started on 03-June-2011 (prior to that covered under same corporate policy and by the same insurer but other policy from 06-Sept-2010) and my father was diagnosed of CKD in August 2011. I have provided all documents pertaining first time detection of disease and doctor’s certificate regarding it but when I asked the insurer ‘how could it be pre-existing?’, the insures states that the patient had BP and Diabetes so, this would be considered a pre-existing disease.

    Can you please help letting me know what exactly should I do?

  31. Sir,
    I had bought Sony Xperia z mobile 2 months back from authorised Sony centre, as the phone is water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes i washed the screen under the water tap with all the ports closed but somehow water went through ports in the camera lens. when i reached service centre and said about the problem facing my device they checked it and said its water damaged so it doesn’t come under warranty. then i told them to repair the affected parts and i was ready to pay for it but they said to me they wont be able to repair it as the phone is water resistant they could replace it but i’ll have to pay 35000 RS which is the current cost of the cell phone. then i phoned to Xperia support regarding the problem and even they said the same thing.After no. of calls to different person in Sony department they said they’ll talk to Maharashtra head and then they’ll let me know what could be done. When i called Sony centre they said i’ll have to pay 20000 RS approx.
    Sir when they sold the mobile they never said that it wont be repaired. if it cant be repaired by Sony they should replace it. The mobile price is 38000 when i bought it.
    Please help me regarding the issue and how should i approach the matter in consumer court.

    Thanks & Warm Regards,
    ShariQ Ansari.

    • Assuming that you have all the documents – Bill / Warranty etc., you can proceed to the Consumer Forum and ask for replacement and damages

    • When ALL disputes between cellular provider and subscriber is to be referred to arbitration, why do cellular companies file a complaint or suit to recover billing dues? Shouldn’t cellular companies too go for arbitration? Subscribers should take this defence before paying any bills..

  32. I purchased a scooter Suzuki Access 125 a year back. The dealer has wrongly marked hypothecation when i paid in cash. Till date they have not solved the problem. I am facing lot of problems because my temporary registration got expired and i could not get the permanent number on my vehicle. The police are giving token continuously. They have not given me the manual book and not even a single free service. How can i approach the consumer forum for my grievance redressal. Please advice me.

    • Please read the material above regarding “How to prepare and submit a complaint to the Consumer Forum”. Wish you all the best !

  33. Hello Yazdi Sir,

    I have taken travel currency card from Axis bank.From the day one on words iam not able to withdraw the amount from ATM machine,But able to do swipe operations.I approached to customer care service from the country where iam presently working.There reply is card is working fine.but iam not able to do ATM withdrawal.Surviving with out liquid cash is a horrible situation. Not only mail I called them also but iam getting the same response which not at all helping me. I need ur advice weather can I put a consumer case on Axis bank?. I have proof that when iam trying to withdraw the money from ATM …iam getting a slip saying nil balance.but I have a sufficient balance to withdraw.i have all the ATM slips . Is it helps me as a solid proof?. I want to know whether can I put a case.?how much it costs.

    Iam in abroad now.want to file a case when Iam in India.

    Kindly advice.


  34. Hi Sir,
    I had received a call from HDFC Bank Karol Bagh, Delhi by an executive named ANNU (Ph. No. – 09136696514). She told me that they will provide special loan against a policy of 5%of loan amount in the interest rate of 8.5%.
    I was requiring a loan of 10lakh thus I gave amount of 50,000/- for policy. The executive from HDFC Life named PRITAM HERKAL came to receive the required document for policy as well as a cheque of 50,000/- as policy amount from me.
    After that they dispatched all documents submitted for policy to HDFC Bank executive. On 2nd March,2013 I received my policy papers (Policy No.-15861041).
    The executive from HDFC Bank told me that after receiving the policy paper they will process my loan application and I will receive my loan amount on 5th April,2013.
    They told me that on 2nd or 3rd April I will be receiving a confirmation call from them and then only they will send me the loan document and reference number of loan.
    On 4th April,2013 evening I received a confirmation call from HDFC Bank saying that my loan is rejected but didn’t stated the reason behind the rejection.
    But after calling again and again to the HDFC Bank executive she told me that I will be receiving my 50,000/- policy amount after 40 days without any deduction and with 9.5% of interest rate which is approximately 67,800/- as told by them.
    Also on 6th April I received a call from HDFC life, they told me that they have received the cancellation letter of policy. And they will provide me policy amount with 9.5% interest.
    On 8th April I tried to track the policy through customer care, but they told me that this is a fraud done to me and no such policy has been cancelled.
    Please tell me how to file a complaint in consumer court and this will help me or not?

    • If you have the documents, you may proceed. But most of the communication seems to be on phone. How will you prove anything and whom will you file the case against, if the original cheat is absconding. Maybe you may have to go to the police in such a situation

  35. Help in Mumbai

    I live in Mumbai and I can take up consumer cases relating to medical insurance, cases by flat purchasers against builders, cases by flat owners against housing co-operatve societies and cases by other aggrieved consumers.

    Dr Binoy Gupta

  36. Hello Mr Binoy,

    I bought a Hitachi 1.5 tonne split AC model RAU518ETD from Vijay Sales, Gurgaon. It was delivered to me on 06/05/2013 and installed at my home by Hitachi Engineers on 12/05/2013. But after installation it never started. The engineer told me that there’s problem with the stabilizer.

    I called Vijay Sales at the same time and they agreed to replace the stabilizer. I visited the Vijay Sales on 12/05/2013 and got new stabilizer after returning the old one. But the AC still did not work after installing the new stabilizer.

    I lodged a complaint to Hitachi customer care on 13/05/2013 that AC is not working. They provided a complaint number for that. Next day on 14/05/2013, the Hitachi engineers visited and after diagnosis they figured out that there’s some problem in the AC itself rather than stabilizer as it was not working even without the stabilizer. They told me that they will open the indoor unit of the AC for repairing it which I refused and I insisted for a replacement.

    After lot of arguments, the engineers agreed to replace the AC but now it’s around 10 days nobody is reverting back to me. I called Hitachi customer care around 5-6 times but they just say we are putting your complaint on priority and will resolve soon. As they are not entertaining the customer properly, I want my money back with interest.

    Please advise if I can proceed for a consumer court case.


    • Send them a notice in writing… the facts. Ask them either to replace the AC or refund the amount paid within 15 days of receipt of the notice, failing which you will complaint before the Cosumer Forum asking for the amount paid, interest, costs and damages, etc.
      Wait for about 20 days, if there is no satisfactory reply, you can file the complaint.

      Binoy Gupta

      • sir my problem is related to split a.c, i have purchased videocon a.c (on bajag finance, 4 months down payment paid at the time of buy product, and now 3 months EMI deducted from my salary) , from the day one onwards ac was not working means not giving the cooling coming only air from the unit, i returned the product to retailer and asked him to give another company AC, he gave me LG AC this time, this also not working properly i talk to lg head the accepted the return. i have returned the lg product also, now i don’t want to buy any product from the retailer. i want my money back, retailer says take any product instead of ac. i said i want my money back only, retailer is not ready to give money back, what to do sir, can i proceed through consumer forum. if i go to consumer forum will i get my money back ?

  37. My son has taken Matrix card to be used in USA for 15 Days.However after landing in USA, he found that this card can not be activated. I have reported same matter on cell phone to Matrix’s sales person. He has promised me that he will take necessary that bill will not be raised . However now we have recd bill of Rs.4065 /-When we could not activate that card, how can they charge us for their faulty service.
    Pl advice.

    • Dont pay the bill.
      Send them a strong letter asking them how they can do this.
      Ask them to cancel the bill otherwise you will file a complaint in the Consumer forum.
      Binoy Gupta

  38. Hi Mr. Binoy,

    Can i file a case in consumer forum against a Travel agency
    for the following reasons :
    1. Booking a AC Sleeper class bus ticket , but due to their
    breaking down of bus in between was made to travel in a
    non ac non sleeper bus that to standing for 2 hrs.
    2. Got unwell, because of this exertion and was unell for a week.
    had to spend Rs 1000 on medicines and miss office.
    3. Not reaching destination on time because of the delay and
    missing my scheduled meeting.
    4. Problem started from the start of the journey, when the bus
    which was supposed to pick me up at chembur didnt come at all
    and i was asked to take a different bus to a destination which was
    3 hrs from my original destination. on my protest , had to rush
    to ghatkopar from chembur where the bus had a halt.

    I went to thr Travel agency for a refund but was denied. I have
    already given them a written notice.

  39. Hi Sir,

    I have buy a Khaitan air cooler 45 Days Back,it is not working now.I have called customer care around 15 Times in 15 Days till now but i am facing bad experience from Khaitan people.Now i want drop a case on could you please help me on this ,and gimme some suggestions i am leaving in HYD.

    • You should file a complaint in the cosumer forum.
      I have given all the required details in the beginning of this blog.
      Binoy Gupta

  40. Dear Sir,
    i have purchased micromax canvas hd mobile on 2/04/2013.after 20 days its flash light stop working,i went to micromax service center to get it repaired.they submitted it and ask me to come back after 1 week and collect it.its been a month and still its not get repaired.can i file a complaint against them in consumer court and what are the chances.

      • i have written them at least 10 email regarding my problem but there reply is same that we are working on it will get back to you shortly.

      • Give details of all the emails to the consumer forum…….If the last one is within the time limit of 2 years……then they should admit the complaint.

  41. I have invested Rs 10,000/ in manipal finance corporation during 2001 under shreyas certificte. the same is matured during2006.till date they have not returned my money. ifiled acomplaint with consumer forum manglore. now manipal finance is telling it is time barred. can i plead for condonation of delay at this stage telling that the said firm sent a letter the case is in the court and after finalisation they will refund and hence i waited and since no reply came from the firm i filed this case. case is posted for 6th june 2013. there is no lawyer and myself is defending the case in the consumer forum kindly guide me.-p.gopal shastry

    • Your money became due in 2006.
      You have to file a complaint within 2 years… it is time barred.

      But if you can show any letter or email to show that they gave you assurances,
      Then you can request for condonation on that ground.

      Binoy Gupta

      • i have written them at least 10 email regarding my problem but there reply is same that we are working on it will get back to you shortly.

      • SIR,
        i am thankful for your kind reply. my case is posted for 6-6-2013.i am having one letter dt 16-3-2005 by the chairman appointed by the court for the meeting of share holders/debenture holders /subordinated debtholders convening a meeting on 20-4-2005 inwhich it is mentioned the subordinate debt holders shall be settled within 72 months from the effective date.maturity date of my shreyus certificate is 23-11-2006.on 8-3-2011 proforma of consent letter given by the said firm mentioning rs 5000/ill be accepted in final settlement proforma is not signed by any body. will the above letters suffice to plead condonation of delay. kindly reply me for which act of kindnees i am greateful.p.gopal shastry


    • The Consumer Forum must have sent a copy of the order direct to the Opposite party.
      Wait till the time for payment given in the order has passed, then file an Execution petition
      In the same Consumer Forum.
      You will get your money as per the order.
      Binoy Gupta

  43. Sir, I am using Vodafone’s Post Paid plan since last two years, In all the bills over last two years I was given free internet usages, but suddenly This month I have been charged Rs 1500 for the internet usages made this month. On contacting the vodafone, they told my plan never had free internet scheme.So the charges are valid. I feel cheated since I was given free internet for last 2years which obviously put me under impression that My plan has free internet. they have no answer for why was it given to me for free for last 24months and all they say is charges are valid as my plan does not have free internet plan. No one is giving me satisfactory answers, can I approach the consumer court??

      • When ALL disputes between cellular provider and subscriber is to be referred to arbitration, why do cellular companies file a complaint or suit to recover billing dues? Shouldn’t cellular companies too go for arbitration? Subscribers should take this defence before paying any bills..

  44. I purchased my Maruti Ritz on 30th Oct 2011 from S K Wheels, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai
    My vehicle has undergone all the 3 free services and other paint and repair jobs also from S K Wheels

    Recently (on 19th May 2013) it so happened that I noticed that out of the four tyres mounted on my vehicle, only one of the tyres bears the code – 2511 which was the spare tyre and rest all 4 tyres bears different code which do not match to the pre delivery inspection report.

    Another point to be noted is that the code were deliberately hidden on the inner wall of the wheels. All the Mag RIMs carry the same code. I suppose these are original as there is no
    mention of the RIM numbers on service booklet or any document provided
    to me during delivery. So i still trust that the MAG RIMs are the same
    original. Only the tyres have been replaced cleverly.

    I did not visited any other place for any sort of maintenance work as its a new car and does not requires any maintenance.

    When i visited S K Wheels with my complaint they confirmed that as per their report the tyres which came along with my car was different, but they said that the servicing in which wheel balancing and rotation was done hapenned to be 6 months back, and now, they can maximum do is that they can offer me some discount on purchase of new tyre.

    I tried calling and contacting Maruti but, they asked me to resolve with S K Wheels . Now can i go to consumer court as S K WHEELS have theft my tyres during service. I am in very much stress, its my new car …please help.

    • Give a notice to S K Wheels……they should have pointed out this during the servicings. Mark one copy to Maruti. S K Wheels is their sgent. If the problem is not resolved file a complaint in the Consumer Forum.

      • Should I send a notice marked the same letter (independently addressed copies) to SK Wheels and Maruti Suzuki, or should i send a notice to SK Wheels with only a CC to Maruti Suzuki for information. I have already raised a complaint with Maruti in this regards.

  45. I have been writing to Mahanagar Gas Ltd for getting exorbitant readings. For the last 11 months I have been requesting to change the gas meter but do not do anything except acknowledging the complaint.

  46. I have booked tickets for my Parents for Kedarnath travel through a travel agency in Delhi. I have paid the full amount and in writing they have confirmed for tickets for 29th May ’13.
    But on 28th night 11 pm they said tickets are not confirmed and wash off their hands.
    My parents suffered a lot and finally went to dharsan by toli.
    Travel guys returned my money but for the pain and suffering i want to sue them. i have made more than 60 calls to their office and numbers given by them.
    Request you to help me how to file the complaint in consumer forum.

  47. I am using Tata Docomo sim. On 3rd May 2013 , I noticed that my Incoming/Outgoing are blocked . I contacted Tata Docomo Customer Service , They told me that call barring service is activated on my no. The service was not activated by me.I asked them to deactivate the service they told me to enter 4 digit no in call settings . I entered the 4 digit code but it shows “not allowed” message and service is still activated.they told me to insert the sim to different mobile, I did and inserted the sim in different mobile like nokia, sony,micromax but I wasn’t able to deactivate the service as it showed error messages in all mobiles I contacted them through e-mails, they reply same thing again and again i.e “we will solve your problem in 7 days, etc.I contacted the tata docomo appellate officer through mails no satisfactory response from him/her. It’s now 1 month the problem is not solved. I can’t use my number anymore .
    Can I file a case for compensation ??

  48. Hi,
    my unbilled amount has rised from rs 55 to rs 6655 in a single night.
    i asked the service provider to send me the details about the unbilled amount which they refuse to give.
    i have the e-mail of my complaint and their response to the same.
    can i file a complaint in consumer forum?
    if yes, can you please tell me the procedure for the same?
    -shubham kanojia

    • can file a consumer complaint.
      You will find details of the procedure in the beginning of this blog.
      Binoy Gupta

    • When ALL disputes between cellular provider and subscriber is to be referred to arbitration, why do cellular companies file a complaint or suit to recover billing dues? Shouldn’t cellular companies too go for arbitration? Subscribers should take this defence before paying any bills.. Birlas are not as they were few decades back. They are sinking… Idea is making the process speedier.

  49. I purchased a Lenovo tablet last July. A couple of weeks later it stopped working and last Dec 2012 I decided to get it repaired. Till date I havent got a resolution to my complaint. I have been shuttled from one service centre to another and made to speak to several rep explaining my case. I have been following up with emails regularly but all I get is false promises. Lenovo refuses to refund or give me a replacement saying that it doesnt fall under that category. However, every service centre I have been to cite unavailability of spare parts since several months. Now I have been asked to take my tablet to another service centre. Does this make it a fit candidate for a consumer case? I have all receipts and email conversations saved.

  50. Hello Sir,

    I had visited one shop in pune to buy a food product “Bakrawadi”. when i entered in shop they gave me some type of big plastic card. then i proceed to counter to take bakrwadi, they packed product and swipe that plastic card, then i proceeded to cash counter given that plastic card to them and put that bag which contains bakrwadi on counter, i gave them my debit card to swap but they told me that facility is not available, then to take cash from my bag i moved a little to make space for others but doesn’t go far away, then i took the money out from my bag and paid the bill, and asked them for my bag which contains product, but in between the other person took my bag and left and this happens before i paid the bill and i was unaware about that and at the same time one security guard and cashier is present at counter. After bill payment when i asked them for my bag they told me that bag was taken by other customer and they blamed me for that and not given me other product and nor returned my money. so can i lodge complaint against the shop and shop owner?

    what i want is product else at least my money?

    I have receipt and CCTV footage of incidence.

    please reply as soon as possoble.

  51. pl.ref. my c omment dt 28-5-2013 and 29-5-2013 and your prompt reply pertaing to the deposit of rs 10,000/ .on 6-6-2013i n Man galore consumer forum, Manipal finance have taken objection for the general power of attorney stating that in the power of attorney executed by my son there is no specific mention of this fix ed deposit in the power of attorney. one sentence mentioning for all lawful acts to defend in the court, this power of attorney executed is there ,in it,and i pleaded this is sufficient to defend in this forum. complaint is posted for 21-6-2013 for maintainability .My son is abroad and for 21st i am unable to produce another power of attorney and even if produced after wards will it be dismissed that i am not the complainnt..In the certificate my name is mentioned as nominee since the said amount is deposited by me while he was minor-kindly advise me before i attend the forum how to proceed to overcome this problem

    • There is no need to give specific details of each deposit in the Power of Attorney.
      You should also argue that the Forum need not be hyper technical and accept such technical submissions.
      And in any event, you are the person who paid the money…..
      If every thing fails….ask for a short adjournment…..

      Binoy Gupta

  52. I want to file a case in consumer court against Public Ltd company Sezal Glass Ltd located at Kandivali Mumbai and its registrar Link Intime Pvt Ltd located at Bhandup Mumbai for violation of company Acceptance rule 1975 for Fixed Deposits. so pls give me address of consumer court to file a case against them in mumbai. I live at Mulund Mumbai so where should I file the case ?

      • Link Time India Pvt Ltd the Registrar of Sezal Glass Ltd has given wrong calculation for premature withdrawl of my FD, due to which company Sezal Glass sent me cheque of less amount then actually due, I have given Complain letter to Link Intime & Sezal Glass and even sent the reminder through email and given them the correct calculation but they are not replying and Sezal Glass has said on phone to me they will not repay me the difference amt according to my calculation.and I can go ahead with my legal options.
        I had invested on cumulative basis for 36 months @12.5% p.a but opted for premature withdrawl after 33 months, so amount should be calculated @ 1% less for 33 mths i.e @ 11.5% p.a.
        According to company acceptance rule 1975 for premature withdrawl, interest should be reduced by one percent from the rate which company would have paid had the deposit been accepted for the period for such deposit had run.The rate of interest for which my deposit has run is 961 days and rate of interest for more then 2yrs was 12.5% P.a but as I have opted for premature withdrawl they should deduct 1% and pay @ 11.5% p.a but as I have invested on cumulative basis they should calculate interest on cumulative basis for premature withdrawl, but they are calculating on simple interest basis due to which I have to suffer a loss of Rs 7125/-

    • Sir pls let me know where I should file the complaint against Link Intime Pvt Ltd Bhandup and Sezal Glass Ltd Kandivali , I stay at Mulund Mumbai, so which jurisdiction is applicable to me ?

      • Make both parties….
        Make Sezal Glass Ltd. …Opposite Party No. 1 and
        Link Intime Pvt Ltd Bhandup….Opposite Party No. 2.

        Most probably you will have to file your complaint in Bandra (near Chetna College).

        Binoy Gupta

  53. Hello sir,
    I had enrolled as a member for a ‘Gold saving scheme’ with a national repute jeweller. The scheme said 11 premiums of Rs.5000/- must be paid by me and 1 premium will be paid by the jeweller. On the completion of paying my last premium of Rs.5000/- i was told i can place the order on any ornament as it would take 30-40 days to get the ornament. One morning on viewing a state channel, which aired Rs.200/- hike in Gold rate per gram from the very next day. I rushed to the jeweller to place an order as i was eligible. Being a fashion designer and being in the panel of judging a Fashion show, I wanted a south Indian traditional haar. The patern what they had was not appropriate for my religion
    hence i asked for their existing patterns, which they told me they have catered designs such as flower, maple leaf and so on…., to their variant customers. I insisted to see the designs before finalizing. The staffer mailed the head office for the catalog as i waited. Even after 1/2 an hour there was no reply, then there was another mail forwarded. That day I visited the showroom 3 times desperately wanting to place the order, last being at 8.15 pm before the close for the day. I also had taken the excessive which i would incur on placing a 60 grams ornament. The jeweler has a rule to pay a 75% of the rate of the ornament to freeze that day’s gold rate. The next day there was that forecast rise in gold rate by Rs.200/-. The Gold rate had shot up from Rs.2283/- to Rs.2483/-. The mail of the design, which the head office sent the branch showroom was forwarded to me for approval. I spoke to them that I would be paying as per the previous day’s price as the negligence was on their part as the excess amount would be huge as Rs. 200 x 60= Rs.12,000/- for no fault of mine. But they wouldn’t budge. I have mailed to them, spoken to the head office and branch managers and waited for 1 year 10 months but nothing has been initiated by them so far. Now i am thinking seriously to take the cause to the consumer forum for remedy. The whole idea was to buy ornaments in a saving scheme and by trusting this jeweler with a national repute with chain of other products, who has made me feel arm-twisted by holding my money and not being answerable to it, feel cheated, deprived of what I love and not getting what I saved for. I have a master’s degree in journalism and I socialize very often and I feel incomplete as this transaction has not come to any logical end. I have gone through trauma because of this experience and feel the sense of loss. And also made to feel like am nobody.
    I want to personally attend this case without an advocate. What damages can I sought for in the consumer court? Kindly advise



    • You can certainly claim the difference, that is, the real loss plus Rs 15,000 as damages and expenses.
      You may get the loss plus damages between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000
      Binoy Gupta

  54. Hello sir,
    I had enrolled as a member for a ‘Gold saving scheme’ with a national repute jeweller. The scheme said 11 premiums of Rs.5000/- must be paid by me and 1 premium will be paid by the jeweller. On the completion of paying my last premium of Rs.5000/- i was told i can place the order on any ornament as it would take 30-40 days to get the ornament. One morning on viewing a state channel, which aired Rs.200/- hike in Gold rate per gram from the very next day. I rushed to the jeweller to place an order as i was eligible. Being a fashion designer and being in the panel of judging a Fashion show, I wanted a south Indian traditional haar. The patern what they had was not appropriate for my religion
    hence i asked for their existing patterns, which they told me they have catered designs such as flower, maple leaf and so on…., to their variant customers. I insisted to see the designs before finalizing. The staffer mailed the head office for the catalog as i waited. Even after 1/2 an hour there was no reply, then there was another mail forwarded. That day I visited the showroom 3 times desperately wanting to place the order, last being at 8.15 pm before the close for the day. I also had taken the excessive which i would incur on placing a 60 grams ornament. The jeweler has a rule to pay a 75% of the rate of the ornament to freeze that day’s gold rate. The next day there was that forecast rise in gold rate by Rs.200/-. The Gold rate had shot up from Rs.2283/- to Rs.2483/-. The mail of the design, which the head office sent the branch showroom was forwarded to me for approval. I spoke to them that I would be paying as per the previous day’s price as the negligence was on their part as the excess amount would be huge as Rs. 200 x 60= Rs.12,000/- for no fault of mine. But they wouldn’t budge. I have mailed to them, spoken to the head office and branch managers and waited for 1 year 10 months but nothing has been initiated by them so far. Now i am thinking seriously to take the cause to the consumer forum for remedy. The whole idea was to buy ornaments in a saving scheme and by trusting this jeweler with a national repute with chain of other products, who has made me feel arm-twisted by holding my money and not being answerable to it, feel cheated, deprived of what I love and not getting what I saved for. I have a master’s degree in journalism and I socialize very often and I feel incomplete as this transaction has not come to any logical end. I have gone through trauma because of this experience and feel the sense of loss. And also made to feel like am nobody.
    I want to personally attend this case without an advocate. What damages can I sought for in the consumer court? Kindly advise

  55. Sir, i have ordered a mobile pone, Sony Xperia Go via on 7th june and i havent recieved my order till today. I had paid money using my credit card… i didnt got any confirmation message on my mobile.. i dont even know through which courier centre they are sending my package. I recieved two orders from other sites succesfully and these have been ordered after i ordered my phone. Money is deducted from my accout and i only have their mail stating my order confirmation and amount that has been deducted from my account. Am I eliglible to file complaint againist this? Would i be able to be refunded, if i dont reciecve my order? I am little tensed as i am just a student.. please help me sir..

