Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill stalled again!

We stopped the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill again!

Two months ago thousands of emails from us asked Minister of Science and Technology, Jaipal Reddy to stop the bill. Before that we registered our opposition to genetically modified (GM) food by saying ‘No’ to it in an online poll. Now the bill is being reviewed by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests. [1]

The BRAI bill is a ploy to silence the opposition to GM crops and food in our country. [2] If cleared, the bill will create an autocratic body that will allow GM crops in our country without checking for safety. It will decide the future of our food and agriculture without even consulting us.

So far we’ve not allowed the BRAI bill to succeed.[3] There is however a strong group of multinational seed corporations, like Monsanto, and politicians who will benefit from this bill and want it to get through. They will use their influence to get this bill cleared in the next Parliament session.

We’ve defeated them for three years and we’ll keep doing that till our food is safe from genetic modification. The fight is still on. Let’s do what we’ve done in the past and save our food from harmful GM technology.


Neha Saigal

Greenpeace India


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