    • I have filed a Consumer Complaint against the Society for dereliction , deficiency and negligence in not replying my letters. It is at stage of Amendment Application filed by me and Opponents to reply. The Opponent continue to raise the issue that I have been harassing by writing letters, which is my constitutional right and as per bye-laws NO. 65 I have to communicate in writing and to get acknowledge the letters. The Sec has to reply within one month and final reply within 3 months, which they failed to do for more than a year. They did not give me minutes of MC for more than one and half years. My complaint is regd. not replying letters which has been admitted by consumer court while replying on the judgment of Bhoiwada Society in Mumbai resident got RS 7000/- from Society for not replying letters as Consumer court judgment. The Society is relying and preferring on oral communication which is not admissible in court. What is your suggestion. pl advice Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 16:37:16 +0000 To:

      • Your rights are separate from your Society’s grievances.
        May be you are harassing them, or they feel you are harassing them, but they have to give you the documents you are entitled to…….
        They can not raise the plea or argument of harassment in this complaint case.
        They should limit their submissions to why they are not supplying you the documents….
        Failure to do so amounts to deficiency in service….and you should get favourable orders.

        Binoy Gupta

  56. Hello Sir,

    I have ordered some furniture from AP furniture Hyderabad on 11th May. They promised me that they will deliver it in one week by 18th May. However after multiple follow-ups over phone they finally asked me to made full payment on 1st June and promised me to deliver my furniture by 2nd June. They delivered only part of my order that too faulty/unfinished product and again the phone chase began. I asked them to cancel my order after that their assistant manager came on call & apologized me and promised that they will deliver the product to me by 10th June or refund the money. They again failed to deliver the furniture. Now i want to cancel my order and want my money to be refunded. They are unresponsive on phone and claim that you do whatever you want we wont cancel the order. I don’t want to buy the product form them now want my refund. Can i file a complaint in consumer court regarding my refund and compensation for stress they have caused to me. Since all my communication is over telephone, please advice how can my show the proofs for my communications.

    • Write a detailed letter pointing out your grievances.
      Tell them you want your money back within 15 days .
      failing which you will file a complaint in the consumer forum.
      If you dont receive a reply, or not proper reply, file a complaint in the consumer forum.
      Binoy Gupta

  57. Hello Sir,

    I’m a student at the Global Institute of Management Science, Mumbai. I have paid Rs. 40,000 for internship in Singapore few months back. After many follow ups they finally told me that my visa is cancelled (as the company doesn’t have any more vacancy). I had later asked for a refund of my money, this was around 2 months back.
    Since then only 10%of my calls, emails & messages have been replied to.
    I went to the local police station last month and a person from the college promised in front of the police that he will pay me on 5th of June. Later again I gave him some more time as the director of college was not in mumbai (as said by him) and he gave me in writing that he will pay me on 17th june. Yesterday when I called him, he said that you contact the director of college.
    I have that letter as a proof, the receipts of the money I paid and also the message conversation is saved in my phone.
    Kindly guide me through this. This is a big amount for me. If i apply online on Indian Consumer Complaint forum, will this be addressed and how long will this take to sort and get my money ?

    Due to this, I have lost 6 months of my career and also money.

    Please help.


    • Mahesh

      You can certainly file a complaint in the Consumer Forum.
      Claim the money you paid, interest, and compensation for the loss of one full year.
      It should take about a year…..but you have a very good case.

      You can write through the Indian Consumer Complaint forum, but I don’t know how effective they are..
      You can join the Consumer Education & Research Society in Ahmedabad (membership is nominal) and take up the matter through them. You can find their address through google search.

      Binoy Gupta

  58. Hello Sir,

    I purchased sandals(with six months warranty) from a shop in bangalore.In two months,the product was totally damaged.I complained to the shop owner reg this,he said he will replace me with new pair,but later he said he cant give new pair instead he wil replace the base part though the sandal was damaged completely.He had replaced base part but not with same model base,instead he had put ordinary base.
    Now he is neither giving me new pair of slipper nor returning the money.
    Can i file complaint against him.

    • I think this is too petty a matter to approach the Consumer Forum.
      But if you feel, you must fight for your rights, you can file a complaint in the consumer forum.

      Binoy Gupta

  59. The complaint regarding Medi-Claim Claim settlement disputes were filed in the office of Insurance Ombudsman in Mumbai has remained unattended for nearly a year as the Seat of Insurance Ombudsman is Vacant since October 2012. Should one go ahead putting up complaint to Consumer forum ALSO. Within what time the complaint has to be registered with Consumer Forum. Can one plead for filing the complaint late to Consumer Forum. Can I also have the address of Consumer Forum offices in Mumbai. Is it necessary to file the complaint to Con. Forum office near to residence of the complainant or any office convenient.

    • You have to file a consumer complaint within 2 years of rejection.
      You have to file the complaint in the forum in whose jurisdiction the opposite party, or the insurance company is located.
      Most insurance companies are located in south Mumbai.
      The consumer forum for that area is near the ITC Hotel in Parel.
      Binoy Gupta

  60. I appointed an immigration consultant to take care of
    > the processing of my application for permanent residence in Canada during
    > June 2007. Unfortunately the Canadian Government cancelled all the
    > applications including me by passing a law and refunded the fee paid to
    > them.I paid the the agent a service charge of Rs.38000/-. In the agreement
    > they have mentioned that ‘there is no refund policy. Refund if granted on
    > humanitarian grounds will be made only after deducting INR 15000 as
    > disbursement charges by the approval of board of directors’.
    > Can I file a case in the consumer court against them to
    > collect the full amount from them as they have not done their services to me
    > since the application has been cancelled by the Canadian Govt. with out
    > processing it. They may argue in the court that it is not their fault as
    > the decision is came from a Govt. authority. Can I succeed in the court?
    > On the basis of agreement condition mentioned above, is it possible to collect the full amount paid to them? In the agreement they have also mentioned that the jurisdiction will be in Vancouver, Canada even if they have their head office in Mumbai.
    > Please help me in this case.

    • It may be difficult to get back the full amount.
      Because you can not really fault the Immigration Agency.

      But there is no harm in trying your luck.
      You can argue that no fees can be charged or retained since no services were rendered.

      Binoy Gupta

  61. I have received my Hair Transplant surgery 10 months before from a medical clinic. Before the surgery he commited to transplant 3000 grafts which he did not and also he ensured that i would get full growth of transplanted hair in 6-8 months.Although all are verbal commitment and I don’t have any written document for it.his all commitment was false. I have not got expected result. So I want to file a complaint against his medical clinic in consumer forum.But bad news is that unluckily i have lost the bill that i got from them against my payment. So what i have as proof only the bank statement as i made payment via cheque. So please advise will it be possible to file complaint in consumer forum with the help of the bank statement details where clearly mentioned that payment made to the medical clinic via cheque?

    • Give the medical clinic a notice in writing narrating what they said and what happened.
      Ask them to refund the money within 15 days ….if there is no reply, you can file the complaint.
      They will not dispute the payment. …..

      Binoy Gupta

      • Thanks for reply. I will give him notice but please suggest if they do not reply can i file the complaint with the help of bank statement as a proof as I have lost the bill provided by them.
        I have only bank statement as I made payment via cheque to submit before forum,

      • You need not file copy of the bank statement….simply give the date and amount.

        Binoy Gupta

      • Hi sir,

        As advised by you i gave him a notice to refund the money. He called me to his clinic and promised to give another Hair transplantation at free of cost to rectify their mistake. So, Please suggest should i go ahead and take another hair transplantation session from him or should i lodge complaint in consumer forum to get my money back.

  62. Hey Sir, I took an mobile insurance (Covers Liquid Damage and Breakage too) from GadgetCops. Few days back I was facing problem in its touch. Particular area of the mobile’s touch screen wasn’t working properly. That time the only problem was in phone is touch which needs to be replace only (As per company’s authorized service center). But I gave my phone to Insurance company for repairing so that my mobile will be repair under insurance and I don’t need to pay anything. After few days insurance company says your mobile touch is working fine now however some part of motherboard is not working and due this prob your mobile display is not showing full brightness, which means dim light on screen. I told them the day I gave you mobile there was nothing like that. Now they are saying that this mobile is not repairable because motherboard is very expensive and they can’t replace motherboard. Now I want to file the case against this company so please advice can I do the same.

    • Dear Naresh

      Pl. give a notice asking for reimburse of the amount paid within 15 days.
      Then file a complaint in the consumer forum.
      You can claim the cost, interest, damages of Rs. 10000 for mental harassment.
      Or you can ask the Consumer Education and Research Society, Ahmedabad to take umatter.
      You can find their contact details from the net.

      Binoy Gupta

  63. Sir/Madam
    I bought a Karbonn mobile on 13th Jan 2012 and unfortunately it started to malfunction and on 27 Dec 2012 i gave the same for repair, till today i didnt receive the same when ever contacting the cservice centre they ask me to come back after 3 days and not yet delivered till today 26June2013. How much i can claim for the same and the mobile was under warranty and the worth was around Rs2000

    • Dear Arul

      Pl. give a notice asking for refund of the amount paid within 15 days.
      Then file a complaint in the consumer forum.
      You can claim the cost, interest, damages of Rs. 10000 for mental harassment.
      Or you can ask the Consumer Education and Research Society, Ahmedabad to take umatter.
      You can find their contact details from the net.

      Binoy Gupta

  64. dear sir
    i have received a call from naukri for paid registration and to get batter apportunity for job service. they told me that the registration amount is only RS. 2600 and after paying this amount my call is transfer to another person of that department and they ask more 3500+2300 for additional services and told me ”if u will not pay then i cant activate your service .that is a procedure by company .” at that time i was in tension and paid him that amount and after that my call is again transfer to another person and he was asking approx 14,109 for more services . and he told if i will not pay then i cant activate your service and that is company process so i ask him conformation by mail that ” is it final and last amount to activate service ” and he give it on mail and during telephonic discussion and i have record the the call where that person told me the detail discruption that they will provide after activation of service and told that payment is last and you have to done. so save 8400 i have to pay again 14109.
    when i ask for services then they ask 16000 more by the name of company procedure .
    all the payment i have done that is online . i have the payment receipt by mail , there mail discussion .
    there mails comes from
    and i have done the payment by there provided link and that is Payment Getway Link:-

    now that time my service is not active and i want to my money return back .
    please help me what should i do /….

    • Shubham

      Pl. give a notice asking for refund of the amount paid within 15 days.
      Then file a complaint in the consumer forum.

      Or you can ask the Consumer Education and Research Society, Ahmedabad to take up your matter.
      You can find their contact details from the net.

      Binoy Gupta

  65. Dear Sir,

    My father had purchased Colour from Berger Paints for Our home painting, the product was applied in some parts of the house, then the same products were again ordered from the same dealer for more use….surprisingly the colour (Same Brand and Code which was purchased earlier) was giving a different shade, which had made the room colour a very very bad look….My father had brought up the matter to the notice of Berger paints through e-mail and was assured that the matter will be looked up, but their were no action from berger paints. Again a few days later I had given the same complaint in the Facebook page of berger to which assurance was made that the matter will be investigated.

    The area manager of Berger called my father and replied that he will send the official representatives for physical verification. A few days later two officials from Berger visited the house and after checking the colour agreed that the colours were different and admitted their mistake and assured us that new paints will be send to us verysoon. But after my father’s followup the official never picked-up the phone again.

    Now after more than a month,we are yet to hear anything from Berger. After my repeated requested in Facebook page of berger, their is no response.

    Request you to kindly suggest how to proceed with consumer court.

  66. sir i’m a 3rd year medical student studying in BIDAR govt medical collage.
    There is a juice center opposite to our govt hospital which costs 5-7rs more than MRP for all soft drinks .
    As it is nearest to our hospital people go there and pay extra , most of the patients are poor and daily labourers .
    when i asked about this , the owner scolded me and told me to do whatever i can.

    sir what should i do now .sir pls give any suggestions. can i file a complaint in consumer forum.

  67. I live at Delhi.

    I have purchased one Samsung mobile online from on 2-4-12 as per bill for Rs. 5990/- but Address is mentioned of office at Noida.

    I suffered one problem in Aug-12 that its mike was not working well. I had visited to their Noida service centre but they had not entertained; informed that connection problem is appearing.

    Finaly, they had taken the call on 19-9-12 at Noida with similar problem. They had rectified it and given the handset after 9-10 days later but they had given few hard scratches on its screen that had been mentioned on their job sheet. They had never taken any action on this.

    After two days, this problem had come again. I had given that set at Krishna Nagar, Delhi on 27-9-12 with similar problem with a complaint of earlier centre for scratches on body as well as telephonic complaint.

    I had received the handset in Oct-12 working fine but scratch on body is not yet entertained. Then I had written a mail to customer care for this as well as extention of Warrenty period for that time they had kept the handset with them from complaint period.

    In Jan-13, their customer care Ms Shradha has assured verbally for extended period as well as some disturbance of like similar problem as fiund earlier.

    In the m/o March-13, I had got the similar problem with lot of disturbance in conectivity. I had got to their Noida centre but they had not entertained and informed as connectivity problem. From June-13, this problem has matured and handset unable to work. After that I have gone to remote location for official work. After coming at Delhi, I have given a mail to customer care and telephonic call.

    They are calling that this call will be entertained on paid basis because your hand set has come to now out of Warrenty.

  68. Dear Sir/Madam

    I took personal loan for 85K from ICICI bank in 2005. The installments of repayment was 36 months. The bank is coming back to me during late 2012 and 2013 and claim that they have not received last 3 EMIs totalling to INR 7,000. The bank mentions that all remaining 33 EMIs have been paid out but for the last 3 installments. The loan was taken when i was in Chennai. During end of 2007 i moved to New Delhi in connection with my job.

    The banker claims that they have send correspondence to my then chennai local address which i am not sure of. But they have never send me any correspondence regarding this to my permanent address of communication or on my email id or my permanent residence telephone number (all these were made available during the loan application) I am not an intentional defaulter. Had it been brought to my notice timely, i would have surely paid the last 3 EMIs to the banker.

    Now that the banker is trying to reach me and claiming from me INR 18,000 which includes penalty and other charges. I tried to communicate with them asking why have not they contacted me all these years? for which they do not have a clear answer.

    If i ask them for a waiver on penatly they threaten me stating that they would mark the loan account as ‘settled’, hence my CIBIL score would remain low as the banker would reflect the amount waived off as outstanding amount. Also, since my salary account is with ICICI for the past 6 years, they threaten me stating that they would mark ‘lean’ on my account, thereby i cannot make any banking transcation with ICICI until they recover the entire INR 18,000 from my salary account.

    Can i approach consumer court for this?
    Can i file a case in coimbatore which is my permanent residence or in bangalore which is where i work.? The loan was taken when i was in Chennai.

    Need your expert advise please.

  69. Hi yazdi Sir,
    Pnb bank new saving account opening form says that the id and address proof need to be attached with the form.and in the address proof document list there was ration card written. When I presented the ration card as address proof the bank refused to accept that as an address proof, replying that the ration card can not accepted because the ration card have a stamp stating that this card cannot be used as national id proof .that caused me to suffer..physically and mentally. My point is that they did not updated that information in the account opening form that is causing people and me ti suffer .I want to complaint in consumer forum.can I do it?

  70. I was harrassed by standard charterd bank for more than a month by charging my credit card account for no reason amount involved is Rs 110000. Inspite of following up with custcare multiple times no resolution was given they keep saying its in process. Please advice can i go to court on claiming for the agony, expenses, time involved??

  71. Sir,
    I have following questions, kindly resolve them:
    1. Can I file a complain on simple typed papers or do I need stamp paper for same.
    2. Similarly what about an affidavit
    3. Fees to be paid in form of DD only or cash is an option
    4. Address/contact details for consumer forum in Delhi
    Thanks & Regards,

  72. I purchased i20 in 2011… I asked the dealer to provide us with 2011 model but after registration of my car i came to know that it is 2010 model… Even they charged Rs. 10,000 extra to provide me with 2011 model…
    I contacted them but they are refusing to replace the car…
    Can u plz help me by providing me a draft notice to be given to the dealer and a complaint format to be given to the consumer court…

  73. Pl. ref my letter dt 28-5-2013 time 12.10p.m and your prompt reply at 12.33p.m.It is nearly a month passed after my sending the judgement of manglore consumer forum to m/s moons health &hygiene Cochin.Since the address of the company now changed i have sent the copy of judjemmentit to new address and the same is acknowledged.My e-mail is also acknowledged enclosing the judgement.The judgement sent by the consumer forum to the address furnished in the warranty card returned.Now how to file execution petition and whether i can show new addressin the E.P., and whether there is a chance the company deny the serving of notice ,now.

  74. Dear Mr. Binoy Gupta,

    I had posted this request in March, 2013 and have not received any reply as of today. The problem remains unsolved with my Tata Nano and I have not received any response from Tata Motors to any of my correspondence. Every time I Email to Tata head office, the local dealer calls and not being the manufacturer are unable to resolve my problem which is related to manufacturing defects.

    SOS please guide me how to address this issue.

    Syed Raza
    March 16, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    I have purchased a TATA NANO in Hyderabad, A.P. It is now over a year since the day of purchase. From day one of purchase the car has been giving problems. The past six months and more I have been writing emails and making phone calls to the concerned TATA motors staff in Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad but No one seems interested in responding to my complaints, even after informing them that I will publish my Email correspondence in the News papers and submit the same to the consumer Forum. The only response I get is from the dealer’s workshop in Hyderabad making excuses on behalf of the TATA motors staff.

    I have complete Email correspondence proof of over six months which I want to submit to the Consumer Forum.

    Please advise me How I should go around filing the same and Please help me with the address of the Consumer Forum in Hyderabad, A.P. so that I can approach them personally.

    I thank you in anticipation.

      • Dear Mr. BInoy Gupta,

        Thank you very much for your prompt and encouraging reply. Sir may I write up a draft and send the same to you for you expert advise before I submit the same to the Consumer Forum? I am based in Hyderabad A.P.

      • Dear Mr. Binoy Gupta,

        As advised by you I am enclosing a Draft of my consumer complaint for your kind review and advise, so that I may amend the same for submission on your expert advise. I thank you for your advise and guidance, which is highly appreciated.

        I am writing this complaint after patiently writing and reminding the concerned Officers at Tata Nano for a responsible response to my complaints. Unfortunately no one in the company has taken my complaint seriously nor even read through my several Emails. (All copies of correspondence enclosed as proof). It only proves that the company is only interested in falsely advertising their product and selling and there is no after sales response from TATA MOTORS. They do not have one single responsible manager who is willing to reply to my complaints till this date of my writing this complaint.
        My Tata Nano does not give me the Mileage of 25KM or any where nears it as advertised. This has been proven by SEVERAL of their own computer checks conducted on my car at their dealers work shop. (Computer printouts enclosed of last 10 driving cycles).
        I have been facing problems with my Nano from just a couple of days of purchasing the car. Problems started from day 3 of purchase when the interior plastic window trims on both side of the front V shaped glass fell off and needed a WEEK to fix as the yellow buttons on which it is attached were not available in stock and the ones to which they were attached where broken from day one – Manufacturing defect.
        Unfortunately, my Nano stalled on a dark street on road no: 3 Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, at 1.30 am. The car had done only 600KM. Calling the emergency 24/7 telephone number and Malik Motors garage, Two Mechanics drove in an hour later and gave me and my family a ride to my house as there was no Taxi nor Auto in a miles radius in the pitch dark street.
        My Nano was taken to the Malik Motors garage.
        FIVE days passed with no response from Malik Motors garage. I was forced to call Mr. Sunil Chitti – Mobile No: 9030001501 of Tata Nano regional office, Begumpet, Hyderabad to lodge a telephonic complaint. Action was taken and the next day a Mechanic from Malik Motors brought my car back to my residence. The 1000KM service was done at 600KM. When I inquired as to what the problem was with the car that it was kept in the garage for 5 days. I was mildly informed that it was a battery problem. FOR A MINOR BATTERY PROBLEM AT 600KM THE CAR REMAINED IN THE WORKSHOP FOR FIVE DAYS TO RECTIFY THE SAME. (The Malik Motor workshop staff thought me to be stupid enough to accept this silly excuse) A couple of days later I drove down to the Malik Motors garage and lodged a personal complaint with Mr. Narendra, GM Malik Motors Workshop, who was already aware of the problem through Mr. Sunil Chitti (Manager Tata Motors Begumpet, Hyderabad) based on my complaint with him.
        My Nano has after this incidence been several times to the Malik Motors garage with complaints on the petrol consumption and the electronic petrol gauge not showing correctly where by I am forced to carry a Plastic container in the car as I ran out of fuel on crowded streets due to the faulty meter. The petrol tank under the front passenger seat was opened several times to rectify the defect but with no success.
        My Nano went in for a second service after purchase at 4565KM on 30/8/2012 as there was NO PICK UP POWER IN THE ENGINE. The following list was provided to the Workshop for detail check up at this service:
        • Check and change if necessary Petrol Tank and Float as Petrol meter faulty from day of purchase of car.
        • Brake, both hand and foot setting.
        • Check clutch as problem driving up hill and sound coming from clutch pedal.
        • Fan belts need to check as sound coming from the belts in Idling and driving.
        • Sound coming from steering column
        • Engine making too much sound an sounds like an Auto Rickshaw
        • A/c filter cleaning
        • Check front electrical windows as sound coming when razing and lowering.
        • Check Fluids – Radiator, Brake and Engine Oil.
        • Check undercarriage for Petrol or oil leakage.
        • Wheel Alignment and balancing. Inflate tires.
        • Check Wiper blades etc. as it was rainy season.
        • Install Side View mirrors on both sides of the car as my car came with only one on the right side.
        Three days later on 1/9/2012 I picked up my car and was surprised to be informed that the clutch was replaced and I need to pay for the same. I had to visit Mr. Narendra, GM Malik Motors to inform him that I paid for full service and spares coverage warranty for my Nano and the charges were kindly waived. The car I was told was thoroughly checked and every thing were set right.
        My complaint of low mileage and petrol consumption was met with an excuse that the petrol stations do not fill the tanks properly. A mechanic of Malik Motors accompanied me to the nearest Petrol station and after PHYSICALLY ROCKING THE CAR FROM SIDE TO SIDE FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES AND TO THE AMUSEMENT OF THE STAFF AND OTHERS AT THE PETROL STATION, MANAGED TO GET 17.26 LITERS OF PETROL IN THE CAR. (TATA MOTORS HAVE YET TO CONFIRM THE PETROL TANK CAPACITY OF A NANO).
        After driving around for another month – there was no progress in the mileage and petrol consumption which remained at 10KM.
        I tried to lodge a complaint to the owners of Malik Motors and their secretary diverted me to Mr. P.V. Krishna Prasad, C.E.O of Malik Cars. I took an appointment and personally met Mr. Krishna Prasad at Malik Motors show room on Banjara Hills, Hyderabad and related to him my problem. I was convinced by him that in a couple of days, he will request a mechanic from Tata Motors head office to check my car. This never happened and even after waiting for over three weeks and reminding him a couple of times.
        A couple of weeks and reminders and finally posting my complaint on TATA motors internet site, I was called by Malik Motors workshop to bring in my car. I met Mr. Narendra, GM at the workshop on 16/10/2012 and was finally introduced to a Mechanic and I was informed that he is a specialist trained by Tata motors to handle such complaints.
        A few nuts and bolts were tightened on the petrol taken under the front passenger seat at the workshop and with the Mechanic on the Drivers seat we again landed on the Petrol station near to the workshop. As noted by the Mechanic, my car already had 11 liters of petrol in the tank (receipts available as proof and photocopy given to Mr. Narendra). The exercise began once again of rocking the car from side to side for about 10 minutes to get the petrol tank to fill up, much to the amusement of the petrol station staff and the impatient line of cars patiently waiting to fill up. (A PERFECT ADVERTISEMENT FOR A NANO – SHAKE THE CAR VIGOROUSLY TO FILL PETROL TANK AND ACHIEVE 25 KMS). We managed to get this time 10.17 liters added to the already 11 liters in the petrol Tank (21.17liters). (DOES A NANO HAVE A PETROL TANK CAPACITY OF 21.17 LITERS????? ONLY TATA MOTORS CAN CONFIRM AND NO ONE THERE SEEMS INTERESTED IN ADDRESSING THIS ISSUE)
        Still the Petrol meter was only showing ¾ full. We drove back to the workshop around the corner and again some nuts and bolts on the petrol tank were tightened claiming leakage which was physically not visible any where. We drove back to the Petrol station once again and again repeating the exercise of rocking the car managed to get 1.37 liters of petrol up to the neck of Tank inlet. The Mechanic was very happy and He drove my car with me on the passenger seat for a test drive around town. On return again we again stopped at the same petrol station from where we had filled earlier and repeating the shaking and rocking exercise we managed to get another 0.56 liters in the petrol tank. According to the Mechanic this exercise proved that we got a mileage of 15KM. I was asked to sign a paper that I was satisfied with the test which I refused and instead I wrote on the paper that Malik Motors should get for me in writing from TATA Motors that the NANO petrol tank has a capacity of – 11 + 10.17 + 1.37 + 0.56 = 23 liters. (Petrol receipts are available to prove this claim).
        I Informed Mr. Narendra that I will drive the car personally for some more time and will return for a computer recheck.
        I drove my Nano for a couple of months and returned to Malik Motors workshop on 13/12/2012 for a computer check on my last 10 driving cycles. I am enclosing a copy of the computer report for your kind information and best judgment. The average petrol consumption continues to remain 10 KM. My NANO has never made it to the advertised 25KM nor does any where near it.
        On 13/02/2013 my Nano again broke down on the road and refused to start (KM reading 6882). Nano emergency road side assistance was called and Malik cars technician came after 3 hours. The car had to be pushed to a safe parking area causing great inconvenience to my family and self and other commuters on the road.
        The technicians checked the car and reported that the fuel pump was not working and needs to be replaced. (This was the third incidence when the fuel pump in my Nano was replaced.) The Mechanics took my car to their work shop and returned the same the second day.
        After exerting pressure on the Dealer Malik cars and Tata Motors through Emails, I was called by Mr. Narander GM of Malik cars work shop to bring my car to the garage as One Mr. Prasanna from customer care Tata Motors would like to check my car.
        I took my Nano to Malik garage on 17/04/2013, THE MILAGE ON THE METER READING: 7000 + km ONLY. Mr. Prasanna after listening to my complaints sat in my car with two mechanics who drove the vehicle on a test drive. Problems were observed and discussed in Telugu which I as a non speaker of the language could not understand.
        On reaching the garage I once again pointed out the problems I have been facing with my Nano and I was asked to leave the car in the garage for checkup. I was given a service car to use until my car was checked up and repaired.
        On 26/04/2013, TEN days later, I received a call from the workshop that the car was ready and can be collected. When I went to the workshop Mr. Prasanna from Tata who was supposed to be there was not available and his Assistant Mr. Chetan Garg told me to go with the Mechanics for a test drive which I did.
        I was informed a complete clutch assembly, cable, bushes etc., were replaced (NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THE CLUTCH HAS BEEN REPLACED) on my car, the RACK AND PINION ASSEMBLY on the steering was replaced and the AC CONDENSOR CORE COMPLETE was replaced.
        It may be noted that a problem with the Rack and Pinion on the steering assembly is a very serious defect and can cause a major accident. At 7000 KM this can only be a manufacturing defect which was casually attended at the workshop. In fact it is very seldom that the rack and pinion gives any problem and as such these parts are not readily available with workshops. This same thing happened at Malik cars workshop. The rack and pinion was not available and had to be ordered from PUNE.
        Apart from the petrol consumption which it seems cannot be resolved; the following complaints still remain in the car:
        • Engine still sounds like an Auto rickshaw
        • On washing car, water seeps inside the doors and remains inside until the doors are opened and the water allowed draining through the small hole at the bottom of the doors.
        • The petrol meter is defective from day one and never shows the correct quantity available in the tank.
        • Battery Acid is leaking.
        Let me inform you that even after having to face such major problems with my NANO, I have still recommended the Tata Nano to several of my friends and family members who have bought the car and are satisfied customers. This just proves that the NANO is a good car. IT IS JUST UNFORTUNATE THAT THE UNIT I GOT TURNED OUT TO HAVE SOME MANUFACTURING DEFECTS WHICH COULD NOT BE RECTIFIED.
        I would like to add here that I do not have any PERSONAL complaints against the General manager, and Mechanics of Malik Motors workshop. When ever I visited them with a problem, I was always welcomed with a smile, patient hearing of my complaints and their best efforts trying to solve my problems to the best of their ability. I would like to thank Mr. Narendra GM Malik Workshop for doing his best to keep consumers and clients happy contrary to the support he receives from TATA Motors.
        While thanking you for your patience in reading through my petition, I request an immediate response and favorable solution to my long and patient suffering and the amount of money I have lost in petrol even after buying the most publicized high mileage car NANO from TATA.

      • Dear Mr. Binoy Gupta,

        Hope and pray this finds you in the best of Health. I am sorry to bother you in your busy schedule. I am writing as per your email request to remind you with regards to my pending consumer complaint draft with you for my Tata Nano car.

        My sincere apologies for disturbing your peace.

        Best regards,

        Syed Raza

        On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 8:14 PM, Consumer Resources wrote:

        > ** > eleena100 commented: “Your draft is not ok. Pl remind me in a day or > two. I will send you an actual complaint. You can then reword your > complaint. Binoy Gupta” >

  75. Dear,
    I have paid 12000rs fees 1500 Exam fees to Bright carrier shiksha samiti jhajhar Haryana through B.C.M POLYTECHNIC Jhajhar for admission in KSOU in B-TECH But they have not done my admission yet and now i want to refund my fees but they refuses to give my money they tell that they have no record for that. But i have the original slip. Can i file a case against them.

  76. sir i got bread from bakery,after eating i came to know that bread smells kerosene and after eating that i got severe stomach pain and irritation in throat night fully i did not sleep and got hyper tension and head ache shall i file compliant on them and can get compensation from them ,sir

      • Dear Jeevitha
        I would not advise you to file a case in the Consumer Forum.
        Firstly, you will have to produce evidence that the bread caused the problems.
        Have you kept samples of the bread and sent them to some testing lab?
        Secondly, the amount of compensation is too small….unless you can establish damages suffered………
        Still if you feel that you should fight for your rights, file a Complaint in the Consumer Forum.
        Binoy Gupta

  77. Hi Sir,

    I booked a ticket in http://WWW.TNSTC.IN. Yesterday I was trying to cancel the ticket but I could not able to do that because of some error saying server busy.While I called to the customer support they told that you can allowed One hour before the scheduled departure of bus.I tried to cancel the ticket from 6 PM and the departure of bus is 10:45 PM.So I have sent an E-mail to customer support at 9:30 PM saying the above reason to them.Can I complaint against them in Consumer court.


  78. Dear concern,
    I took admission in IIPM college in may 2010 for mba programme which was a 2 years course.Even after taking the whole fees in 3 months(sum of rs 4lacs) the institute didnt take the final two semester exam(3rd and 4th) till june of 2012,by the time we should have got the degree in our hands.they have declared the result in july 2013(after one year of exam) and it shows that i have failed in two subjects. Now i feel dejected and cheated as i have got no place to go to. i dont know when they will take the exams again and when i will get my two subjects cleared.I am feeling continuous harassment as no company is willing to take me in without my degree. do i have any place to go??please help

  79. Am quite impressed with the postings and replies.

    My case – I had taken a membership with Sterling Holidays – RED category (at a higher EMI). We could avail of holidays only after payment of 5 installments. Membership rules state that cancellation should be within 7 days to get back entire refund!! Also, in spite of preferred category, at the time of booking we were informed that firstly there is no preferred category and secondly bookings have to be done 3-4 months in advance!! Hence applied for cancellation. Ten people tried to convince us to continue but we realised that it would not work. However, they have refused any refund. Sent them a notice through ICRPC but nothing happened. Those guys are not at all effective, waste of time.

    Now need to file my own case in Consumer Court. Could you help me with District Forum addresses please? I stay at Mahim and Sterling Holidays office is at Andheri and Chennai.

    Thanks in advance

  80. Dear Sir,

    I bought a built-in Hafele HOB from a dealer on 12th June 2013 (Product Name: MINA Built in Hob 538.09.521) for 15000/-. But dealer gave a product that resembles / replicate the product that I have mentioned above and mentioned product item as “MINA Built in Hob 538.09.521” in Bill. But I am facing the serious performance issue with this product. So I have made the number of visits to dealer asking him to correct the product or provide the product mentioned in bill. But dealer denied stating “MINA Built in Hob 538.09.521” costs Rs 45000/- and the product he sold me is “MINA Built in Hob 536.09.521” the amount is right collected for this product ( mentioned its a clerical error while billing). So I offered him to pay the balance amount of 30000/- to provide me the correct product or product mentioned in the invoice. he denied stating goods sold can’t be taken back.

    I have written him a mail to replace or correct the product but not yielded any results.

    Could you advice me if I can challenge the dealer in consumer court.

    Swaroop K

  81. Hello, This is regarding broadband connection with Tikona, I had this connection for while, now I do not require it any more, I raised a request for disconnection/cancellation of the connection, it has been disconnected but I still face the following problem: They get the money in advance (Advance billing), though I clearly gave the disconnection request with enough time for them to perform the closure procedure, even I got a confirmation over phone that I will not be getting any bill for the next billing cycle, They have billed for the next period as well, for which I have never used the service, and they are also asking me to pay for the entire month for which I had already paid in advance! i.e. for May 2013 and June 2013, May 13th I gave the disconnection request! I have given explanation many times regarding this, but they keep calling me and sending me email for the overdue! But from my end nothing has to be paid! I received an email in which they have mentioned about collection agents/Legal action and etc… Please advise me what should I do?

  82. sir iam vishal i bought phone micromax bolt A27 and after 3 months i submitted it to service center becoz its touch was not working on 23/5/2013 nd i got it back on 01/7/2013 nd after its touch again stop working and on 02/7/2013 but now on 07/7/2013 they give replaced but old phone ninja A27 which is also craked almost at bottom corner when i told it to the seviceman of service centre they said we will correct but now when i go they say “we dont have time you will have to come on another but now i dont want to take this product i just want my money back or a new same model handset so what can i do

  83. can i file a consumer complaint against a multi car dealer who has promised me delivery of honda amaze by 18th July on mail & now they are saying 23rd July… Also they are not attending my calls …. the case is they called me & promised delivery within a week & I have given them a cheque of Rs. 5 lacs but then they wrote mail that they will deliver on 18th july.

    Please suggest

  84. sir i have submitted the handset of micromax in service centre and they told me that it will take approx 30 days to repiar the handset i have approached everyone but no one gave me the mail id of nodal officer . even the tollfree number which is mentioned in the site is not working which is provided by micromax , as this is cheating with consumer as per the law its 420 act , or please provide me the process how to lodge a consumer case against micromax . i would be very thankful to you if you do so ,

  85. I have shifted my household goods on 09-07-13 from MP to Calicut and the company stated that they will deliver it on 16-07-13 but till date it is not delivered and they told that they will deliver it on 22nd July. I have already made the total payment.
    How can I sue the company in the consumer court???

    • You can certainly file a complaint….but you will to submit details of the inconvenience and damage you have suffered….otherwise, you will get only token damages.
      Binoy Gupta

  86. Sir, I had invested my 2 lakhs rupees in a company on July,2012 and they had promised us to give 5% interest per month. Company is a member of MCX, ICX and NCDEX and also registered in MCA. But till now they have given only one month’s payout in August,2012 and after that they are neither giving interest nor returning my principal amount till now. I have applyed for the withdrawal of my principal amount of 2lakhs but they are not returning my money. Due to this I have got harressed economically, mentally and physically. My father had got heart attack and doctor has suggested for bypass surgery, but due to money shortage I am unable to do so and my whole family is so much frustrated about this money. Sir please suggest me can I file a complaint in consumer forum regarding this cheating done with me by this company and to recover my money with interest…?


  87. good evening sir, i had deposited my house electricity bill regularly on time. recently i had deposited on 18 of this month and on the same day in noon a new electric bill of around Rs.21000 was send at my home. and it is mentioned in the bill that we are using overloaded / stealing. bill is of full year and billing is of my mother’s name. officials are not helping even not listening to us. please help me what can i do ? cont. 09685740841

  88. Hi
    I purchased an Hitachi AC in 2011. I have been facing the problem with the AC right from day 1. First there was a problem of indicator lights not working and then deflectors were not working. subsequently deflectors were changed thrice within 6 months of purchase. After about 2 years (Jun 13), the motor of the AC required replacement (which was paid by me). Within a month, the motor has again gone bad. Now Hitachi engineer says that motor and PCB requires replacement. Alongwith this, the remote has also stopped working within 2 years of purchase (for which I again need to pay). To me, this seem like a manufacturing/quality problem. Can I approach Consumer Court and claim for a replacement as there seem to be clearly a quality issue with the machine. Thanks.

  89. Hi Sir,

    I contacted the COX and KING for transferring the amount in euros in my Deutsche bank account. The COX and KING gave me a transfer reciept and claim to transfer the 8558 Euros but only 8533 Euros reached in my account. I am constantly following up with them but they are dealying with the excuse that they are checking at their end.

    I have a amount transfer details receipt and follow up chain mail. Please let me know if I can file a complaint on this issue and it can be taken in consumer court.

    Mohammad Azeem

  90. I am student of MCA at PTU Distance Education Programme at Learning Centre GTE Computer Education Sector 22 C Chandigarh.My result wrongly declered as absent. Inspite of my repeated wrriten request my result was not corrected.Should i go to consumer court.
    How to prepare my request letter to the consumer court.

  91. Hello Sir,

    I am a resident of Faridabad,Haryana. The Electricity is supplied by D.H.B.V.N
    We had got the Electricity meter replaced almost 1 year back, as the Electricity Board(DHBVN) advised it is end customers responsibility to pay for the replacement. (Meter was although still provided by them)
    Post that, today when the Electricity board person came for meter reading, he found meter is faulty again.
    This has made us really frustrated. It’s been hardly 1 year and we have to get teh meter replaced again.
    Is there any advantage of going to the Consumer Court against the Electricity board for this issue , based on your experience ?
    If Yes, what all documents should i have
    Appreciate your valuable suggestion.

    Brgds, Sachin.

  92. Sir,

    I had purchased a house in Jaipur on July 3rd 2013 and there were some work were pending in house. I purchased and asked them to finish work after purchasing it. I have purchased house but now builder is not completing remaining work and daily giving excuses. Also the quality of accessories he used in house is of very low quality. Even we can see fracture on wall of house. Roof of house is even not flat, Rain water collects in roof after raining. No washbasin in bathroom.

    We call him regularly but he is not completing remaining work of home. Because of this, We are getting disturbance in Job and business.

    Please suggest what we should do and How we should do it?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Achal Soni

  93. I had an agreement with a builder to build my house located in Tamil nadu. the agreement signed on May 27 2012 and he agreed to complete construction within 4 to 6 months. he did not. I made payment for more than agreed upon as he gave a few extra item cost while construction is going on…he abandoned my building by withdrawing the security after a month when i paid last payment. after 30 days of his withdrawal put a temporary door . I asked explanation and status report twice but he did not reply. after receiving the second letter he send me a legal notice as if I agreed to give more money and now evade to do so. I did not singed anything otherthan our agreement and did not give any approval to anythin neither he informed me in writing on extra works otherthan agreed upon.

    in the legal notice he agreed that he received the amount I have paid. I send himn a reply asking repayment for the remaining work …he did not reply and gave him 15 days time. after that time is over I valued the building with a certified engineer and he gave a report that I made excess payment of 7 lakhs and I need 10lakhs to complete the work.

    I would like to know, in such circumstance, can I continue my construction and recover the entire loss through a consumer court


    can I file a case in consumer court and wait for commission by the court that will take 2 or more months…I need to do somework to safguard my building so contnue the work is essential and I pay around 15000rs as EMI for my housing loan and still live in a rented building with 2 kids

    what can I do…pls give me suggestion…


    • Hi Jeyaselvin,

      Hope you resolved the issue.

      I am also facing the same issue.

      Would like to know if you approached consumer forum and would like to know your experience and how you resolved the issue.


  94. i have purchased samsung 29 inch tv in 2009 , i have filed to customer care in april 2013 now after 3 months they are saying we do not have parts available so it will not repair please suggest me proper procedure and the fees of consumer court.

    • Dear Hemant

      Since 4 years are over, I presume the warranty period is also over.
      Now you don;t have any case for the consumer forum.

  95. Hello Sir,
    I want to file a complaint against Amity Institute of competitive examinations.
    I deposited a sum of Rs.17000 to the above institute because they told me that they will give me admission to their institute. i waited for a month a week for their reply but they did not responded at the end i got myself enrolled in some other institute and when i asked for the refund they refused. so please guide can i fill the complaint.

  96. Hi

    My name is Vishal Khandelwal
    And my reliance data card number is 8443853111.

    I don’t know what is happening with me. I have called up the customer care and informed that my data card connection was lost in d 1st month only,
    I have called up the customer care number today I.e 180030005555 and they said that they don’t have my details in their system. For them I do not exist.
    But I have got orders from civil court and now a lady called up and said that I have got a courier from delhi RCIL which she will deliver at my home. I checked out on internet that a lot of customers have filed complaints about a lady confirming address to send courier which came from RCIL.
    I called up customer care in the very first billing month that I have lost it and they said someone from escalation will call up and they have deactivated the connection but they did not. they again send me a mail for next month making the total to rs.2888. I have also come across article on internet where consumers have complaint about reliance’s false bills and hard calling which they do and foul languages they use.
    I m sending a copy of this to consumer court forum as well.
    Please give a resolution.

  97. Sir, I have upgraded my icici bank debit card on 13th july 2013, bank send my card thru courier on 20th july, but they returned to bank saying unable to locate my address, again bank people sent me the same document putting with the courier cover in new cover through EMS speed post on 1st july 2013. Postman came to my apartment and called the watchman and delivered it to him and took his sign.
    From the time of postman coming and stoping and give to watchman all this episode is being watched live by my sister from 3rd floor balcony.
    watchman came and kept to the document to my door locking and knocked the door, when i opened the door, watchman showed me the document and left off. after seeing the doc it is seal broken. I immediately complained to postmaster in my concerned post office on postman and chief post master in GPO and copy to Kapil sibal sir, two other state ministers and secretary of india posts thru mail.

    To my complaint to postmaster in post office, she replied me that
    (with ref to your compalint EMS Speed post article can be delivered to watchman if consignee is absent, and postman acted according to watchman and delivered to watchman.)

    I was very much present in my home as well my family when postman came to deliver my EMS article, This shows the negligence and deficiency of the postman. In this regard i lost my valuable time and money.
    I do online business for global advertising companies since 2000 and Ex-Manager ABN AMRO Bank. Sir, i was eagerly waiting for my card to do one online transaction to buy 100 threads thru attached my icici bank debit card, for which i earn $100 per day in website. I joined this company in may 2013 and received the payment of $20 on 27th june 2013.. this co. is creating a super power computer for which need the contribution of all cpu usage thread, for which they pay $1 for each thread.

    Sir, I got only option to buy this and do my online transaction is icicibank debit card only.

    Due to disclosed of my debit card and bank account details, i have apply a new debit card for which i got my time wasted. of 30 days including giving complaint on watchman in police station and on postman in concerned offices.

    Sir, I want to can i file a case on postal department for negligence and deficiency of the postman and will full and wantedly intention of delivering my artical to watchman ?

    Because he only opened my document and again pasted it.. I have strong proof and evidence of that i did not teared that document. in this way,, i have a good habbit of opening the documents by cutting with scissor neatly,, i got preserved so may covers since 2007 got from various companies. i can show that as proof.

    Watchman will not done this mistake because he is illiterate and don’t even have knowledge of the debit card.

    Eagerly waiting for your help and reply sir.

    Thanking you

    • Yes you can file a complaint againt the Postal Department.
      I dont think the Postal people can hand over these documents to the Watchman.

  98. I really need Help i am very thank ful if i got and help from this website

    here is my problem

    I took admission in one of the private insitute in Mumbai during addmission they have done false promises i have enrolled for 2 couses and they forcefully enroll me and give me quote including 3 courses i agree on that part and said i will not going to do first cource because i have already done it now during second course i came to know that teaching feculty is not so good and i want to refund my money for last cource which i didnt done from there now when i am asking for refund for last cource they are sying that they will not refund my mony as they said they have no refund policy and they said u have signed non refund agreement when u took admission what shoud i do in that case and how much time this process takes because my exam are approching can i got my money refund how much chances i have ?

  99. I issued a cancelled cheque of axis bank to a person on 25/07/13 for application of bank loan. He claimed to be an agent of Kotak bank and even showed me his id when he came to my place to collect documents. With same cheque he has withdrawn 35000 on 03/0813 from my salary a/c. Please help

    • Dear Somik

      If the cheque was cancelled, it could not have been used.
      Then the Kotak Bank is liable.

      Check up with them first.
      Go and ask to see the cheque – whether the cancellation is there, or the fraudster used some sort of vanishing ink.

  100. My wife had ordered a product from Fashion and You on 31.05.13′. For which she had received a reply stating the delivery details. But after a weeks time ; when we tried contacting Fashion & you; they told us that the product has been already delivered to us. When we asked them to produce the POD receipt copy of the courier; they say its going to provide me the details & are not mentioning any timeframe for the same. I have spoken to their customer care on more than 10 occasions. The Courier partners were Beacon Couriers. I am not aware of their existing in our state too. How am I supposed to get the matter resolved.
    Please guide.
    Thanks & regards;

    Atul Harmalkar

  101. Dear sir,

    When you say that from 25 Lakhs to 1 Crore rupees settlement, it should go to State court. Does that mean that total value of the service/product should be between to 25-100 Lakhs or only the claim amount should be between 25-100 Lakhs. For example I have a under-construction property of 60 Lakhs, but the claim due to builder’s fault I am expecting around 1 Lakh, which forum should I file the case?

    Also is email sent to the builder is enough for sending notice? Or should I send a registered post? Please advise.


    • Dear Megha

      The jurisdiction is decided by the claim amount.
      If you are claiming only Rs. 1 lakh, you have to file the case before
      the District Consumer Forum.

      • Dear Megha

        Even though emails are accepted, to avoid any complications in future, Issue notice by Regd. Post with A/D

        Binoy Gupta

  102. Dear Sir,

    I have submitted my complaint against HCL Service center to the consumer court as it’s been 2 months my tablet is with them and they don’t have the parts with them to get it repair, after giving me in written that i will receive my tablet on 13th july they are unable to repair it, i have done many calls to the service center but just waste more money. On my hearing date Judge told me to make HCL a party, i made HCL service center a party, please guide me what would i do in this case now, i got the hearing date of 30 september 2013 now.

    • Dear Deepak

      In Maharashtra, and several other states, the complaint has to be filed in a proper format.
      Has the Consumer Forum numbered your Complaint?
      If it has, there is no need to worry.

      The Forum will issue notice to HCL, and hopefully your grieance will be redressed.
      Binoy Gupta

      • Thank you Sir,
        Yes consumer forum filed the case and i have the case number with me, i was just confused over making HCL a party, don’t i have to submit a notarised request or a letter to make HCL a party?

  103. Details of my case.
    The President
    New Delhi – 58



    This is regarding my HCL Tablet (Y2), No. 512EDR010775. I had purchased my tablet on 29th July 2012 and on 8th June 2013 , i had submitted my tablet to the HCL service centre ‘TOUCH’ shop no. 5/126 & 5/127 Janakplace, Distt. centre Janakpuri, Delhi because of its booting problem.

    Sir, this is to bring to your kind knowledge that, this booting problem of my tablet has been arisen by HCL service centre, itself only. In January 2013, my tablet screen has been broken and we had submitted my tablet to the service centre ‘TOUCH’ Nehru Place on 12-03-2013. They took 2 months to repair it, as per them parts were not available. Our experience remain so bad that after so many attempts and calls to the customer care, they had given our tablet back on 10 May 2013. After receiving tablet back, it start hanging on ‘ME’ logo i.e the booting problem. Then i submitted my tablet again for repairing which was already on the warranty period to HCL service centre ‘TOUCH’ shop no. 5/126 & 5/127 Janakplace, Distt. centre Janakpuri.

    But this time its more then worst. First of all they hadn’t written any ‘Expected Delivery Date’ and asked us to come after a week. I asked them to provide me contact number so that i could confirm if my tablet is ready to receive before coming. They undoubtly gave me a number 011- 25615338 and manager, Mr. Umesh no. 8826729888. But they did not picked my phone call even once. Then i myself visited many a times but they said its under process. On 9th July 2013 Mr. Umesh had given me in written that they will give me my tablet back on 13th July 2013 and close the request. But after visiting on the date mentioned they said its parts are not available.

    Sir, HCL customer care call charges cost us Rs. 2 per call. They keep me on hold long time which cost approximately Rs. 30 to 40 per call and every time i contact they even not bother to give me proper reply. After this when i try to contact them on email, they also not giving me positive response.
    Sir, my tablet’s warranty has already been expired on 28th July 2013 and its on extended warranty for 2 months now and still my tablet is with the service centre. Its been more than 3 and half month that HCL keep my tablet with them ( 2 months before and more then 1 and a half month now). They had totally done a physically, mentally and financially harassment to me. I also don’t know whether my tablet works well after receiving back as its parts are not available as per service center.

    Sir, i request you to take a strict action against the service centre and make a refund of my tablet.
    Please look into the matter which became a very pathetic part of my life. I am a middle class citizen of India and even Rs. 1 cost valuable to me. After saving a part of my salary i had purchased the tablet and now this tablet cost me more then its original cost because of HCL services.

    Kindly do the favour, i will be highly obliged.

    • Deepak

      I do not know whether you have filed the complaint in any format.

      You have to file it in a prescribed format in Maharashtra and other places.
      You will have to make the Company …Opposite Party No. 1 and the service centre the Opposite Party No. 2.

      You can send me the draft complaint on my email.

      Binoy Gupta

  104. Hello Sir,
    I want to file a complaint against Amity Institute of competitive examinations.
    I deposited a sum of Rs.17000 to the above institute because they told me that they will give me admission to their institute. i waited for a month and week for their reply but they did not responded at the end i got myself enrolled in some other institute and when i asked for the refund they refused. so please guide can i fill the complaint.

  105. respected sir /madam ,
    i had purchased a micromax canvas A116 mobile phone on date “15/06/2013″
    I started facing problems on this phone since date “23/06/2013″
    the next day i visited a service center in bhandup (mumbai ) and they told me it will be repaired in 15 to 20 days .
    but since then, i have visited more than 10 times , but haven’t got my phone repaired .
    They say that the company (micromax) has stopped sending them the parts of the phone ,and they are saying that the phone will be repaired in the next month .ie september ..
    please give me some ideas friends that what should be my next step ?
    Is it possible to complain in police against the service center ?
    please suggest me some ideas soon ..
    thank you

  106. Hello sir,
    I had purchased an Intel X900 worth Rs. 16,000/- about 8 months ago from a shop in Malad. The representative there assured me a 7-day replacement warranty wherein if any problem occurs the phone will be collected from your doorstep and repaired within 7 days,else it will be replaced.
    As soon as I started receiving heating and network problems in my phone I contacted via calls and sms. After many times of trying they would finally reach me and simply ask to restore factory settings (which resulted in loss of all the data) and update my phone( although no update was available online).The problem got worse and more frequent day by day. Then I started e-mailing as phone lines were always busy. After some days, they asked me to submit the phone at one of their 5 pickup points in Mumbai. I did it but even after 15 days their was no proper response as the reply was it will be dispatched after necessary repair.
    After several calls and emails, they said that they are unable to repair it and they would like to refund or replacement. But they are just giving some 9,500 back or go for another non-Intel phone.
    After reading all comments here, I think I’m allowed to complain. But, I’m just a college student and don’t have any knowledge about these things.
    Please help sir.

  107. I have registered myself with one of the company based in Delhi to improve my credit rating (similar to somewhat They have taken almost 4500 rs from me in the month of July, for which I have a receipt. Since then no one has reverted to me. I tried calling them up several times but they promise me to come back to me, but no one follows up. Now in fact they have become so rude, that they themselves have told me to file a complaint in the consumer forum.. I am sure I am not the only one, but they must have cheated many others

    Please suggest

  108. I think we can write the Affidavit by hand and attach 100/- or above (according to require) postal order that is enough !!

  109. Dear sir kindly pay a short attention on this issue. i have withdrawn money from the atm of bank of baroda and i am an account holder of sbi,,, but sir cash was not dispensed by atm,, i did complain my bank & they assured that the amount will be credited within 7 days but its been more than 2 months the did not credit my account and even bank manager is not co-orating on my isssue and saying that you have withdrawn money…. he is not ready to give me any thing in written.. also when i decided to lodge an fir the cop also denied to help in this matter…. Sir kindly suggest me whether this matter can be refered in consumer court to seek justice and money….

  110. Hi,

    I brought a plot from a developer in April 2012, till now they dont get the final layout plan from the govt authorities. When I approached them for cancellation they are saying they will return only 60% of the amount paid , can I approach consumer court to get back my amount? Do I have to send a legal notice first and then wail for 1month to approach consumer court? please help me to get back my money. I have paid 2.5lakhs as booking amount for the plot.


  111. Binoy, I’m a consumer. One day i went to and see they are giving all purfums for 74 rupees (Ranging from 1000 to 9000) i placed an order for 10 purfums. They immediately took the money and sent me email of payment received and a confirmation email saying it will be delivered on a date. The next day i received a email saying 4 of my items were cancelled. So i thought they were out of stock, Later all my friends orders were cancelled too. We called flipkart and they told us that was by mistake (technical error) and cancelled all the order and the refund to be done within 10 days. Only part of my order was cancelled i still had 4 items not cancelled. I immediately called the media and reported about the same. Next day media spokesperson called me to their studio with few other victims like me with the same reason. I spoke my heart out and also did the others, I also mentioned about the part of my order not cancelled. After few minutes the remaining items also got cancelled. Not to mention the media person called and emailed flipkart to come in to their studio for a discussion but they dint. After the few hours of the 1 hour discussion live on tv. Flipkart attorney email saying flipkart is sorry for the invoicevenice and has cancelled all the order for the manual mistake made. And they by mistake edited 50 rupees for a 4000 rupees perfume…… First of all the price was 74 rupees and secondly not all perfumes were 5000 rupees. Even their attorney were careless about the whole thing. Please advice if i can drag them to court and file for compensation?
    Thanks for your help

  112. I am Pravin Joshi, mobile connection user of RELIANCE (ADAG) from last seven years.

    From last few days I am facing the problem of unnecessary balance deduction from prepaid account (9321605658).

    I have been promised by the service provider to have the facility of having roaming free all over India but, as I cross border of my district the tariff for SMSs and voice calls increases to re.1 per voices call and SMS which more than thrice for my voice calls and for SMSs the normal price is re.1/100 SMS. And today I was in surprise to know that sum of INR 40 is been deducted from my prepaid account which is normally supposed to last for a month and a half.

    I tried numerous times to connect to the customer care but failed each time. Although after many attempts when finally I was able to get to one of the costumer care executive that gentleman kept my call on HOLD and I think he forgot to get back to me or was it deliberately that ‘kind’ man only knows that.

    I hope you will understand my situation and pay valuable but keen attention on it.

    Waiting for your much needed response


  113. I have purchased on 19.12.2009 ICICI Prulife Life Stage Pension plan.Given False explanation by the ICICI bank (Who Is Agent) i was cheated and be on safer side stop the second year premium.In District court the complaint was dismissed on limitation clause.I need to understand that the cause of action time period start from the day of policy issued or i after locating the branch office( which was not disclose and any address given in policy)file written complaint on .9.1.2013.Please give your guidance.

  114. Hi, Can you please tell me that whom to make party in the complaint? I want to file complaint against the Makemy Trip. Against whom to file complaint in Consumer Forum i.e. Makemy Trip director, Trip advisor, or someone else.

    Is there any cons of filing the complaint in Consumer Forum?

  115. tikona broadband has made false promises through his sales representive and then they inappropriate bill last year. i terminated the connection and returned their cpe etc. they agreed their fault and false promise at that time and nodded that i dnt have to pay that. now after 1 year they are threatening via e mail to take legal action. if i can file against them in consumer forum against this harassment? how??

    • Dear Saqib,

      We have noted your post. In order to assist you further, we would require your contact or Tikona User ID details. We have assigned a reference number # TIKAU0859 to your case. Requesting you to mention the reference number in the subject line while sharing your details with us on

      Tikona Care

    • Dear Saqib,

      This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed on Aug 17, 2013. Requesting you to share details in order for us to assist/resolve your concern. Kindly share your details with us on mentioning your assigned reference number TIKAU0859 in the subject line.

      Tikona Care

  116. Hi,

    I am Somnath, I have purchase Toshiba LED for VIjay sales, in month of July, but in one month has been problem LED, i was complaint but he can not take action, purchase value RS.19000, please advice me

  117. Sir, I bought tikona broadband connection in Jan-2013 and they made nice promises when i purchased it. I paid 1800 INR. However, even if they provided a connection, the broadband was not working at all. I raised a complaint immeidately and they even agreed that the society im staying in does not have the connectivity and that i should never have taken the connection (this was not told to me while the purchase). Its been 8 months now and this matter is still open. I dd not receive my money back. They taken back all the equipemnts from me and adviced me that i will be getting my payments in 14 days.
    I raised this issue in and its been 7 months since then. Still no positive response. Tikona has started threatning me to file a case against me for some unpaid bill amount. They have been doing this since last 3-4 months. Some person identifying as an advocate in delhi high court threatens me about all these. On the other side, when i call service center they say my concern has been sent to the concerned department and that it should be addressed very shortly.
    I dont know what to do now. How to get justice? can i file a suit? Is there a solid case here? If yes, can I sue them for the financial and psychological damage? Kindly advice.


    • Dear Naveen,

      We have noted your post. In order to assist you further, we would require your contact or Tikona User ID details. We have assigned a reference number # TIKAU1104 to your case. Requesting you to mention the reference number in the subject line while sharing your details with us on

      Tikona Care

  118. Hi,
    I purchased Hyundai i20 car in Sep-2012. In Jun-2013 I face some knocking voice then I submitted car in service center. after 2 week, service center person told me that one Vertical lead of 6th gear bearing is missing.(which is manufacturing fault) They replace bearing but still problem is there. After lot or mail and voice conversation with area manger then they replace full 6th gear and problem solved.

    But I have raise concern that why this faulty part is assembled in car. still date no one from Hyundai side replied to my mail. due to manufacturing fault I have wast my time as well as they de-assembled my car gear box.

    I want to file case in consumer court for compensation. Can I ? Please advice

      • Im at pune. what do you suggest, should I consult with legal Advisor or I can file complaint it self.

      • Prashant
        I do not know anthing about your background.
        You can handle the complaint on your own, if you have the time…….
        Otherwise, hire some local advocate who is appearing in Consumer Forums.

        Binoy Gupta

  119. I booked flight from Expedia for round trip. Then I enquired about the cancellation of the ticket , the executive told me that Rs. 1000 airline charge and 300 site fees will be levied.

    I asked this question so that just in case i have to cancel.

    Then later when I called for cancellation of the ticket the Expedia said that the fees is 1500 + 300 site fees, on telling them that this is not what I was told they told me that they will check listen to their call details and return to me but that did not happen.

    I have the recording of the call on which i was committed the same.

    I want to file the complaint on following grounds.

    Please tell me how should I file the compaint. I also have the call reference numbers.

  120. sir i have given my micromax mobile to service ceñter for repair it was in warranty period they told me it will be replace but two months have happen their is no reaponse i have all documents can i file a case against them

  121. Sir
    I have a issue with mannapuram gold, I borrwed a loan amount from them ( all detials are mailed )and when I inquired about the amount to close the loan with them 2 days back , they told me , its already auctioned, but I or either of any family member dint received any intimation letter /notice from them.
    I have asked them to provide these all letters/copy received by any of my family member with POD .
    I want your advise on this issue.This is the below mail ,which I sent to them today with the request of all notice copy with PODs.
    Best regds


    Dear concern person
    Good morning
    Here is the below mail , regarding the my loan a/c. ( please go through the same )

    here by now My request you to please provide me all intimation letters which your karkarduma branch or main branch sent to me , quarterly, half yearly, annually and most IMP 15 days before auction. with POD with phone no of any of my family members., sent by speed post/registered post/or any of your distribution partner courier.

    As I and any of my family member dint received any of such letter/information in such regard.

    This is very disappointing action from such a established organisation with out information and intimation.

    I hope to receive the acknowledgement of this email/communication and a prompt action by you with providing the all above said /sent notices copy with PODs.

    I will check if there is mistake from my /my family side or else mannapuram , then I will put an action against this.

    Look forawrd for your reply and action on it.

    Many thanks

    Abhishek shakya

    • Dear sir
      I am still awaiting for the your advise on the above issue.
      look forward for your reply, or is there any other process to get your reply, if I am doing any mistake.

  122. Dear Sir,
    This is to inform that ZNET LIVE (ZNETLIVE.COM) is doing fraud with the people.
    My name is Charanjeet Singh resident of New Delhi. ZNETLIVE.COM Company is based in Jaipur.
    I have taken the services from them to send bulk emails to my clients for my marketing purpose.At that time their sales executive told me that you send 2 lakh emails per day to your client and he agreed with my requirement of 2 Lakh emails.
    Later on when I paid Rs 8179 to them on 23rd August 2013, ZENTLIVE.COM support team starting saying the reality of their services. They told me sir you cannot send 2 Lakh email for your marketing work if you send you service will get block which the did not told me before while selling their service to me.
    After buying their service they have disturbed me too much and harassed me like anything that I cannot say. This company is befooling innocent people while selling something and giving something else. They may go up to any extent to sell their product and run their company. Be it to cheat any innocent person across the globe.
    ZNETLIVE.COM CONTACT NUMBERS: 1-800-102-9638 | +91-141- 4070666
    I request you to kindly seal and lock this company forever so that others cannot be cheated again and again and cry over their money invested with them.
    For your good knowledge you may search in google about ZNET COMPLAINTS you will come to know about the fact how they deal with their clients.
    Awaiting for strict and necessary action against this offensive company.
    Thanking you
    Charanjeet Singh
    +91 9560728263
    Vishnu Garden,New Delhi

  123. My loan was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review

  124. I got an mail that you have been consolidated for various jobs in the company. For that you have to pay 15,200 for initial payment .
    I have paid the money after 1 week no body is responding and not giving any solutions .
    Please do something for my money .
    Thank you

  125. Sir,

    I recently booked a flat in Gaur city (NE) 16 Avenue, M Block by giving 10 pc of booking amount. And then got the demand for next 30 pc. I paid most part of it, but for rest was dependent on the bank for disbursing the loan. The bank sanctioned my loan, but refused to disburse saying that property was not approved with the bank. On asking further, I have learnt that the builder has increased the number of floors against the approved site plan. The builder now says that it has submitted updated documents to the GNIDA authority for approval and will take another month.
    The problem is that my due date for payment of demand letter is already past, and builder is keeping mum on charging me late fees. How can builder charge me late fees when the delay is at his end. Also, how can he sell units and raise demand letters for a property thats not even approved by the authority.
    I am sending a registered post to the director of Gaursons to waive off my late fees for now.

    What shall I do ??

    • Where is Gaur City? I presume it is in Gujrat.
      What is the total price, and the penal interest the builder is asking ?
      Refuse to pay it and file a complaint in the Consumer Forum if required.

      Binoy Gupta

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your inputs.

        Gaur City is in Noida Extension, UP. Total Property price is approx 46.5 lc. As per the Flexi plan, we are supposed to make payments every 6 months. Out of the current payment, just 3 lakhs are pending, and the builder is asking for 18 pc per annum late payment fees for the same.
        I will be visiting the builder to talk face to face to see if things work out.

  126. I had a Vodafone prepaid connection, But then around end of July I ported it to Airtel Postpaid by giving request on Airtel website, then I got a call from Airtel, after which they send their executive to collect the documents and Rs 200 as fees.

    The connection was ported successfully within 7 days as they mentioned. But then I got an SMS from Airtel stating that my address verification has failed and they are disconnecting my outgoing calls.

    After calling customer care, they re-initiated the verification process, During that period the outgoing calls were allowed.

    But then suddenly without any notice, I found that the outgoing calls are not working when I needed them in an urgent situation.

    After contacting Customer care again, they informed that Address verification has failed again and asked me to contact Airtel Relationship center, Then I visited Airtel relationship center, There to my surprise the address In their database was wrong and different from the document provided by me.

    I told them about that error , but they expressed their helplessness in that and asked me to get a new connection.

    After which I wrote to Airtel Nodal office, They sent a reply after 2 days stating that they are investigating, but no reply came after that.

    Then I wrote to Airtel Appellate Office, still nothing happened.

    That’s number is of immense importance to me and due to Airtel data entry mistake , I am suffering.

    I have also got an email from them that a bill of rs 10 has been sent to my address (delivery confirmation), but I haven’t received any. so I requested them to send to my email

    (Also I found that the process of Porting was carried out by Airtel agency named Yash Communication)

    Please suggest what should I do in this matter.

  127. Sir, I booked a hyundai i10 car from a showroom in Bangalore. There was an excess amount paid to them. I requested them to return. They did not. instead they started telling that I should give my loan account Number to them. i refused. They started contacting the bank and started telling the bank to cancel my loan. They I cancelled the booking of the car and asked to refund the entire money of Rs. 557410/= as I felt I was treated badly by the car dealer. Now the car dealer has refused the make the payment. He is telling that i must get a loan cancellation letter from the bank and then only he will refund the same. I have sent a legal notice and have complained to Hyundai company also. but it is one month up and they have not refunded the same. Can I send one more legal notice and after that go to consumer forum. Since my money is struck with them, I am paying the interest unnecessarily, Is there any other alternative to get my money immediately. How much time it would take from the consumer forum to get my money back. Can I file police complaint etc.
    Pls let me know

  128. Hi, i have a micromax funbook which is still under warranty & there is a strange problem of tab getting automatically getting switched off even when the battery is full. So far i have given this tab to their service centre for 5 times in the last 6 months & for the same problem yet the problem exists, I had earlier requested micromax (over email & telephone) to either replace me with new tab or provide refund instead they asked me to hand over the tab to their service centre & they assured the problem will be fixed.

    I have finally decided to file a complaint in consumer court seeking damage of Rs.5lacs for all the harrasement i have undergone + refund the amount i spent in purchasing this tab

    Pls advice, Do you think this makes a case to approach consumer court.


  129. Dear Sir,
    I travelled from Air India Mumbai to Indore on 16th july 2013.
    I had booked 2 seats and had an excess luggage of 39kgs for which i paid cash of Rs.10238/- as a excess luggage fee.

    Prior to make payment i tried to make the same payment using my SBI debit card and was told that the payment is declined.

    But when i checked with my bank they have already paid Rs. 10,238/- to Air India also i have made the cash payment.
    In this way i am charged twice for the same service.

    i am continuously in touch with through mails and phone calls with Air India but not getting any satisfactory responce.
    The station Manager of indore is forwarding mail to another person since last 15-20 days, but that person is just on responding.
    It has been near about 2 months of follow up.
    I want to lodge a complaint for same.
    Please let me know thw procedure for the same.

  130. Hi Mr. Binoy

    This is Pawan Kumar from Faridabad, Haryana. Need your help as I want to file a case against a college for misguiding us. The details of the case is hereunder:

    My wife had taken admission in a college in faridabad in May-June, 2011 for Ph.D course under Management dept. There were some issues that my faced in last two years like, change of supervisor who was not contactable, misbehavior by the first supervisor, demand of money by the guide, and no proper guidance for doing Ph.D. Then we came to know about one major issue from our internal contacts (which developed during 2 years of term) in the college that this college is not authorized to run any Ph.D program as Ph.D program is not approved by the concerned university to this college.

    I wrote a lette to the Chairman of that college mentioning all the issues (Mentioned above) as asked him to refund the complete fee Rs. 160000/- which I paid in two years. College refunded the fee and in the mean time I filed a RTI to the university with the subject “Whether said college is having approval from the univesity or not to run the Ph.D program”

    I got the reply after more than a month stated that said college is having approval for B.Tech and M.Tech only. And there is no registration of any candidate for Ph.D program.

    Now I just want to know, can I sui that college for fraud, and cheating us, as college wasted our two precious years of career.

    I have already sent a (registered) first notice from my side to the Chairman on 3-8-13 for compensation of Rs. 500000/-. He received the notice on 7-8-13 and I have not received any response from his side as I had mentioned a time period of 15 days from the date of receiving of the letter.

    I have all the documentary and audio/video proof which I believe are sufficient to make this case strong.

    Please guide me what should I do now, and what are the chances of getting compensation.
    I personally will follow and want to fight this case on my own.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pawan Kumar

  131. Hi,

    I was using Reliance broadband services and i requested them to terminate it from 15-march-2013. They terminated the connection and sent me the final settlement bill.
    As per bill, Reliance will pay 400 INR to me withing 90 days. But i have still not received the refund. I have the evidence of the bills and mails communicated with reliance.

    I think with these proofs i can lodge complaint in district forum.
    I wanted to know that if i won the case then i will get the 400 INR only or i can claim for more money approx. 10000 INR.

    I just wanted to know that how much we can request for the claim.

  132. Dear Mr. Binoy,

    I was the End User of Vodafone Mobile No.- 9619****** & wished to permanently disconnect my no. on 2nd of July, 2013 (as mail sent by my registered email ID), prior to that I did clear an outstanding amount of 2500/- for the same no. also have a receipt for the same, as per the TRAI under Termination of Service within 7 days clause Regulations 2009 (7 of 2009) dated 20.3.09 ] under Explanatory Memorandum to the “Standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service (Wireline) and Cellular Mobile Telephone Service Regulations, 2009” (7 of 2009) dated the 20th March, 2009 under section (b) : Closures my request should have been resolved within 7 Working Days by any means which has not & certainly it is not a happy experience at all to receive calls from your departments for payments. below mentioned are the few details of my transactions done with Vodafone.

    2nd July 2013- 1366429076 sent a first mail from my registered email address
    3rd August 2013- 678424986 walked into a Vodafone gallery given written application duly signed
    5th September 2013- 1398670930 walked into a Vodafone gallery & fresh request sent for the same

    It’s been post to 60 Days no. is not closed, 2 bills are generated & receiving calls from dept. for payments & as per TRAI, The service provider shall terminate the connection within 7 days. They cannot charge rental or any other charges beyond the period of 7 days of request for closure made by the customer. Further, fresh bills shall be raised only after adjustment of the security deposit. The closure/ termination of service shall not be made conditional upon payment of dues/ bills/settlement of dispute. The outstanding amount of security deposits has to be refunded within 60 days of closure/ termination of service. In case of delay in refund beyond 60 days, a consumer is entitled to interest at the rate of 10% per annum for the number of days refund is delayed beyond 60 days. Now on 5th September, 2013, i have been promised that issue will be resolved within 7 days starting from tomorrow morning & shall be resolved by EOD 12th September 2013, which I agreed for, however I dont think it will be & my beliefs had come true when I recd. a call this morning from the same dept. for a payment, I was in a terrible shock when I recd. that call after sending a mail to all possible mailing address on 5th of September as well, anyways as I am done with them & now want to pull them in Consumer Court, have all possible correspondenec with me, just need guidance as what needs to be done.

    my contact details are 9619484883
    Aditya Mayekar

  133. I purchased a necklace n earring worth 135000 n the jeweller cheated me…. Irequested him to pay me bac but he did nt agree… so I want to file a complaint…. wat should I do

  134. Dear Mr Binoy,
    I have taken home loan from HDFC and wanted to transfer my loan to other bank. For this i want builder NOC,but builder is not giving me the NOC and telling that he will only issue the NOC once HDFC will issue a no objection letter to builder to which HDFC is not agreeing. For this reason i am not able transfer my home loan. can i file compalint in consumer forum against both HDFC and the builder.

  135. There is no doubt jurisdiction of the consumer forum with regard to mobile complaints: I HAVE HAD PROBLEMS WITH IDEA CELLULAR LIMITED AND THE MATTER IS PENDING BEFORE THE FORUM.

    With regard to the jurisdiction of the consumer forum wrt mobile complaints, leading consumer activists in India have said thus:

    We find that there is no flaw in the existing laws so far as the consumers are concerned and therefore there is no necessity either to pressurise the government or other ways demand for an amendment of the Consumer Protection Act. The Law is well settled that even in cases where there is an arbitration clause either in the Act or in the contract, the Consumer Fora have jurisdiction by virtue of section (3) of the Act as per the following judgments of the Apex Court:

    1. “Fair Air Engineers V. N.K.Modi”, (1996) 6 SCC 385
    2. “Skypark Couriers Ltd V. Tata Chemicals Ltd” (2000) SCC 294
    3. “Secretary, Thirumurugan Co-operative Agricultural Credit Society V. M.Lalitha” (2004) I SCC 305

    The Judgement Nos.1 & 3 cited above are being relied on by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum who hold the view that there is jurisdiction. The decision of the Apex Court in “General Manager, Telecom V. M.Krishnan & Others” relied on by Hon’ble Justice Katju in which a contrary view was taken has been over ruled by the Apex Court in the following judgments:

    1. Uttarkhand Power Corporation Ltd and another V. A.S.P Scaling Products Ltd (2009) 9 SCC 701.
    2. Trans Mediterranean Airways V. Universal Exports and another (2011) 10 SCC 366
    3. The National Seeds Corporation Ltd V . M.Madusudhanan Reddy (2012) 2 SCC 506

    This apart, one more latest decision of the Delhi High Court rules that the Consumer forum does have jurisdiction to try mobile complaints.

    Jk Mittal vs Union Of India & Ors W.P.(C) 8285/2010 & C.M. No.21319/2010

    Lakshman Bhakta

  136. Dear Sir,

    My name is Charanjeet Singh, I have taken services from HEMSMAIL.COM (a web hosting company) for taking bulk mailing services.

    They promised me via phone call that my server or anything related to sending emails will never get block in any way whatever it is , be it a spam or anything related to that. If it happens then we are sitting here to correct the issue. Trusting their words I paid INR 6000/- on 2nd September 2013 to Mr. ACHAL working in

    Contact person: Mr.Achal

    Company details: HEMSMAIL.COM

    Phone: 1800-200-4221
    Email :

    Address:4 Bha 5 Near Unique Arawali ,Jawahar Nagar Jaipur, Rajasthan [India]-302004

    After 2nd day itself while sending email to different clients, I came to know that my server is blocked and they cannot do anything in that. I was shocked to know about this and asked them why you did not told it to me before?

    I am getting harassed from past 13 days and my work is suffering just because of, who will pay for it?

    My money is kept with (Mr.Achal), they do not want to refund it back to me. It is a case of fraud with clients.

    You can read many complaints of this company over the internet. Still this company is running without fear after doing fraud and cheat with their customers. This company should be banned at the earliest.

    Just to sell their service they can do anything, be it a lie or fraud.

    Kindly do the justice with me at the earliest.


    Charanjeet Singh
    +91 9560728263

  137. Sir,l Supravat Chettri had done by admission in Mayfair business School,E.M.Bye Pass,Kolkata-700107 for MBA in the month of march 2013.l had paid sum of Rs 15,000 as a Provisional Admission,it was consider as Provisional admission as l had not submitted any of my graduation.During that time Mayfair b school was under PTU and it was in the verge of getting change its affilation,so they told me my entire money will be refunded incase its affilation is changed and l wish to cancel my registration.However after few months it got affilated to Annamalai University but when l told them l would like to cancel my registration and told them to refund my money,they did not do.Instead they told me that my registration had already been done for MBA but the fact is thatl have not submitted any of my graduation marksheet.Its not possible to get admission in MBA without submitting graduation Marksheet.Not only have l wasted my precious six months but also l have been tricked and given false information.lts real big same they been doing this for money.
    Kindly help me in this matter

  138. Dear Sir,
    I had booked a residencial flat with a Builder at Bangalore, for which i paid all the required documents and payments through housing loan by SBI, now the builder asking for a additional amount of rs.851000, more than the agreed amount in Agreement to Sell.

    The agrement says , all disputes solve through ARBITRATION, can i file a compaliant in Consumer court.

    please guide.

  139. Sir,
    I had given my mobile phone for repair purpose for which i have receipt but after lots of harassment my phone was returned to me with no service and when i approached another service center he said me that the phone has been completely damaged due do the negligence of the earlier repairs due to his negligence. Can I file a Complaint for the same deficiency.

    Pls. Help….

  140. This is regarding the order which I placed in for a cake. I placed a half kg cake order last week ie on 16th September 2013 to be delivered on 21st september 2013 for shirdi location. I called up the cusomer care before placing the order to check if there was any mid night delivery on 20th September and I was told that its not available. The delivery time mentioned by the customer care exeutive(it was always the same lady who picks up the call) is 10am to 6pm. So I placed the order for 21st september 2013 and told that the person to whom the order is supposed to be delivered might not be available all the time as Shirdi is a piligrimage so I asked her to check the convenient time before going for delivery for the delivery to be done smoothly. I was so particular about this and asked her to give a call at aroung 10 in the morning so that they will know well in advance. I also specifically mentioned that I would be out of country on the delivery date so i cannot personally keep pushing you to see the status of delivery.I gave all the details to her gave her the alternate contact details and all the necessary info. She promised me that there wont be any problem during the delivery. TOday evening(21th Sep) when I called my friend after 6pm, I came to know that no cake was delivered yet. I called up the same lady and asked her about the delivery. SHe said its in progress.I waited for some time and checked if the cake was delivered. The cake was still not delivered. I called the lady gain and asked if she checked for the convenient time with my fried for the delivery. SHe said she mentioned it in the order.When I clearly told executives that they should to call the person at 10 am and check the convenient time,atleast they should have called by afternoon!!. I spent more than the cake price to make calls to this lady as I was out of country and I told her the same. Then she called my friend and checked the time for delivery. I called her and enquired again and 8pm was the agreed upon time.. We were still fine with this even if the delivery got delayed. It was okay for us because the Aarti was at 10 pm and my friend and his family can finish the birthday celebration and then go for the aarti. My friend was waiting at the room from8 pm till 9.50 pm but the cake was not delivered.He sent his parents at about 9 30 to go inside the mandir and he stayed back to take the delivery. He was about to leave and it was then he revieved the call from the delivery boy at around 9 50 that he is near the bus stand and he would come in 10 pm.. In the mean time i kept calling the lady to take the delivery boy’s number. I called more than 50 times.. The delivey boy reached at 10!!!!! I spent a lot of money on the phone calls, a lot more than what we spent for the cake.More over the surprise was a flop.. The day was entirely spoiled.. Birthday surprise was spoiled …. The aarti darshan time was gone. It was a complete waste of time , money , energy, and the most imp thing was the Big Day!!! The birthday was spoiled. I spoke to the delivery boy details about which bakery the rder was coming from. It was Monginis bakery,shirdi and asked him few details like where is the cake delivered from and the managers details and the shop details so that I would go back and check with the customer care. I asked for a reciept that the cake was delivered at around 10pm. He was not ready to give the details. To my surprise he told us that he came to know that he was supposed to deliver the cake was only at 7pm on 21st september 2013. He said where he recieved the all from.. He told that someone from chennai called us and give the delivery.. I wonder how they operate. The local agent in SHirdi doesnt know who details about He was saying that the order was placed from Chennai and you were not the ppl to whom he was supposed to deliver. There was not proper system at al!!!! I really dont understand how they operate… He said if we wanted the reciept he will take back the cake and give us our money. Had it been the matter of money why would one spend more than 800 rupees on a half kag cake and more than that in making calls. We were not given the delivery boys contact details nor the details of the local dealer who should give the delivery.This is really very very uprofessional and pathetic way of handling the customers. The day was entirely spoiled.. Birthday surprise was spoiled. WE DID NOT TAKE THE CAKE!!! The aarti darshan time was gone.
    How can I reach out consumer court to take an action on the so called “THESURPRISER.COM”.

  141. When I submitted my complaint, one paper was not attached by my advocate, probably due to oversight. Also there was some correspondence with tht eooposite party before the court hearing. 1) Is there a procedure to attach the missing paper; 2) Is there a procedure to include the corresspondence ?

  142. Can I lodge complaint against the university which is delaying my result when my all other colleagues have received the same????? And if yes, then what would be the procedure????

      • Thnks a lot but I would need more guidance as to what would be the first step for the same and what documents and other proofs relating to the same would be needed by me for further process and I would also like to know that if I could do the same by saving my time since I’m working in a department which would not allow me to indulge in time cosuming issues except on saturdays and sundays.

      • All cases take some time.
        I do not know where you are located.
        Most consumer forums are open on Saturdays….this varies from state to state.
        you can visit the consumer forum nearest to you.

        Binoy Gupta

  143. i have made the rate cutter recharge of Rs 35 through the sim card of aircel company during last 1 month. The validity of this offer was of 90 days that the call rate will be as 36 paise per 1 minute on local call in bihar and jharkhand. The call rate is charing as 60 paise per1 minute. I have made my complaint through aircel customer care.they told that my problem will solved within 48 hours but still it has not been solved.

  144. maya j k

    Hello. I have prepared my case papers for filing complaint against sterling holidays. However, the membership is in the name of my husband. Do i need to get a Power of Attorney to attend the case? If yes, on what denomination of stamp paper? Do you have a ready draft please?Also, at the consumer court office, they are non commital. Just to reconfirm, I need to pay Rs. 200/- by court fees as my claim is Rs.3lacs ++. How do i pay this? The Affidavit for confirmation should be on what denomination of stamp paper? Could you share your no. so that i can call up if necessary.

    • You can prepare a General Power of Attorney on Rs. 100 Stamp Paper.
      If you have problem in finding one, I will send you a draft.
      Rs. 299 fee has to be paid in the form of Bank Draft on a nationalised bank.
      Binoy Gupta

      • Thank you for your response. I would be grateful if you could share a draft of the general Power of Attorney. Also, would you be able to whet my petition? I would email to you.

        I need to know what are my chances of getting my money back.

        Checked with an advocate. They charge about 5K per session and draft each. Should i do that?

        With kind regards

      • I am sorry you have to pay only Rs. 200
        The affidavit has to be notarised.
        Take it to any notary, he will do it for you.
        I will send you a draft of the general power of attorney.
        Pl. write to me on my personal email.
        You can appear in person….
        Binoy Gupta

  145. sir i purchased a GODREJ REFRIGERATOR 6 years back…… since yhe fridge is 6 years old some of its parts are broken like freezer door bottle shelf etc.

    Last month I called to the godrej service centre to register my complain, the technician from the godrej visited my place and took money from me in name of service charge (I also have the receipt of service charge) saying that in a few days he will fix it, and it has been a month now that i am calling them and they are just ignoring my complaints…… and now they have come up with a new excuse saying that your fridge is more than 10 years old and its parts are no longer available and its no longer their responsibility to fix it …….. but i have got the purchase bill which clearly mentions the buying date in 2007……..

    So can i complain against them in the consumer forum/court?

    • Your Refrigerator is six years old and not covered by any sort or warranty or AMC.
      You dont have any case for Consumer Forums.
      Check up to whom you made the payment and what for….
      if it is for service call, forget about it.
      If he took the money for repairs, then he should do the repairs.
      Binoy Gupta

  146. Sir, I would highly appreciated if you can go through below trail mail, and advise me if I can go further with consumer forum against Dealer or FIAT?

    Thank you.

    Dear Sir,

    @RATHOD MOTORS: I have never given the consent on the said stuff, it was just infomed to me to which I said kindly send me a mail thereto. Further, such option was otherwise open to me, need not to suggest it as i have said earlier in my earlier mail and also written that I have given the car to you so its your responsibility to complete the task.

    Firstly, who will bear the cost of travelling and most importantly my one or two working days will be wasted and what is the guarantee that it will be replaced without any hindrances. If locally i am facing so much of the trouble how can i handle the outstation dealer. Surat is 150 kms away one way and further my one working day cost me approx Rs. 5000. Further, as per earlier mail, FIAT has tie up with TATA MOTORS till 30th Sept, 2013 throughout India dealer and I am sorry to say that I can’t visit surat before 30th september under any circumstances as being a practicising Chartered Accountant we are having busy tax audit season which has due date 30/09/2013.

    You can send the vehicle at your own cost and risk and i will take the delivery of fully completed vehicle.

    @FIAT: If Rathod motors cannot do anything or helpless then I would request FIAT to compensate me all the collateral expenses or else take back the defective car and reimburse me its cost less wdv. because just in a span of 3 year and 15500 kms run I have gone through a lot of issues to which actually such expenses should have been taken place at around 160000 – 180000 kms. Why can’t same thing be worked out at Vapi if it can be done at Surat?

    @FIAT: Why FIAT customer care department is silent in this issue since the inception of my complain? I have not heard from them till now. They just send a mail after my mail “thank you for your email we regret for inconvinience” but has failed to resolved the issue. Is this the BRAND FIAT or level of Customer satisfaction they offer??

    @RATHOD MOTORS and FIAT : I want the final verdict on my complain by tomorrow evening i.e. 25th Sept, 2013 that what best possible either party can do so as to give me an idea whether this matter should be escalated further or not.

    Thank you.

    CA. Nishit Shah

    On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 7:02 PM, rathod motors wrote:
    Dear Sir,

    As informed to you today through tele-talk, your vehicle shall be attended by Fiat Authorised Dealer at Surat and for the same you shall also receive a call from Fiat Company Representative.


    Pinakin Rathod

    On 24 Sep 2013 15:10, “Nishit Shah” wrote:
    Dear Sir,

    Kindly update me the status of my complain / query and when shall I expect the delivery of my car fully repaired.

    Its been 10 days, still i have not received my car from the service station.

    We do own other brand cars, we have never faced such a kind of loose and slow response for any of the issues posed.

    I would request the FIAT and Rathod Motors to come to some amicable conclusion and close this issue.

    Thank you.

    CA. Nishit Shah

    On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 7:34 PM, rathod motors wrote:
    Dear Sir,

    We are trying to discuss the case with Fiat Representative to provide
    a solution in this case so as to avoid any inconvenience to you, as it
    is difficult for us to procure the spares for your vehicle from our
    end as informed earlier to you.

    We shall revert back to you once we get a reply from Fiat Company for the same.


    Pinakin Rathod

    On Sat, Sep 21, 2013 at 1:42 PM, Nishit Shah wrote:
    > Dear Sir,
    > Thank you for your kind information.
    > As a customer, I am not concern with the internal management or agreement
    > between TATA MOTORS and FIAT, If such was the case then RATHOD MOTORS should
    > not have accepted my car for service or while accepting should have informed
    > me that if major repairs comes then we will not be responsible for
    > replacement.
    > As the car was accepted for the service having signed the job card, total
    > responsibility is bestowed upon RATHOD MOTORS comply with customer
    > satisfaction. It cannot take a stand that as few days are left so we will
    > not be able to perform the contract because as per INDIAN CONTRACT ACT,
    > 1872; “The promisor is not discharged from the contract on the grounds that
    > any commercial impossibility or difficulty of performance or default of a
    > third party or hardship to the promisor to perform his part of promise. It
    > is not regarded as impossibility to perform the contract.” So I don’t care
    > what is the position of the terms and conditions between TATA MOTORS and
    > FIAT. Once an authorised dealer, which is upto (30/09/2013), has accepted my
    > job card to perform the part of service they have to perform.
    > And your excuse to not perform your contract is totally not tenable /
    > acceptable that we don’t have parts, you already had 15 days with you from
    > the date you came to know the fault in my car and till your dealership gets
    > over within such period you could have ordered the parts appointed the
    > surveyor and finished up the task atleast to 90%. I have never shown any
    > urgency to pick my car. Further, If you can check the service records
    > earlier, I have kept my car under your custody for atleast 7- 10 days till
    > the replaced part(GEAR BOX CABLE) was exchanged under warranty was received
    > and installed. So why can’t now same analogy is to be applied?
    > Further, one more query under which clause of extended warranty i am not
    > eligible to get my BLUE and Me replaced under extended warranty? As due to
    > faulty ODOMETER panel my BLUE and ME go damaged and stopped working also the
    > original battery was discharged to which we replaced new battery which also
    > got discharged in 2 days. So it is due to internal electric fault my BLUE
    > and ME got damaged hence it is has to be replaced under warranty.
    > Thanks for suggesting to go to Surat or Mumbai, but why should I go there,
    > when my car is already in your custody and I am not going to accept the
    > partly performed contract i.e. will not take the delivery of the car till my
    > all the complain is resolved. I would have happily gone to surat or mumbai
    > dealer if you have suggested me before taking the car for the service.
    > Anticipating a positive solution in above case in way we stay out of any
    > legal consequences further as it will be unnecessary wasting our time and
    > money.
    > Thank you for your support and expecting a healthy customer relationship as
    > this is not the end of world.
    > Thanks&
    > Regards
    > CA. Nishit Shah
    > On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 6:56 PM, rathod motors
    > wrote:
    >> Dear Sir,
    >> Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you.
    >> I have gone through your mail and had a discussion with our S.A Mr Rahul
    >> Patel who is handling your vehicle which was received on 16/09/13. For
    >> normal schedule servicing work, suspension and gear hard issue an estimate
    >> of Rs.12,000 (approx.) was given and you had also stated 2 more issues in
    >> your vehicle one that of Instrument Cluster ‘Light On’ and Blue & Me to be
    >> checked and had informed that your vehicle was under extended warranty. The
    >> normal scheduled servicing work along with suspension and gear work has been
    >> completed on your vehicle. For Instrument Cluster (I.C) and Blue & Me, Rahul
    >> had a discussion with our claims manager who inquired with the extended
    >> warranty company for the I.C and Blue & Me and were informed that Blue & Me
    >> is not covered under extended warranty and for I.C we have to send an
    >> approval after which a surveyor would be appointed who shall come and
    >> inspect the I.C part and after he sends his report to extended warranty than
    >> the extended warranty co can give the approval as it is a high value part
    >> and after that only the part could have been replaced on your vehicle.
    >> We would like to inform you that Fiat’s tie-up with Tata Motors for Sales
    >> & Servicing of their vehicles with Tata Dealers was terminated on 31 March
    >> 2013 but because it would take time for new fiat dealership’s to come up and
    >> to avoid any inconvenience to its customers there was an understanding
    >> between Tata Motors and FIAL to extend service to existing fiat customers at
    >> selected Tata Motors dealership’s all over India, we being one of them till
    >> 30th September 2013 to continue with servicing of Fiat vehicles and since
    >> this being the last month for the same we had kept only normal servicing
    >> spares and lubricants with us and have stopped ordering new spares from Fiat
    >> and the 2 parts mentioned herewith that of I.C and Blue & Me are not
    >> currently available in our stock and so we would not be able to replace the
    >> same in your vehicle by 30th September so I would request you to kindly
    >> contact Authorized Fiat Dealer either at Mumbai or Surat for attending the
    >> same under EW.
    >> As mentioned above rest of the work has been done as per your approval and
    >> the bill amount for the same is Rs.11,500/- for which you can come tomorrow
    >> any time between 10am to 6pm and take the delivery of your vehicle after
    >> making the necessary payments.
    >> For any queries kindly contact the undersigned.
    >> Regards
    >> Pinakin Rathod
    >> On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 5:20 PM, wrote:
    >>> fyi…
    >>> ———- Forwarded message ———-
    >>> From: Nishit Shah
    >>> Date: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 4:45 PM
    >>> Subject: Re: Fiat Linea – Status of Service
    >>> To: Pinakin Rathod
    >>> Cc:, Amit Rathod
    >>> Dear Sir,
    >>> Firstly, Please let me know that as pointed out in job card are all the
    >>> defects are resolved?? then you can say that my car is ready for delivery
    >>> and You can check in your CCTV camera I have came to take the delivery of
    >>> the car on 16th Evening, I was told that still we are not able to find the
    >>> fault so give us one more day. On 17th Sept, 2013 evening, I was told that
    >>> we are still finding the fault and late evening Service attendant called me
    >>> and told that sir the whole ODOMETER and Blue and Me has to be replaced
    >>> which is under extended warranty which can be replaced but first you have to
    >>> deposit Rs, 25000/- and then we can proceed further. I was never told that
    >>> sir your car is ready and you can take the delivery.
    >>> I again called Mr. Rahul, Service Attendant on 19/09/2013, what is the
    >>> status of my car its 3 days? The reply I got was (translated in english)
    >>> :”sir you have to say, just pay 25000/- for the change of ODOMETER panel and
    >>> Blue& Me, till then we are not able to replace under extended warranty. You
    >>> will receive your cashback if your claim is approved and if you are lucky in
    >>> 10 months.” I strictly said NO to take the delivery of the car unless my all
    >>> the problems pointed out in job card is resolved. he replied: “sir we cannot
    >>> do anything, if you want you can talk with Darshanbhai or represent further
    >>> you can. I asked him to give the call to Darshan bhai to which he replied he
    >>> is busy in meeting.
    >>> I simply requested to Rahulbhai, that just give me in writing showing me
    >>> the cause why above said parts are not be able to replaced under extended
    >>> warranty by the dealer after that I will take the delivery of the car as is
    >>> where is basis. To which I was given negative response.
    >>> Hence as of date, pl. confirm whether my ALL the problems as specified
    >>> under job card has been resolved?? and if yes do i have to pay Rs.11500/- in
    >>> total? if you say yes, i can collect the delivery of car within 30 miniutes
    >>> (as on 20/09/13 as at 16:45hrs)
    >>> Thank you for your reply and concern. Awaiting for your reply.
    >>> Thanks&
    >>> Regards
    >>> CA. Nishit Shah
    >>> On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 3:59 PM, Pinakin Rathod
    >>> wrote:
    >>>> Dear Sir,
    >>>> Greetings from Rathod Motors, Vapi !!!
    >>>> We would like to inform you that we had received your vehicle on
    >>>> 16/09/2013 and the vehicle was serviced and ready for delivery on 17/09/2013
    >>>> and we had informed you about the same along with the total bill amount for
    >>>> Rs.11,500/-.
    >>>> We request you to kindly come and take the delivery of your vehicle at
    >>>> the earliest.
    >>>> Regards
    >>>> Rahul Patel
    >>>> On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 2:32 PM, Rathod Motors
    >>>> wrote:
    >>>>> Sent from Samsung Galaxy Note
    >>>>> ——– Original message ——–
    >>>>> Subject:
    >>>>> Fiat Linea – Status of Service
    >>>>> From:Nishit Shah >>>>>
    >>>>> Dear Sir,
    >>>>> I have given my Fiat Linea, vehicle reg no: GJ 15 AD 1723, for paid
    >>>>> service at 15500 kms on Monday 16th Sept, 2013.
    >>>>> Its past 5 working days, I have still not received any call from your
    >>>>> side with respect to completion of the work. How long it takes to repair the
    >>>>> said defects.
    >>>>> Kindly let me know when can I take the delivery of the car?
    >>>>> Thanks&
    >>>>> Regards
    >>>>> CA. Nishit Shah
    >>>> —
    >>>> Pinakin Rathod
    >>>> Rathod Motors
    >>>> Vapi.
    >>>> Don’t quit. Look ahead. Stay positive. And do all you can.
    >>> —
    >>> Pinakin Rathod
    >>> Rathod Motors
    >>> Vapi.

  147. I have purchased device tab bsnl penta online from snap deal. How do I file complaint for defective piece. After several request they are refusing to refund as well as for replacement.
    I stay in Mumbai and snap deal office is near Delhi. (Noida).
    Can I file online complaint.

  148. I made a call log to the Lenovo Service centre on 10-9-2013 and the complain no is 7005573367 for repairing my laptop as it is under extended warranty service upto 2015. But till date I don’t get any service from their end. They gave me a telephone no to the respective kolkata service centre, I repeatedly call them but unfortunately they did not pay heed to my request. i am getting frustrated. what should I do. Can I lodge complain against the service centre to the consumer forum?

    • Before made a complaint you have to take all the things as a documentation.You can file RTI and take all the details from them. On the basis of documentation you can make suit against them. You can file RTI via this portal online.
      They will surely help you to resolve matter.

  149. Mr. Binoy Gupta

    I am consumer of TATADCOMO teleservices . On 20th september, 2013, I got the sms from tatadocomo as below.
    “Starting today,You can enjoy 3G speed at 2G rates.
    Recharge with Rs. 129 and enjoy with 1GB 3G data for 30 days.
    Exclusive offer only for you. recharge now! ”
    When I recharged with Rs. 129 at that day evening. My main account has been credited with 111.81 instead of getting special offer mentioned in sms.
    I contacted to customer care no. of time but there is no solution. After I have written mail to about my query. they reply as

    “We would like to inform you that as per our records we have found, the
    correct benefits of Rs 129 i,e, Rs 111.81 main account talk time has been
    already credited in your account. Please make a note the said offer i,e, 1
    GB 3G DATA on recharge of RS 129 was not applicable for your number.”

    this reply doesn’t make sense if offer was not applicable to my number then why did he send this offer by sms.

    Here amount of money is small but I feel that I have been cheated by tatadocomo . so what should i do regarding this query.

    • The filing of consumer complaint is a complex process.
      And unless you can prove you have suffered substantial losses,
      not really worth the trouble for such small issues.
      Binoy Gupta

      • Dear Sir

        My Nokia C6-00 (IMEI no.-357901041433317) was creating problem. As this is slide phone, Display was becoming white/sometimes lines where coming while sliding. Same problem was occurred last year also. Last year problem was resolved and services center guys guided me to take extended warranty and I took. Now again same problem came and guys of service center(Y.P. Enterprises, shop no-3, court road, Amritsar) checked my phone by opening all parts and after checking it thoroughly, they told me that they need to send mobile to head office. Job Id was created Job No- 11131 dated 13th Aug-2013. After that no response was given to me from service center side. I checked 3-4 times by doing phone calls and every time they replied that your phone will come today or tomorrow. On 4th Sept-2013 when I visited service center they replied me that due to water/liquid in mobile some part is missing and your phone is returned back by headoffice. But when I checked with Nokia care on 08030303838 Mr. Sourab told me that job id (139433527/130823/21) was created on 23rd Aug-2013. And he raised complaint (I-14628509713). And written complaint was also done 1-14631910048. After waiting for more near about one month, I’ve not got any proper update on complaint and question.

        Now my questions to Nokia are:-
        1. What services center guys checked for 30 minutes by opening all parts of Mobile?
        2. Have they found any liquid/water on that time?
        3. Was any part missing on that time?
        4. If some part was missing then how mobile was working without opening slide?
        5. After checking everything if liquid was there then why they created Job card?
        6. Why I was not told same thing on that time?
        7. Even after month why no information was given to me by doing phone call extra?
        8. I was checking by doing phone call’s (even I can show my Bill details), what are responsibilities of service center? can they show any call done to me?
        9. Maximum 10-12 days time was given to me for repair. Why online Job id was created after 10 days?

        I am not getting any proper response from Nokia CCare. After one month have got mail saying same thing that warranty is void but not giving any answers regarding my queries.
        Can I file case under consumer court ?

        Vinod Sharma

  150. Dear Sir ,

    I have purchase the new phone Nokia Lumia 820 It is now 3 month only & that phone is creating a big problem for me .camera flash is not working also all other apps are not working properly i have already submit that phone to the service center they said it will take 10 days to rectify the mobile if after that also it will not work then i asked them to give me the new phone i have wright the mail also for that once they called me…..but when i said that i want new phone they didn’t called me….there are saying to me u understand the problem .why?should i ????? i am very upset with their service when i called in service center i said i want to talk with the manager they said aapka hi mobile nahi hota or bhi mobile hote hain humare paas what is this ???they don’t have knowledge to talk with the customer……i am very upset with this service also with Nokia company “I WANT NEW MOBILE ONLY NOW” from them .they should apologize for that .pathetic people’s…….

  151. I had purchased, Ertiga VXI From your showroom on 5 th of September 2013.
    The said vehicle is suffering from the following defects:-  Skirting for my brand new Ertiga VXI not at all matching the body color and Teflon coating was not performed.  Vehicle left side doors repainted by service center authority due to accident done by Navnit service center. I have reported the above matter to Navnit motors at the day one of the delivery of my vehicle, Later this was undertaken by the service center to repaint the skirting. This took around 3 days for the service center and at the time of delivery the service advisor called me up over the phone asking for a grace period for delivery because of some problem created by the mechanic in the store. But mean while I was on my way to service center and when I reached there no one informed about any incident that took place in the service center with my car, after when they bought the vehicle outside in sunlight I was shocked looking at the left side both doors color as it was not at all matching my other parts of the vehicle. The service executive was fooling us by saying no it’s perfect there is no other problem, later he himself committed his mistake that the vehicle met with an accident by one of the service mechanic. But despite all my pleadings you have not made good the defect in the goods (Other Color particles all over the vehicle and Alloy wheels, which left the entire body with a rough touch) which is indeed regrettable and highly unbusiness like. On account Of your aforesaid dereliction of duty and failure and neglect to rectify the same I have,

  152. Dear Sir

    I purchased SONY LCD TV around 4 years back. Within 2 years, the mother board had a problem and was replaced, which I paid fully. Another 2 years passes by and they say panel has to be changed. When I now check with showroom, they are saying that there must be some defect, otherwise Sony LCDs are very robust. 2 problems with 4 years they have never heard of. Hence they have convinced me that it was a defective piece.

    I understand that company doesn’t have 100% control on quality, but if one-off problem come due to original / manufacturing defects, company should have a policy to compensate for it.

    Also, sales people state that the panel has a life of 60000 hrs. But to my surprise, it’s life is over within 5000 hrs? If I do not use TV enough to start giving trouble in 1 year (warranty period), I should not be penalised to pay 13000 for panel replacement.

    While purchasing it was told that nothing happens for 10 years. But today when I interact with customer-service, they say that 4 years is a good enough time for LCDs. Whom to believe? If I go by sales people, the model given to me was defective. If I go by service people, I was misguided and material facts were hidden while buying the TV.

    To the above plea, company people are simply saying that its natural that defects do happen over time and since warranty is over, I’ve to pay the full charges.

    The whole experience makes me feel that I was cheated & mis-guided and company/authorized show-room should replace the panel at their own cause.

    Do you suggest to go to district forum or I do not have any chance against the T&C of the company ?

    • You have no case.
      A Sony TV could last 10 years.
      But the normal warranty is only for 1 year.
      There may be extended warranty…..which does not appear to be in your case.
      Binoy Gupta

  153. Hello Sir,

    I sent mobile as a courier though Overnite Express Pvt Ltd on 19-Sep-2013.
    But when it reached It was empty. My brother opened packet in front of courier guy so didn’t sign any receipt. I have airway bill no and I am following up with company from last 10 days but I am not getting satisfactory response.

    When I asked in detail they are giving reasons that there are some technical problems in your bookings so there is fight between their business agent and company for settlement.
    Cost of Mobile is 17500/- they are asking me for 50% of the amout which is not at all acceptable to me. I have mobile bill as well booking receipt and mail communication with company.

    So what should be my course of action.

    I am getting mentally harassed by non cooperative behavior of company.
    Also I am staying near Churchgate,Mumbai.
    Please help.

  154. My loan was rejected. Credit Sudhaar was my choice. Initially they were slow. But their counsellors were able to handle all my queries. I will give Credit Sudhaar a positive review

  155. HI
    sir , i am from bhiwandi, thane,mumbai .sir plz help mi out .i had buy sony xperia sp mobile phone on 15/8/13 .and the phone got fulty in under 7 day. So i had submited my phone to service center in thane (ccom telecomunication) and they told me that they will replace my mobile in 7 days but now its almost 2 month gon (15/10/13) but they not give my mobile and not able to any answer for can i am able to do case ? If yes then to whom i can make party sony mobile or service center?
    I requesting you to plz give me a adv which can fight my case against them in court .
    thanks yourfaithfully
    siddhesh pathare

  156. Dear Sir,
    I had purchased a karbonn a9+ mobile from online shopping on 31.12.12 .After some time my set is doing more problem.Service center member tell me this problem is manufacturing defect by company and sent my set three times to company for repairing within six months but my problem is not resolve. I am getting mentally harrassed to this product.There is no response to customer care number or e-mail address given from company address .I also send a registerd letter to the company address.
    I am staying Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.
    Sir please help me

  157. Deal Sir,

    This Regarding my CIBIL status “Post Written Off Settled” against vehicle loan with BAJAJ Finance.

    I have taken Vehicle loan in 2008 from Bajaj finance As per this loan account there was some pending amount pending due to last check bounce. and these guys never informed me about this.
    But now when i applied for another load, i found this entry in CIBIL.

    So in order to remove this. I have paid full pending amount including interest and penalty to Bajaj Finance.

    pending amount was 4289/_ but i paid 12805/_ which include everything.

    i asked to remove Remark in CIBIL status. but currently it is showing as “Post Written Off Settled”.

    With this CIBIL status banks are approving my loan. As per CIBIL rule if someone has paid full pending amount including penalty and interest loan account status should be [Blank] or [Close].

    I called many times to Bajaj costumer care and sent mail. every time they say your request is in pending. But now they are saying they will not change status without any reason.

    Please suggest if this is a valid Complaint for Consumer forum.

    I have all communication mails. account settlement documents and statements as a proof.

    Please advise…

  158. Namskar,

    I have a complaint against IRCTC, thing is that I have two tickets for same journey one is counter and 2nd one is IRCTC E-ticket. One day before I came to know that my both tickets got confirm and I cancelled my IRCTC ticket, Travelled through COunter ticket.

    The IRCTC ia saying you have travelled with this ticket when I asked for return my IRCTC cancellation amount.

    Please tell me whether will i go for consumer case or not.

    I am having my counter ticket and IRCTC ticket.

  159. Dear Sir/Ma’am
    Subject-An application for not pay my Salary from 40 days.
    I wish to request you that i was working with Xpedia Infotech, In Chandigarh from last 4 months. Mr. Pradeep S/O Tarsem Lal is Managing Director In Xpedia Infotech
    (Permanent Add-H.No-59 RCC,Opp. Civil Hospital, Fathehabad,Haryana-125050, Mob No.+919592926333) and Mr. Vikramjeet (Permanent Add-Jammu, Mob No.- +918699139705,+919592925556) is BDM In Xpedia Infotech but stay in Mansadevi Complex, Chandigarh together.
    Its unregistered, fraud & job rockets company in SCO-35, Office no.-108,Second Floor, Sector 7 C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh-160019, But suddenly they have plan to shift in other place before December 2013 from above address.
    They open new companies from different-different locations and names. The current name of Xpedia Infotech belongs to TLC Services in Chandigarh. They always persecute company’s employees and they do lame excuse for terminate their employee after one and two months working day not do not Pay rest salary.
    When I request him for rest salary then they do misbehave with me and call that this is my company and there is only my rules and regulations and My company is running according my conditions either it is legal or illegal doesn’t matter. But say to me lefting time that’s your salary will transfer in your account after 2 days and I Didn’t found my pending salary upto this date.
    Therefore, I request to you Kindly take an extremely good action against this “Fraud and Job Rockets” company.
    I have all company’s documents Like offer letter and joining letter.

    • Dear Mr Yazdi

      I am receiving a lot of enquiries, or rather complaints, several through your blog, as well as through other references.

      I do try to reply to most of them. And I do have visitors in person whom I dont charge any thing. But I do have time constraints.

      I have been working on a model where junior advocates will handle consumer cases in Mumbai – State Consumer Commission….and Mumbai from South up to Boriveli….subject to my overall supervision.

      But then these advocates would expect payment…..which I would try to keep affordable and transparent.

      You can advise your friends and well wishers.

      Binoy Gupta

  160. Hello Everyone,
    Thank you for your tremendous response to this post. We are now constrained to close this topic for discussion. If you have any queries or problems, you may send them directly to Mr. Binoy Gupta at or call him on 98191-16360 and seek his appointment for professional advice. Thanks once again.

  161. I have bought a mobile phone from idea store 20-03-2013 model no Alcatel one touch 985( IDEA AURUS). After five month white line appear at display still I was talking and do all work thorough my phone. I take this handset to alcatel service center. service center told us that handset is water logged therefore it will not cover under warranty. Can we file a complaint in consumer court against service center ? .Does water logged hanset cover under warranty. my handset still working today.


      • Since you have filed a fresh complaint signed by your son, forget about the old one.
        You dont need that order.

        You can appear in all the hearings on the basis of power of attorney.
        But the Affidavit of Evidence will have to be signed by your son.
        You can sign the written submissions.

        Binoy Gupta

    • Dear Abhishek
      You have to file a complaint against the manufacturer… can add the service centre as a party.
      But what is the reason for the water logging. If it is due to your own fault, then you dont have any chance of winning.
      Binoy Gupta

  162. Hello Yazdi Sir,
    I had got my Telephone and Internet connection from MTNL. The wifi modem they gave me has a range problem. I complained about it to MTNL customer care, and after that I got a call that instructed me to resolve it doing some changes in “my Admin” (MTNL website for wifi). But it didn’t work. so he asked me to go and change the wifi modem in MTNL exchange office. When I talked in exchange office they said they dont have modem right now, and they would resolve it as soon as they get the modem. After one week I called him and got the answer that we still dont have it. Again after one week I called him and got the same reply. almost one and half month later, again I called to customer care and told the whole story. He told me that he has filed a complaint and my problem will be resolved in 24 hours. But almost one week has past and no response…. There is another story that was going along is- I was not getting my Internet Bill at my home. I had to take the duplicate bill in exchange office only. The first time I paid it but next time when I didn’t get the bill, I went for the duplicate bill but they said “your bill has not been generated yet”. In anger I decided that I would pay the bill until I get the bill. So I didn’t go after that and waited for the bill to come at home. But after One and half month I got a call that I have not paid the bill and pay it in 2-3 days. I thought to pay after few days as I dint have money that time. But They cut my phone and internet after 3 days. And when I talked to the official in office, they said “dont say that you have not got the bill, its all your fault. Why didn’t you paid last month”. I told them the reason but they started talking in anger and told me to go to other person in office. I talked to another and he said “Ok, you will get the bill from the next time, but pay it for now”. And I paid it with penalty . Then someone told me to contact the manager, and I told them the whole story. He said ” why didn’t you come to me before paying the bill, I would have cut the penalty, now I cant do anything. But I will resolve your wifi issue next day”. but again one week past and no response. I am very busy with seeking job for me these day, and use internet a lot. But when I face the wifi problem I get irritated and frustrated. So I decided to stop my job search, and settle this problem first. And I want my issue to be resolved and get a compensation for that trauma. Is it sufficient reason to file the complaint and win it in consumer forum? Please help me out! And how much should I ask for compensation money?

    Thank you.
    Saurav Sagar

    • Dear Saurav

      You can certainly file a complaint in the Consumer Forum….
      But pernaps it may not be really worth the trouble.

      If you want to claim damages, you will have to prove how much loss your suffered.
      Otherwise, all you get is only token damages.

      Binoy Gupta

  163. Dear Sir,

    Please can you help me in locating a good lawyer in Hyderabad who handles cases at the consumer courts.

    I thank you in anticipation.

    Syed Raza

  164. sir,i need yr help.i student of daviet daltonganj jharkhand.i belong to st/sc catogary our college approvel held up for two year 2009-10,2010-11,at that time we piple not get scholarship,by state govt. (though post matric),around 1an half lakh.we are final yr student(2009-13)batch,we people are help put press to cleare all the fee. Even we are in 8th semester and we have 4th semester result.even central plain for st/sc and poor student total wever plane but college are not ready to lastain any get back date approval.but how we piple get back date schcolarship,we are badly treate by our principal.

    • Dear Ravi
      Your case does not under consumer protection act.
      But there are other laws which could give you some relief.
      I would like to have some more details
      1. What were the terms and conditions for your admission.
      2. What was the fee structure and who was supposed to pay it.
      3. Why did you not receive your scholarship.
      4. I am sure there must be other sufferers like you.
      I will definitely try to help….and I will not charge anything.

      Binoy Gupta

  165. I got call from datawind (manufacturer of akash) to buy a tablet with solar charging facility and having a usb port. Whose mrp is 5999. Which will i get in 5299 and without any shipping charge. And they dint provide me any booking id to track. Wen i got product. Invoice of 4999 with payable 5299. Instead of usb port they gave a connector. Asking for solar charge. They said its a accesory worth 1000Rs which i have to buy if i want. And they are not responding on mails. Customer care says they dnt return. The no. From which i recieved call when i call it. No1 recieve call.

    • Please avoid oral contracts. Whenever a call comes, ask them to put the offer in writing. If they are honest, they should do so, if not, it is not worth the tempting offer !

  166. HI Sir,

    I had purchased Canon DSLR from Croma store and then I had submitted it at Croma store for cleaning purpose. They gave it to Canon service centre with a time gap of 4 days and then they are saying that it is a fall down case and you need to submit Rs 6000 for the damage. I have a document from Croma stating the date and the problem.I got a call from Croma to collect Camera and Lens which is not repaired.Can I lodge a complaint in consumer forum and should I collect CAmera and Lens or should I wait for the judgement.


    • I think you should not collect the camera but file a complaint against Croma….and see their reaction.
      Binoy Gupta

      • Sir,

        I have received letter from Croma that Collect your camera within 14 days else no claims will be entertained.
        I haven’t filed case with Consumer Forum till now.
        Please look into the below mail which I had send to them.

        Dear Croma,

        This is in regard with the camera which I purchased from Croma store, Bill attached and details are in below mail.
        During the time of purchase it was promised by Croma as well as Canon representatives that during the time of warranty I can submit the camera at Croma retail shop of Gurgaon for any kind of defects or problems and servicing.
        I along with two other friends purchased three camera in a period of 2 weeks, as I believed in TATA as well as Canon.
        I went on many trips and used the camera and it was around six months from the date of purchase, So after the last trip I thought of getting my camera cleaned as it is an Electronic Equipment.
        I submitted it to the Croma retail shop on 22/09/13 attached is the gate pass and the problem which was mentioned on the back of the receipt by the Croma representative Mr. Mahesh, both the images are attached. It was specifically mentioned to Mr. Mahesh that only cleaning is required and there are no other issues, as was mentioned by Mr Mahesh that Camera is submitted for Servicing.
        During that time it was checked by Mr. Mahesh and he asked to remove the battery and memory card and take the bag back. Camera was functioning perfectly at that time and there were no problem as it was checked by the Crome representative and mentioned on the slip provided by them.
        I was not informed about any details of my camera it’s whereabouts and it took a lot of efforts from my side in calling Crome support centre and Canon support centre. Contact number given by Mr. Mahesh was not reachable.
        At last I was able to contact somebody from Canon stating that there is a non warranty job card issued against the camera and it requires Rs 1000 for its repair.I objected stating that Camera was in perfect condition when it was submitted and it is under warranty.
        After 7-8 days I again got a call from Croma stating that Camera repair requires Rs. 6000 and when I objected stating that camera was in perfect condition and under warranty and why is there a change in estimate I was asked to come to Croma Retail Shop at Gurgaon.
        I visited the shop on 19/10/13 and raised my concern about the repair cost when Camera was in perfect condition when it was submitted and it was examined. I was not provided with any solution instead I was asked to go and visit Canon Service centre along with Canon representative. When he contacted service centre it came into knowledge that it is closed and Mr. Mahesh Croma representative assured that they will report to me on Monday with the solution and they will contact Canon Service centre and get the Camera fixed.
        It is 23:43 hours 23/10/13 and I have received no response from Croma.
        These are my concerns:
        1- I have bought this camera for my use not to deposit it in Canon and Croma store, It’s been a month I don’t have my Camera.
        2- When Camera was submitted it was in perfect working condition and was examined. Now I am being told that it is a fall down case which can be by the Canon or Croma people but not by me.
        3- I didn’t received any updates about the status of my camera and I believe that my camera was misused, mishandled and then broken.
        4- Inspite of visiting Croma Store and giving assurance on saturday that I will be updated on Monday I haven’t received any information.
        5- I have lost many opportunities where it was required by me to take pictures and use my camera which I will not get again. How is Croma as well as Canon going to compensate for this loss as it is the problem with the processes of Croma and Canon because of which I am suffering.
        6- Since it is no fault of mine I am not going to pay for the repair and I want a detail about my camera and the date, time and place when I will receive it.
        7- In the job card of Canon when it is a computerized job card why entries are filled with pen? How can I believe that these entries are genuine and are not compromised?

        I believe that I will receive a prompt and appropriate reply and my issues and concerns will be taken care by both Croma and Canon as there were Canon representative also present in the Croma retail shop.


        Purchase Date- 17-02-2013
        Submitted Date at Croma- 22-09-13
        Delivered to Canon- 26-09-13
        Expected Date of Delivery Warranty Case (4 Working Days)
        Expected date of Delivery Non Warranty Case (7 Working Days)
        My camera was submitted as non warranty case.

        Sir Please advise me what steps should I take.

        Advocates are asking Rs3000 for filling the case.


      • Sir I send them this mail on November 1. Is this acceptable as a notice.

        Dear Croma,

        This has been more than month. I have received calls from Croma store that Camera is fine but lens and the problem is not rectified and I will not collect defective piece.

        Please consider this as a notice and after a period of 7 days I will be lodging a complaint in Consumer Forum.
        Please rectify my problems and issues and the inform me of the way you are going to compensate for the delay in the delivery and the problems that I faced.
        I even cannot take pictures in Diwali.

        In the telecon with the Canon authority they also agreed that it is a fault of Croma store and a delay of 4 days is unacceptable.


  167. Hello,
    I had booked tickets on an airline through a reputed online travel agency. I missed the flight and after confirming the NO-SHOW and deducting fare and other relevant charges, the airline initiated a refund of the AIRLINE/AIRPORT Usage taxes. However, since the ticket was booked through the travel agency, the amount has been credited to their account and it is the responsibility of the agency to route it to me.

    However, the travel agency is quoting their own charges and reverted back saying these charges amount to more than the refund and hence, there is no refund amount for me in this case.

    The agency charges are as follows. Cancellation charges, convenience charges (for online booking) and discount charges.

    First, this is not a cancellation but a NO SHOW. So, the claim is false.
    Second, the convenience charge has already been pocketed by the agency and is neither claimed by me nor a part of the airline refund.
    Finally, discount charges can be claimed if there is a cancellation. But since NO-SHOW is essentially a consumed ticket, there should be no case to charge this.

    is this a fit case for a consumer complaint? Any prior cases of the above type you have come across. Here is a related and identical case. Note the responses.

    • No show is worse than cancellation. Because this may lead to a seat going empty.
      Go through the terms and conditions printed on the ticket and then decide whether they have charged excess……if yes, you can certainly file a complaint in the cosumer forum.
      Binoy Gupta

  168. SUROOP CS
    INVOICE NO:1127
    I SUROOP C.S on 3rd september i brought a new laptop of SONY VAIO SVF 15213 NB(Sl.No: 0009620) from SONY VAIO MEERA ELECTRONICS SYSTEM AND SERVICES ,LULU SHOPPING MALL @ EDAPPALLY ,KOCHI – 682024. There was a manuacturing defect on the laptop which i brought, on the right side of the laptop there is a sound when i shaked it.When i told this problem after two days through phone the seller said it is not an issue it is from DVD DRIVE. it happens normally .After my 10 days holiday when i came back the seller directly told go and show this laptop to service center.When i asked for a replacement he rejected it by saying,replacment can only be done within 3 days.Atlast when i go to service center there the operator told replacement can be done within one week.since the laptop have been taken around two weeks it can’t be replaced and inorder to repair it they want to open will take 1 day to get back and plus wastage of my precious time and that to for a new laptop which cost Rs.38,900
    when i gone for getting back, again i found the same problem and it extent to one more day to solve the results in lot of loss for me like my time, money valuable works @ my class etc.. and too I found battery back up got up less and there was scratch after it done with service.I brought this laptop on borrowing money from someone. I am coming from a KERALA SCHEDULE CASTE family and who is pusuing MBA .In any case i need a COMPENSATION for what your company had done on me and that too on a new laptop.

    Please help iam poor

    • Filing a consumer complaint involves time and some money, unless you can file it personally.
      Being a scheduled case or a student of MBA does not really matter.
      The concept of damages is practically not known in India.
      If you want to claim damages, you will have to prove the loss you have suffered, other wise, you get only token damages.
      Try to get the lap top repaired.
      Binoy Gupta

  169. Hi Sir,
    I am using KENT RO last four year and every year i am being taken AMC of this RO system(Charged of AMC Rs 4000/-) from Tuffle appliances.But service provider not provide the services properly , they are not serious and punctual for any complaints are reported by me about RO system.In present time my RO is not working since last 6 days and i am regularly call to the service provider but i am not found their service.

    • I suggest you talk to Kent helpline and do what they suggest.
      Change the AMC provider if possible.
      This is too small a matter to file a consumer complaint unless you have a lot of spare time or money to spend.
      Binoy Gupta

  170. i have purchased refrigerator of whirlpool one year back. Being in army as i posted in place like Faridkot in punjab my refrigerator stopped working.
    Subsequently I approached Consumer care center of Whirlpool for its repair. seven days past now also no one has come for repair,however I received email from whirlpool that engineer will come next day………but no one has come till date.

    • Filing a consumer complaint is a tedious process.
      Talk to the Consumer Care Centre of Whirlpool every day….send them one email every day.
      And tell them that if they dont get it repaired immediately, you will file a consumer complaint.
      That should work.
      Otherwise, You can always file a consumer complaint.
      Binoy Gupta

  171. Dear Sir,

    I have given one mobile to repair at authorized repair center. It has been more than 10 month now and I haven’t received my mobile back. Whenever I have visited the shop I got assurance that they will give my mobile back in good condition in week time but not received my mobile yet. It has happen 5 times till date.
    Please suggest what to do. How do I receive my mobile back? Can I register a case in consumer court?


  172. Dear sir
    I bought karbonn A25 on 23rd may,2013.In october I started facing problem regarding the touchscreen.soon after, I gave my cell to service center ‘all cell solution,jwala nagar’ 7/274, near mcd school.after 15 days,they fixed the touchscreen and gave it back to me.A little while after receiving the phone,I realised that the ‘lock’ button of my phone is not working properly.when I plugged the phone into charger the charged for a little while and soon after charger also stoped working.since,my phone is in warranty till 22nd may,2014 and the warranty of charger is till 23rd november,2013.i contacted the service center ‘all cell solution,jwala nagar’ for the defective charger,they told me that they are out of stock of charger and told me to go to nirmaan vihar for the same.when I went nirmaan vihar center I was again told the same thing and again told to go to noida service center.This process went on till I’ve spend hundreds of rupees and lot of time in travelling.I also contacted karbonn customer care,and they told me that until service center don’t send request for chargers to the company.Company can not send chargers. I’ve suffered ill-treatment in service centers as the service personnel misbehaved with me every time I went there.A lots of time and money was wasted in trival pursuits of getting my phone fixed up.I am very disappointed with the after sale service of karbonn.

    necessary details:-

    Bill serial number :- 091 pasi communication M-17/A-3,Dilshad Garden
    IMEI number of phone :- 911308400263229
    repairing job sheet no :- 2178

    Please suggest me what to do? Can I file a case in consumer court?

  173. SRS Travels Fraud in Banglore…

    I had booked ticket for 15/11/2013 from Bangalore to Hyderabad. My pick point was MARATHALLI but bus didn’t come to pick up point. Your agency (SRS Travels) sent a pick up van (at 9:10 PM) and I went to Anand Rao Circle. I had already boarded the bus after submitting my two carry bags (10:45 PM). I was also carrying two small cartoon of books, so the conductor denied to take it for the journey and suggest to send it through VRL Logistic (another Travels Agency). I had been to VRL logistic to deliver my cartoons and the bus left in 5 mins without informing me by leaving my two carry bags in open. I also asked the person who was the counter-in-charge to return my ticket fair, he too denied to return. Somehow I managed to return to my home at 12:30 in the night.

    What kind of service it is?
    Where are my carry bags?
    If you can’t take me in your bus than why can’t you return my ticket fair?
    If you were not ready to carry all my luggage, then why did you pick me up
    from Marathalli?

    I am frustrated and can go to any extent to get my belongings and ticket
    fair. I hope you will take proper care of my horrible experience with you,
    otherwise I will go for legal action through proper channels.

    Pratik Kumar Sarangi,

  174. Sir ,Pls. find below my complaint against HDFC on non disbursment of home loan -Pls. suggest can I go ahead to lodge in consumer court.
    Particulars /Details of Complaint application:
    We had finalised resale property and applied in HDFC Limited for home loan of Rs.35,00,000/- in April-13 by submitting all required self as well as property documents which HDFC sales representative Mr.Veerprakash asked for. Bank had demanded all property registered documents of first & second owner also which we had submitted to them. When Mr. Veerprakash received property documents ,he told us that there are already two home loans going ON which are approved by HDFC , hence there would be no any issue reg. property to disburse home loan to us on this particular property. After submitting all required documents to bank we have got confirmation of home loan approval on our file no.608305472 and they had confirmed us for going ahead for property registration. Accordingly we have did the aggrement of assignment on 15th June-13with property owner in sub-registrar haveli-IV office by paying required stamp duty rs.2,40,000/- , registration fees of rs.30,420/- , legal fees rs. 15,000/-, bank processing fees rs.11236/- and other charges @rs.10,000/-(Total of @rs.3,15,000/- ).
    After then Banks has demanded us original aggrement which we had did with property seller for loan disbursement purpose which we have submitted to them .In receipt of original agreement copy from us ; Mr. Veerprakash has confirmed us and our property seller that HDFC will disburse loan within next ten days. When we had contact Bank after week period , they had told us that loan borrower have to make aggrement with Bank reg. terms & conditions repayment paying stamp duty charges of Rs.7562/- which they have taken us from 13th July-13.However when we have contacted Bank for loan disbursement & signing on bank agreement which they had asked for , we got thier reply that our loan will not get disburse due to some legal reasons. Hence we had approached HDFC ,shivajinagar branch but nobody allowed us to meet related persons. We had again and again tried to meet bank officers but they denied to meet .When after several follow-ups and requests we meet to legal & technical department where we surprisely came to understand that Mr. Veerprakash has not contacted internally them of loan clearance against property selected,before giving confirmation to us for go ahead for registration of property. We have severally contacted HDFC peoples of legal & technical officials for clearing our loan by telling them that we had given 7 lacks rs. advance to property seller on confirmation from HDFC clerance and we had spent Rs.3.15 lacks on account of property registration but they refused to hear our request & asked us to contact with HDFC sales dept. only to whom we had in dealing with. We had again and again contacted HDFC sales dept. & requested that already we had paid advance amount of rs. 7,00,000/- to seller which we can’t received back since we confirmed seller that HDFC already given clearance for loan disbursement and accordingly Seller also invested to brought new property. But Sales persons also not listened us & told us that loan disbursement is in hand of legal & technical department, so you need to follow with them only. We are already in financial trouble and due to non disbursement of loan by HDFC ,we had cancelled our purchasing registered aggrement with seller. The whole Cancellation Deed cost also we had paid including all legal ,registration office fees & other documentation charges @10,000/-.In this total procedure from home loan application to Bank till Cancellation Deed we had paid @3,25,000/- as well as we are getting very much mentally penalised and harassed by Bank peoples.During this period we were not in position to made round in Bank for followups since we had given birth to our baby in May-13 ,eventhough to get our money back we had tried to made several followups in that condition also.Actually on the basis of confirmation of loan disbursement from Mr. Veerprakash of sales dept. only we forced to did the aggrement & now we had not getting any support form bank. We would like to request you to please give justice us by arranging to refund us form HDFC bank the loss incurred on account of stamp duty,registration charges, legal fees & Bank fees, Cancellation Deed charges etc in total of@ Rs.3,25,000/- as we spent the same after firm confirmation from HDFC Bank of loan disbursement only.

      • Thanks Sir….I would like to ask that Bank peoples are saying that as per our loan sanction letter ,Bank reserves the right to non disbursment loan at any time…..But before making registartion aggrement Bank have to inform me so that I could saved my stamp duty & regst. fees paid to Govt , Legal cahrges etc. Rs3.25 lacks.

  175. Hello Sir. I am new in the city (Bangalore) and I paid an advance to a sofa maker. He had promised that he will make the sofa within 7 days. It has been over a month and he has still not delivered the sofa. He has now stopped taking our calls and I feel that he doesn’t want to return the advance we had paid to him. Amount is Rs. 10,500 . It would be great if you can advise if I can approach the Consumer Forum for the same.
    Thank you.

  176. Hi all,

    I would like to introduce to this Forum a new website in the service of harrowed consumers – Initiated by a well known and experienced legal adviser Mr. Shivesh K Sinha, Advocate, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Bihar, is the right place to find out how you can claim what is your right against faulty traders and service providers. All you need to do is pose your query in the simple query form, and our legal adviser will review your complaint and suggest you an appropriate solution at the earliest. But that is not all. The website will also guide you on the steps of filing a complaint, plus has an Online Complaint Tool feature to help you get your complaint generated in a format prescribed by the consumer court(s). All this for absolutely no charge.

    I will urge everyone on this Forum to take advantage of this initiative and spread the news, far and wide.

    Power to Consumer

  177. Hi, I have joined for beauty treatment paid 30000 its just less than a month. i have took one session also on the same day of joining. I think they took much amount from me. So I wanted to cancel the treatment as i am not interested, So they are saying that they cannot refund the money as the bill contains the money is not refundable. so can you please suggest how can I get my money back. Is it possible or not?

    • You can not go to the Consumer Forum, simply because you are not interested in continuing, or because the charges are too high.
      You can file a consumer complaint if there is deficiency in services.
      Binoy Gupta

  178. hi sir
    i have bought a room heater 7 days back of morphy richards.
    cost of rs4739.
    it is not working properly.
    i lodged complaint at service centre and mailed them also.service boy came to house and said its ok without even checking properly.
    the problem still persists.
    can i go for a complaint.
    do i have to complaint against the dealer or the company

  179. Hi Sir
    Based on the information provided by the company’s representative on telephone, I agreed to take policy named -‘Cash Flow Plan’
    Though from the beginning I was asking for being very much clear about terms and conditions of the policy I was explained –

    1. Premium paying term of 4 years and policy term of 10 years.
    2. 1 gm of gold coin offer with policy.
    On receiving documents it was observed that –
    1. In policy documents (bond) as policy term of 10 years and premium paying term also of 10 years, which not explained earlier.
    2. During explaining about policy they promised of 1gm gold coin with policy. After getting
    policy documents they did not send gold coin. In policy documents they have clearly mentioned no gifts are offered with the policy.
    On repeated inquiry they managed to send one gold coin, on checking it was found that the coin was actually weighing only 0.5 gms and not 1 gram.
    3. Contact number printed in the policy documents is wrong.
    4. The basic plan mentioned in the policy and quotaion provided by the company doesn’t matches with each other.
    5. The work place, height and weight mentioned in policy documents is incorrect, this information was not collected by the company from me.
    6. One of the signature in the application form is dummy.
    So looking at above misguiding, cheating and forgery in the documentation I submitted application for cancellation of policy. But the company has deducted 2275/- rupees and giving reason of terms and conditions of the policy.
    Even after repeated request to refund total amount paid towards premium paid by me, they have not taken any action and finally asked me to contact local Reliance life office. I tried to contact through mail and forwarded my request nobody has responded.

    So I want to file a complaint of misguiding, cheating and forgery in documentation and fraud against Reliance Life Insurance Company in consumer court. is It Okay.

    • Here the fraud was probably committed by some agent.
      But go ahead and file a consumer complaint.
      Binoy Gupta

  180. Hi. I have booked a residential flat in April 2011 at mira road, mumbai which was under construction that time. After taking 20% of the total amount the builder changed the plan of the site in Nov 2011 and forced us to re-elect the flat and told us that they would get it approved soon and then after registration will be done once the construction will be started. It’s been 2.8 years now but they are still saying that they haven’t got the approval due to which construction is not started. I have been trapped and going through difficulties by paying rents and interests on loans here. Can you please suggest what should i do to come out of this trap.

      • so far i have paid approx 13 lacs. Can you help in this case ? if yes, kindly give me your office address.

      • Hello Binoy sir,

        Can you please tell me in my case currently builder is charging 1% MVAT on the agreement value, but i think this amount is to be paid by the builder.Please correct me if i am wrong. Also could you please tell me the current stamp duty applicable on properties in Thane (5% or 6%).

      • VAT is normally payable by the purchaser. But see what the sake agreement says.
        I have no idea about the stamp duty and regn. expenses.
        The builder’s lawyer should be able to give you these details.
        Binoy Gupta

  181. I am being using Tata Photon Plus connection around last 2 years time. Recently from last 4 months time, I am using Rs 400 plan which is expected to give at least 1 MBPS speed for first 1GB surfing. Then it is expected to give me Unlimited Usage at speeds up to 153.6 Kbps. I tried making complaint with tata teleservices that I am not getting even 10 KBPS, but no one is ready to listen to me. Tata Teleservices is not ready to take my complaint. What Nodal Officer said to me is as Company claimed that after usage speed will be from 0 KPBS to 153 KBPS, so even if you are getting 1 or 2 KBPS speed we cant take complaint. As a customer, do we really expect to get 5-10 KBPS when Company is advertising it as upto 153.3 KBPS. Isnt it is a cheating with genuine Customer? May I know to whom I need to contact for resolution. Who will listen to my voice? Tata Teleservice is not ready to take my complaint.

    Now I am thinking to close my connection.

    • This is really too small a matter to file a consumer complaint.
      Simply change the service provider.
      You have so many.
      Binoy Gupta

  182. Hello Sir,I had purchased a Mobile handset of a branded Indian Company in April 2013 in Mumbai with one year warranty.After approximately three and a half months of the purchase in August,2013,various problems started cropping up and in a span of other four and a half months the handset had to be sent to the company’s service centre and it had to be repaired three times.After that again a problem occurred for the fourth time and this time I thought that enough is enough and thereafter sent a mail today to the company asking them to give me a full refund of my purchase price or else I will file a case against them in the consumer court.I received a call from their executive today morning informing me that his company is ready to replace this defective handset with a new one.But when I told him that I will accept the new handset but with a warranty of one year for it,he refused it by saying that he can give warranty as per the old handset’s warranty only,i.e as per the old invoice of the to be replaced handset.I refused his offer saying that when I am entitled to a new handset then I should get it with a new warranty of 1 year as my old handset remained with the service centre for more than three months due to it’s defectiveness.

    Now,my question is that according to consumer rights,can I press for a full refund only or is it mandatory/compulsory for a consumer to accept a replacement in lieu of the defective product and not press for a full refund? I actually wanted a full refund because I fear that if the warranty of this handset gets expired in March,2014 and if some problems occur thereafter then what will I do? I don’t want to experience the harrowing experience again that I had with the old defective handset.I don’t have faith in their product now and am worried that if I accept the new handset,the same problems might happen again and now with a new warranty of three months,the matter would get worse.

    Please advise me whether I can refuse their replacement with a warranty of only three months and instead press for a full refund of my purchase price of the handset according to consumer law.

    Thank you in advance for the answer.

    • Take the replacement.
      If its a new piece, there will not be any problem.
      In case of defective pieces, normally, problems start appearing within a month or so.
      If there are problems, you can again fight.

      Binoy Gupta

      • Thanks a ton for the reply Binoy Ji but I would like to know from you that as per the consumer rights law,can I refuse the replacement and instead press for a full refund of my purchase price or is it compulsory to accept the replacement? I am afraid that with the three months warranty,I might land in to troubled waters again and I don’t want to take chances.What will happen if the handset starts troubling after three months when the warranty expires? My purchased handset started giving me trouble after three months only as you might have read in my post above and hence I am least interested in taking the replacement with a three month warranty now.Just tell me whether it is in my right as a consumer to refuse the replacement and instead ask for a full refund only? And if the full refund is denied by the company and they only offer replacement then can I take them to consumer court for obtaining my full refund and in such a case what are my chances of winning?

        Thank you.

      • I really do not know the answer to your question.
        You will have to file a consumer complaint and see.
        Binoy Gupta

  183. Dear Sir

    I have a complaint against PNB metlife regarding life insurance policy which was mis-sold to me one year back. I communicated with company several times but the company has not agreed to refund my deposit money. Hence, I have decided to move to consumer court. It would be great help if you could let know me the chances of winning a case in consumer court. I know my complaint is quite strong as company and their agents have cheated me right from the beginning and my signature has also been forged.

    Any suggestion from you would be great help to me.

    Thank you
    Divyanshu Yadav

  184. can we complaint against university or not in consumer form ? i enrolled in rajasthan university in 2004 . in 2006 medical department separetes from this university and a new university named as rajasthan university of health sciences is established in 2006 . they conduct our 2nd year , 3rd year and final year bds exam .and they give provisional degree by using our old enrollment no. now i admission in post graduate courses under the same university (rajsthan university of health sciences ) now they pass a order that enrollment before 2006 are not valid and we should enrolled in university as a new student as a fees of 400 and late fees 1000 rs per month. please reply

  185. Hi Binoy,

    I just found a live worm in a Cadbury Dairy Milk Crackle packet that I opened. The worm was actually feeding off and living inside the chocolate piece. When I opened the packet, the chocolate had a whitish layer on it, but on the packaging it says, “Temperature and humidity changes may cause product to develop a whitish layer, without affecting its fitness for consumption”. It was when I broke a piece of it, that I noticed something move, and realized it was a worm. I have wrapped up the rest of the chcolate bar & kept it with me now, as I’m sure there might be more inside it. I also have pictures of the worm as proof.
    The chocolate pkg date is 01/2013. Best before 12 months from packaging.

    I wish to sue Cadbury for this. Please suggest how do I go about addressing it.

    • I do not know where you are located.
      You can certainly sue Cadbury….
      But remember, they will engage senior lawyers to fight their case.
      If you wish to go ahead, send the Chocolate to a reputed laboratory and obtain a test report first.
      Binoy Gupta

  186. Thanks for this great article. For business related transaction what is the procedure to file a complaint or get compensation? Thanks.

    • The Consumer Protection Act is essentially for consumers.
      Would you give more details of the transactions you have in mind?
      The normal legal procedure for business related transactions is to file a case in the Civil Court.
      Binoy Gupta

  187. DEAR SIR, I purchase agoods fm maya life style,ranchi amt. my sbi credit card.i have been chargedtwice for the same amount on 01/08/ dispute amount is2000rs.the merchant told me that your dispute amount is return in your credit account.on same day i contact asbi card coustmer care and told him for my dispute ammount. he suggest me i have to filled a dispute form with tranction charge slip.i did same and send form with tranction slip and send it his email id.on dated 15/12/2013 on my monthly statement of mr credit card i found the amount of2000 rs is charged by me .when i querries about this amount sbi card custmer care told me that this dispute ammount has been deposited by yoy .then i said why he said on lodge dispute complaint by you is veriy bysbi found on dated by your card amount of 2000 rstwice tranction at mayalife style,ranchi.but it is fact on this dated i purchase only please suggest me what to do……

  188. Dear Sir,

    I bought hyundai i20 CRDI Sportz car in July 2012 from day one itself there are issue showing up due to falulty assembly, spares etc. In last 18 months major components replaced are, steering assembly ( within 5 month of purchase), sensors, brake rotor and brake vacum pump ( within one year), wind shield , i visited many times for various issues to the Hyundai service centre regarding dash board noise , door issues, etc. Problems are repeating very often. I am scared to drive this as major componants are failing one after the other. They are replacing everything under warranty, but i donot when and what fail next time. Before replacement of brake disk, there were frequent brake failures. Could you please guide me will this stand in consumer court if i ask for the replacement or compensation for selling a car which has a history of failure of major components.



    • I do not know where you are located and where is the office of Hyundai Service Centre.
      You should consult a competent lawyer and file a complaint in the Consumer Forum.
      There is no point in owning such a defective car.
      Binoy Gupta

      • Thanks for the advice, I am basically working in Bangalore and i used to service my car at Advaith Hyundai, mission road, bangalore.



  189. i have purchased one flate from avolon residency bhiwadi. builder is late to give possesion of flate by 1 .5 year .builder is demanding interest of late payment during booking without agreement during booking pls, suggest

    • Please give more details with the relevent dates.
      Date of booking, date(s) of payment, amounts, etc.
      Binoy Gupta

      • i bought a new karbonn tablet through started hanging on i gave it to the nearest service center (mobile gallery,137a. 1st floor,north veli street ,opp.sulthan hotel,madurai-625001) ph-0452-4371292.i gave it to service before almost two months .when ever i ask them they are saying it is in new delhi head office for service.for furthur query i contacted the toll free no .they told we cant track your service because we cant track u through this IMEI- (ST80413002007).it is invalid so they asked me to ask the service center for full job sheet no.but when ever i called them for asking full job sheet no.they are not telling me the full jobs sheet no.first time i called they said no electricity,second time i called they said system problem,next time i called they are saying he is out of service we cant tell your jobsheet no right now we will tell one week later.they are keeps on saying like this.can i file a consumer complaint

  190. Hi,
    I had purchased nokia lumia 925 in campus sale with a discount of around 10%. After 5 days of purchase i noticed that the panel was damaged. When i went to Nokia care center (VCare mobile solutions, Bangalore) i dint get a responsible reply from them so i had to write an email to customer care regarding the same.When Customer care representative informed nokia care center(NCC) people to take action they serviced my phone. But later on within a month another problem arised with my phone’s audio jack. I had to go to the NCC twice for the same problem.But in the process of servicing they damaged my phone’s panel very badly even though the problem with my phone’s audio jack was not working at all. When i observed it I demanded for a replacement. They said the phone will be sent to Head Office where the phone will be examined and the further action will be taken. But after few weeks I’m getting a registered post from NCC telling me to collect the serviced phone.
    I bought my phone on OCT 30th 2013 and within a span of 2 months i had to face so many problems in my phone. I’m demanding for the replacement but they are not ready for that either.
    Even now i’m writing continuous mails to Customer Care to which they are replying in a diplomatic way saying nothing clearly. Even though my phone is serviced i’m not ready to take the same since i had demanded for the replacement.
    Now i want to file a case demanding for the refund of the money. I’m also planning to ask for the compensation. What amount will i be eligible to ask as a compensation… I bought the phone for 29k.. Kindly reply..

    • You can file a Consumer complaint and and claim the refund. But in India, consumer forums give only nominal damages unless you can prove the loss.
      The approx. amount you can expect is about Rs. 5000.
      Binoy Gupta

  191. Dear sir,

    I had invested 1Lakh rupees in a Pvt Ltd. company on August, 2012, Company had promised to give me 5% return every month. But company had given return only for one month and after that they are making me fool and till date neither returns nor priciple amount had been given to me. They had given me a PDC Cheque of 1 Lakh of my principle amount, but cheque got bounced. After that I sent a legal notice to compny regarding the bounced cheque, but I did not get any response, because office was closed and notice was returned due to office closed. Then I came to know that the MD of this company had been arrested on behalf of some more FIRs lodged for cheating cases, that is why, the office was closed. Then I filed a case in court on behalf of that returned legal notice.

    Then now I want to know what will happen on this my case filed in court, if accused had allready been arrested in Lucknow jail on some other’s complains before my case was filed. Will I be able to recover my amount of bounced cheque in this condition as accused is allready in Jail….? Will I be eligible to get just double amount of bounced cheque…?

    Please tell me how will my case be effected by the arresting of accused before my case was filed, will it be in my favour or not…?

    Thanks & regards,

  192. Dear sir,
    I have booked open plot in Karvy Nova Extension for whoich I have poaid 4.5 lacs. The comapny has promised that the layout gets approval and will be registered but there is no demand from the company to pay the balance amount as tehy dont get Govt approval for the layout. Can I get refund the advance amount I paid?

    • l presume your plot in Hyderabad.
      Why don’t you address a letter to the seller asking about the project and when they will start?
      Then you can decide your future course of action.
      Binoy Gupta

  193. Hi

    I have ordered a laptop from After receiving the laptop i found it was faulty with many problems. Then i raised a complain with flipkart customer care guys. Then they assured me that they will do something on this matter. Then after my repeated calls to them no solutions yet , this is the 10th day. So shall i go to consumer forum or i will wait for some more time. But their 10day assurance is over today.

    • At its best, the Consumer Forum takes several months to give its decision.
      Flipkart customer care is very good and responsive.

      I suggest you follow up with them. 10 days is not too much.

      Binoy Gupta

  194. Sir,
    I am a senior citizen, I had filed a complaint in District Consumer Forum against a builder for having allotted a smaller space than assured in the document. The District Forum dismissed my complaint without referring to catena of judgments and evidences in my favour. I have now filed an appeal in Maharashtra State Commission against the order of the District Forum. The State Commission has refused to accept a carpet area certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation and has asked me to submit a certificate from an architect. I am arranging for a certificate of an architect, my query is: how do I submit this certificate, do I hand it over to the Hon. State Commission at the appointed date or do I have to prepare some affidavit to be submitted with the certificate. I also want to draw the attention of the State Commission to the judgments and evidences that I had submitted to the District Forum.
    I shall thank you for the advice.
    Kishor Mehta

    • Dear Kishor

      I do not know what your stakes are…..
      Whatever the reasons are, the fact remains you have lost in the District Forum.

      Every thing will depend on the Forum’s order and also the State Commissions order.
      If you do not have an advocate….consult and engage someone …..of course, if the amount involved justifies this.
      Its not only about how to submit the documents….but the contents …or drafting of the contents.

      Binoy Gupta

  195. Good Evening

    IMEI 1:911310650154827
    IMEI 2:911310650154835
    Issue of Mobile: Automatically restarting

    Sub: Issue is not solving from last four months.
    I buy CELKON A-58 mobile for Rs.3949/- on 08-07-2013 from BIG-C (Invoice no.SI/HYMT/4909), and I am facing so many problem with CELKON mobile.
    1) After 15 days from date of purchase the mobile speaker was not working and head phone also not working. As per your suggestion I approach to TIMELINE MOBILES service centre,chirag-ali, raghava ratna towers,abids,Hyderabad. they kept it one day with them and solved mobile speaker issue. I asked about head phone speaker, they said they don’t have stock and come after one week for exchange the speaker as per warranty.
    2) After two months I faced one more big issue that is my mobile was automatically restarting frequently.
    3.I again approach to TIMELINE MOBILE service centre on 25/10/2013, and they kept the mobile with them from morning to evening and return to me. But problem was not solved. Mobile was automatically restarting.
    4.I again submitted to the Timelinemobile service centre on 26/10/2013, they return to me same day without solving issue. And they said mobile has to sent to L3 for resolve the issue and it takes 20-25days for resolve.
    5.I again Hand over mobile on 1/11/2013 and collected on 25/11/2013. After half an hour the problem was repeated.
    6.I call to celkon customer care 9052345678 regarding the issue. They advice to approach MOBILE 9 service centre, dilsuknagar, hyderabad.
    7. As per the advice of customer care representative, i hand over mobile to MOBILE 9 service centre on 01/12/2013. And they said it will take 20 days of time. I collected on 21/12/2013. But problem was not solved. Mobile was restarting again and again.
    8. Immediatly (21/12/2013) i again handover my mobile to them same day (work order no.CM13C04115968 ).They said again it has to send to L3 support and it takes 15-20 days time.
    9. Today I collected mobile from MOBILE 9 service centre. But problem has been repeated again, my mobile auto restarting.
    10. My issue is not solving from last 4 months. I purchased on 8 jul 2013(6 months back) and almost 5 months it kept in service centers only. And I roam to service centers nearly 10 times (each time I spend Rs.40 to Rs.50 travelling charges). I wasted my valuable time, and money (Product cost, travelling Expenses) for MOBILE.
    It’s very difficult to me managing myself without mobile phone from last four months. I am temporary adjusting with my family and friends mobile.
    11. And also I am sending so many mails to, but am not getting any reply from them.
    12. Today I called to customer care 9052345678 and spoke to your representative LAXMI regarding the issue and I ask why you are not replying my mails.
    She told that “call tomorrow after 1PM”.
    I get such an irresponsible answer from your representative.
    And very difficulty managing myself without mobile phone from last four months. Money and Time is very valuable to me. Please help me to solve the issue.

  196. I have purchased a whirlpool Fully automatic washing machine on 03rd july, 2013.
    It stopped working from 15th December, 2013. A complaint was filed on 17th December ( complaint number: 3PT1213003330; they mentioned a wrong machine, which doesn’t belong to me, in complaint)
    Again while follow up I come to know, they mentioned a wrong machine. again a fresh complaint was filed PT1213006578 on 25th December.
    No action taken by service provider…….
    Again they closed the both complaints without rectifying it.

    Again a fresh complaint filed on 7th January,2014 ( complaint No. PT0114001190)

    No action taken by concern department till time….

    Now tell me what to do…… Its more than a month.
    my laundry bill came around 5000,

    I have to give a written notice to Whirlpool?
    I can approach to consumer forum according to same reference as I stated…….

      • Sir,

        I had purchased a max new york life insurance life time policy in 2004. they had promised a lot of things in that, like the value of the policy would gradually increase over the time and bonus would be given and others in written. but the policy has not done well so far. i have paid 1,50,000 over the past 10 years and now when i approach the company for surrender or cancellation of the policy they keep asking me to continue the policy.

        the surrender value offered by them is merely 39000, i am shocked.

        what steps should i take now pl suggest.

      • Please consult a lawyer and file a complaint in the Consumer Court provided you have all the paper work in place

  197. Dear Mr Yazdi,

    my father purchased a HDFC LIfe Click 2 protect term plan for himself, basically this plan was of 10 years with the annual Installment of Rs- 7101 & sum assured f RS- 10 Lakhs, in this plan if my father got expired within 10 years then the company will pay me the sum assured amount, in this policy all the papers were filled by me with the help of HDFC Life customer care executive & they instruct me to fill detail about my father health with no, it means that my father dont have any physical issue, but honestly he had, & i did the same with no, & now my father got expired on 23- 08-2013, & submit the claim with all necessary document in the nearest branch of the company, investigation was done after 15 days of the submission of the claim form, in investigation i submit the medical Report of Year 2012, hence the policy was taken in 2013, after 3 months company rejected my claim with the reason that i did not mention the health detail of my father in the policy paper, so kindly tell me that what should i do now bcoz this claim amount means for my family a lot & i fill the form according to hte instruction of their company executive

  198. Thanku sir for your help regarding filing a case … Bt m still confused of wt evidences will i need …
    I have bought a bsnl tablet last year in april. Nd since den its nt working i had it just for a month in my is in d service centre..dey deliever it to me after a 5-6 weeks nd evrytym its nt working again..nw dey r saying that dey cannot help further … Its warrenty is till april dis year …i want to ask wt all things will i need to file a case..i will obliged if u help me asap..

  199. Thank for this post. Very Helpful!
    I have received a inoperative product from shopclues and am preparing to file a complaint in consumer court. They advertise full refund within 10 days of purchase but have not adhered to it. I have a few questions:

    1. Can the notice be sent by email?

    2. I live in Bangalore and the address of shopclues is new delhi. Can i file in Bangalore counsumer court?

    3.How much compensation can I claim? I know this is subjective but what are the typicla figures for anguish, delays and other intangible costs of a deficient product

    4.Can I ask that misleading ‘buyer protection program’ contents on their website be altered or removed. It would be a shame if they could continue to mislead customers

    Many thanks once again

  200. Hello sir,

    I need your opinion of taking action against Karbonn mobiles . I bought a smart phone through online on May 4th 2013 with in 2 months of usage i realised it is a defective peace and submitted the same in
    service center on 4th December 2013 and was given with a job sheet number. I was also informed that my problem will be resolved with 45 days from the date of complaint. Now it is almost 60 days neither service provider is responding nor the service manager not even a single official from karbonn. I am vexed off to reach customer care as it always rings but none of the executive answers, this is a daily routine for the past few weeks.Finally i dropped a mail to support team requesting the status of my mobile service, all i get is an automated mail stating my complaint is under process and we require some more time. No where they stated the status and how long they need as i already awaiting since 60 days.

    So i thought of approaching consumer forum , request your support in this regard.


  202. Hi, I have purchase charger from one of india leading online retailers before one months. I found that Company logo is not on it. So, it may be duplicate one. I wrote online review for that also in retailer website. After some time, Due to this duplicate charger, my laptop burnt and dammage fully. Please,As this online retailers claim about only genuine product. Give advice, how to file aginst them and get refund for charger and as well as laptop

  203. Good Day Sir/Mam,
    On 28 Jan 2014, I had given my Micromax, android super canvas phone A100 model to Micromax service station at Eternity Mall Thane (w). which is not under warrenty. I had given it to remove 1. Little dust under the display. (2) A message pops up as “Android stopped working” and (3) photos taken are stored upside down in the gallery. The service station called me next day and gives me the estimate of Rs 9000 saying there is board issue. I told them there was no issue with the board. I told them that “in that amount of 9000, I can buy a new phone”. so don’t do anything. Next day when I went to collect the phone, I found out the display was in the dirty condition as if cleaned with dirty cloth, completely stained, and a scratch mark by the camera. and the person says me that they cannot clean the display. I told him that you already have tried to clean it, the dust has gone but it is not cleaned properly. Then I noticed the phone was not getting on at all and understood that the service center has damaged my phone. I again gave my phone back and told them to give me my phone in the same condition as I had given it to them. After two three days when I went, the display screen was able to get on but was not working. The touch screen was not working properly and was jumping, some application would come repeatedly. Nos would come continuously. Finally the service people are not agreeing on that they have damaged my phone Micromax A100. Can you please help me to get my phone back in good working condition as it was before? The phone was in good working condition. I mainly wanted to have only the dust removed from the screen.
    Please help me get my phone back . Do you think I can put a case in consumer court. I have complained to Micromax Gurgaon main office, Delhi as well. even they say that you will have to pay the amount in lieu to get the phone repaired. I tried with Akosha and even they could not help me.

    I have hopes that if only I file a complaint through consumer court, I might be able to get some help.

  204. Hi,

    I had purchased a flat in Feb’12. As per agreement he should have handed over my flat by Aug’13. Failing which he would pay 6.5/Sq.feet as compensation. Till now he has not handed over it. Every three months he keeps extending the schedule by another 3 months and doesn’t say any reason for the rescheduling. Can i file a case asking when it would be completed and an increased compensation (say 15/Sq.Feet)?

    i have the agreement copy and the mails he had sent extending the schedule.

  205. I have purchased a product from snap deal. The product was damaged at the time of delivery. I maid several phone calls requesting for a reverse pick no one has turned up yet. I wrote to snapdeal but no response. Now, I want to file a case in Consumer court.

    I would like to know that Snapdeal is located in gurgaon and I’m in hyderabad. So, can I file a case in Hyderabad consumer court?

  206. I have purchased country club vacations in India. Its been 8 months and I took it on EMI making payment through credit card. But 2 months back i got call from country club asking for full payment so that the membership cards will be dispatched immediately and start using vacation. I am residing in Dubai I still did not get my membership cards from them which was supposed to deliver in 1 week as they promised. Its been more than 2.5 months. I did not use my vacation till now. I have formal mail conversation with the employee of country club. Can i file a case without coming back to India. Will i be able to get my amount back. 1.1 Lakhs i have paid towards membership.Please suggest.

    • Hi Sir, did you get your money back, let me know, i am also victim one of you, and its been only 6 days happen to my membership, now they are telling me that, its not possible to cancel my membership, let me know, my email id is from Bangalore

  207. I G.Arun prakash, Booked a e-ticket for kesineni travels on 24th January 2014 for the date of journey 31st January 2014 from Hyderabad to Cuddalore. But unfortunately bus has been cancelled on that day and kesineni executives informed me collect the ticket amount from any of our branches. so i went to Pondichery branch on 2nd February but they told me collect the amount from Hyderabad office because of insufficient cash. 15th February my co-passenger went to gachibowli branch office they told for your ticket somebody collected the money on the same day with some pan card in the name of arun prakash ch. after that we called kesineni regional office on 26th February they told us come to gachibowli branch office and make a call from there, so we went gachibowli office and called kesineni regional office finally those peoples agreed with in 48 hours your money will be deposit on your account, based on that conversation gachibowli branch office incharge given acknowledgement by hand written. but still money is not deposited on my account, so what is the solution for this issue? or else i will go to consumer court? please reply your valuable feedback

    G.Arun prakash

  208. I Ashwin, booked a renault duster (INR 13,30,3000/-)from a dealer in Mysore on 28.12.2013, and on the delivery date (26.01.2014) i found out the vehicle they were trying to give me was of very old make of may 2013 which has been verified by decoding the VIN number also ac was not working, there were scratches and some visible parts were worn out. Had refused the delivery stating the same and asked for replacement of new vehicle on make 2014. The dealer initially refused but on complaint to renault customer care he agreed to deliver new vehicle of make 2014 within a weeks time. But since then i have been visiting the dealer every week, he makes false promises and is intentionally delaying the delivery. Its been 40 days since he promised me for a new vehicle.
    Also have taken a loan from IOB for 11,50,000/- for the same and they have released the entire amount to the dealer on 18.01.2014 and i am incurring interest since then
    I am fed up with the dealer and have asked for refund of money along with interest and compensation, but the dealer is so negligent he is not responding. Also have given him a hand written letter stating all the same and as a token of receipt have got the letter signed by the dealer with the dealers seal.
    how should i take this up with the consumer court and what are all the compensation i can ask the dealer to pay for.
    Please lend me your valuable feedback on this.

    Ashwin Hebbal

  209. Hi Sir

    I have moved to consumer court regarding my case against PNB but I have been asked to move to Lok Adalat which I am not able to understand.

    Is the procedure of filing a case in Lok Adalat is same as filing a case in consumer court? Request you to advice me on the same.

  210. dear sir,
    maine ek shop se 4500 ki shopping ki through debit card of pnb.jab shopkeeper ne card ko 1st time swipe kiya to machine ne declined transaction show kiya..fir shopkeeper ne jaldi se second time card ko swipe kiya..aur jaise hi card swipe hua..mob. me update aaya ki 4500 double time deduct ho gya hai account se..matlab 4500/- +4500/-..lekin shopkeeper ne extra paesa lautane se mana kar diya…..uska kahna tha ki uske acc me sirf 4500 hi credit hua hai……next day maine bank ki passbook update karayi..jisme mony deduction 2 baar tha…..mai passbook leke fir shop keeper ke paas gyi…….lekin usne ye accept hi nahi kiya ki paisa uske acc me aya hai………main bahut helpless ho gyi hoon.kya karoon………please kuch suggest kariye….main shopkeeper k against action lena chahti hoon……..aur saath hi apna paesa bhi wapas chahti hoon…………pls meri help kijiye sir…….

  211. Sir,

    I have bought Lemon mobile for basic use for sms for Rs. 1000. But this phone has issue since first day I.e massage does not open unless you switch off the phone and turn it switch on.
    I went two time lemon care after 2 days of purchase and told them the issue and they had sent my mobile for repairing . Now after 16 days a got my phone repaired but latter on when SMS came there was same hanging problem. No rectification, no solution of the problem.
    I called lemon care and ask them what you have done in 16 days so far ?
    I approached them to initiate a replacement or repair this mobile but they told me that “your mobile cannot be repaired and we advise you to call customer care and ask them what to do” .
    I have tried al toll free numbers and other office no. Of LEMON MOBILE but none of them is active and not reachable.
    I have also mailed to stating the problem and intimation for complaint in consumer fourm but no replay till the date I have received.
    How poor their service is. There is No way to contact them .
    Now I want to file a complaint even though considering the fact that my mobile is only Rs. 1000.
    I have only invoice of purchase. Can I file complaint. Please tell me about written notice can be sent via mail?

  212. Very poor service from lenovo

    I had bought lenovo laptop around 9-10 months back.
    Since then I am facing probem in audio system.
    After trying reinstallation of drivers and factory resetting as suggested by your service executive on chat support, things are not improved.
    Since then I am chasing them and no positive reply.
    After my post on lenovo page on facebook, I am being contacted by lenovo executive that too on facebook private message.
    After multiple chasers got Service Request:8002340372.
    Last week I had received a call from lenovo and got the commitment that a senior technical officer will give me a call at 10am on Saturday I.e.29 mar 2014 and will resolve my issue.
    But, didn’t got any call.
    Really… I could not expect such service from a global brand.

  213. Hi,

    Can any one share me the format (soft copy) of the Complaint to be filed to the Consumer Court.
    It would be great help on your side.
    Kindly ring at 9560509830 so that we can exchange our mail ID.

  214. Dear sir,
    i bought the D2H service of videocon, since the day it was installed the set-top box was defectie and i was not able to avail the services, the same has been intimated to the customer care executives through phone. after incessant calls and follow up the problem was resolved in 20 days. I asked them to refund my money of 20 days, or else add in my account which they agreed on. but now they have teerminated my services and want me to reecharge my set top box again. I gave a call to their call centre again and they are saying your problem will be resolved. can i register a case ? if yes, How??


  215. Sir, My purchased car in Apr 2011 from dealer. In Dec 2013 car dealer staff fraudulently withdrawn 300000/-amount from our bank account and same amount refunded by dealer. But while investigating this 30000/-fraud I came to know that in 2011 dealer overcharged more than 1 lakh rupees through fake bills and vouchers. Now I want to know is condonation is required to fight in consumer forum ? If yes than pls tell me what to write and how to write this condonation

  216. My sallery did not give me by company and he does not given proper response so what should i do plz suggest me..

  217. Hi Yazdi sir
    I have purchased a 1.5 ton ETA General split AC on 10th feb 14. While purchasing I was told that they are the authorised dealers. However now it has come to my notice that actually they are not the authoised dealer. I have started facing problem with the machine and i doubt that they will give me better service. I want to case on grounds of misrepresentation for refund.
    A recording where he says thait he is the authorised dealer.
    Warranty card.
    Will the case be in my favour?
    Hoping to be obliged at the earliest

  218. Dear Mr Gupta,
    Hats off for your “do it yourself for filing an application to the consumer forum and which is indeed very handy guide. I have two questions:
    1) I live in Faridabad where as the company against whom I have to file the case is based out of Bombay – so where am I supposed to file my application of the grievance.
    2) I and my wife are the joint owners of the property in question – will the application be made in the joint names or the first named person in the agreement.
    3) If there are two issues that need to be addressed, will a single application suffice or two separate applications needed.
    Cheers and thanks in advance of your continued guidance.
    Onkar Chadha

  219. Good day sir, i booked Ford Ecosports in October ’13. I was told that it will be delivered in month of March ’14 or earlier if there will be cancellation.
    In feb i got call from ford that vehicle had been alloted to me and delivered by end of february, never got.when I called customer care i was told that it was their mistake, the vehicle was meant for someone else, they mistakenly called me.
    When i asked the time of delivery, they said another 6 months. I got angry and warned them to complain to higher level. Then the guy talked to someone and told me that it will be delivered by march end. Again not delivered. Now they are saying for delivery in month of may.
    I don’t trust them.
    Can i file a case in consumer court for compensation for the mental agony they cause and made me wait for last 2 months by lying to me continiously along with the booking amount.
    Govind kumar.

  220. Hi,
    I made a booking with a real estate organisation named maxworth reality in Bangalore in dec 2012. Till date no registrations happened and in Jan 2014 maxworth reality and I made an agreement to cancel booking and to refund the whole amount on 1st March 2014. Till date they have not refunded any money and are making excuses. Going by there policy it states all refunds are processed with in 30 days and no interest paid during this time. But since they are holding my money outside of agreement date , are they eligible to pay me interest rates? I have mail communications from there organisation with the dates and I started to record our conversations after there manager asked if I have any evidenc of call recording.

    Since I have already informed them in Jan 2014 for refund, should I still give them one more month notice? Is it possible to file a case online? I heard judgement from consumer courts are generally slow and will take years to complete?

    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated


  221. Hi
    I want to file a complaint against body grace parlour…
    they have done a froud with us…took 28000 from us for weight reduction service but result was zero…now they are not giving our money back…
    kindly help if anyone can guide me how can I get my money back…

  222. Hi

    I have sent a courier through Indian speed post on 08/05/2014 from Delhi to Chennai but it passed 15 days and still not delivered when I called to Post Office one of officer said my Parcel has misplaced and when they found they will send. I registered a online complain but still didn’t get any answer.
    Kindly help me out should i need to go to consumer court?
    I want compensation because they lost my parcel and couldn’t sent my item on time.

  223. Hello sir ,
    I have purchaced micromax canvas hd mobile which costs 14000 , for 8 months my mobile worked very well . It had got one prblm so i given to the micromax service center they said it will gake arround1 week i agree with them after 1week i went tl recieve my mobile . They changed all my mobile parts screen ,motherboard and they are saying we Are not ressponsible for that they cheated me and given me faulty mlbile what should i do now 😦

  224. Respected Sir,

    Few days back my child was admitted in a hospital and at that time what ever medicine were purchased from hospital medical store are sold me on MRP which is written on the medicine box. But the same medicine I was bought from other store which costs me less than half price of MRP with same company, batch no and with bill and store was also reputed store so that I inquired about price for the same medicine to one of my regular chemist and he also replied the same price(less than half price of MRP) which I got from the other store so is there any law or way to file a complain against such a medicine manufacturer and medical store. Because now a days majority hospitals are asking customers directly or indirectly to take medicine from hospital’s medical store only to make easy money from the customers. The medicine purchased was injectable antibiotic and very costly could you please let me know antibiotic drugs are fall under a life saver drug. I just want to make aware others that they are not become a victim like me. I was also visited that hospital medical store afterwards and showed original bill for the same medicine at that time he told me that what ever you want to do you can. So I would like to taught a lesson to that store owner and manufacturer of that medicine for printing this kind of MRP to cheat the customer. You are requested to kindly give your valuable suggestions on my email ID at earliest.

    Hardik Patel