10 Reasons to Drink Coconut Water

Coconut water is packed with nutrients that yield an array of health benefits. Here are few benefits of drinking coconut water:

1. Prevents dehydration

2. Fuels the brain and muscles

3. Is anti-aging

4. Aids Digestion

5. Supports immune function

6. Benefits the heart and urinary tract

7. Is rich in natural vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients

8. Is a low calorie drink

9. Alkalizes the body

10. Improves blood circulation

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Free legal assistance for RTI users

This is a initiative which could strengthen our RTI Act significantly.

There is now legal help available for RTI users and activists who have been facing two significant problems:

  1. Threats and attacks when trying to challenge corruption and illegalities.
  2. Even when they get significant orders from the Information Commissions, these are stayed by courts. Most RTI users do not have the resources to fight these in courts. These stays continue and the information never gets revealed, or the cases are lost since the arguments for disclosure and upholding the decisions of the Information Commission may never be made before the courts.

We are lucky that Supreme Court lawyer  Colin Gonsalves heading Human Rights Law Networks (HRLN ) has agreed that RTI users are Human Rights Defenders and  offered their services without charging legal fees in such matters. This is a great step and opportunity for everyone in the country. This can help us to strengthen Right to Information and deepen our democracy.

Here is how we can use this fantastic opportunity:

  1. In case of threats or false police cases because of RTI applications approach the HRLN contact in your state. There are 24 HRNL units across the nation who can help.
  2. In case of assault approach the HRLN units and also approach the State or CentralCommission and request action as per the Central Commission’s attached resolution. RTI users should try and persuade their State commissions to pass similar resolution.
  3. When a significant order of the Information Commission is stayed, approach the HRNL unit for help. If they are convinced about the merits of the case, they will represent you in the court without charging any legal fees.

This is a great opportunity which can help RTI users and we should make proper use of it.

Please spread this note to all RTI users, email lists and organizations which use RTI.

On behalf of everyone in the RTI movement I thank Colin Gonsalves and HRLN for this outstanding offer.

Shailesh Gandhi

Attached: 1. HRLN’s units- contact details

  1. HRLN proposal
  2. CIC resolution

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Tel: 91 22 26001003; 8976240798

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CIC resolution

HRLN proposal.

HRLN units

Can Landlord or Society cut off Electricity / Power ?

NO – said the Bombay High Court in a 2011 Judgement.

Justice Godbole observed that it was not contested that the Daves were in possession of the flat. “In this situation, the law is well established that a person in possession of immovable property even when his possession is wrongful, cannot be dispossessed without following due procedure prescribed by law.”
The court has observed that Daves “will be entitled to obtain an independent electricity supply and the landlord is restrained from raising any objection for such independent electricity supply.”

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Earth Care Awards

The Earth Care Awards is unique and is aimed at highlighting action of direct relevance to the countries in the SAARC region to tackle challenges posed by climate change. The award is for excellence in climate change mitigation and adaptation. This is in response to the recently growing consciousness about issues associated with climate change and that it is important to identify and foster locally evolved options to reduce emissions, approaches to protect land and water resources and other innovations for reducing impacts, emphasizing appropriate environmental action. The present edition of the award will focus on three important areas, signifying action by industries, collaborative action by industry and community and by individuals covering a wide range of stakeholders. The awards invite applications across its categories from countries in South Asian Region – India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

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Order for fixing Schedule of fees payable to Auditors

Maharashtra Co-operation Department, issues the Order for fixing Schedule of fees payable to Auditors under the signature of a Desk- Section Officer, of the Housing Section 14-C.

The Department of Co-operation has done it again. After avoiding to address the issue of Appointment of Auditors for nearly a year, as hastily made in 2013 & which were struck down twice in 2013, by the Hon’ble High Court,  things started to creak ahead recently.

The latest in the series is the Order dated 29/10/2014, regarding the Scale of fees payable to an Auditor issued under uncited section/rule, by the officer, which is shocking & surprising.

Besides the provision of Section 81-1-f of the amended act 2013, as relied upon by the Section Officer is misplaced & goes against the clear mandate of the law.

Section 81-1-f reads, “(f) The remuneration of the auditor or auditing firm of a society shall be borne by the society and shall be at such rate as may be prescribed.”

Section 165-2-xlvii deals with  prescribing the procedure for appointment of auditors under sections 75 and 81 and fees to be paid to such auditors

Now the term “prescribed” means, as per section 2-21 of the MCS act means Prescribed by rules.

The Schedule of Scale/rate of fees payable to Auditors have to be in the form of an amendment to Rules, just like, Society Registration fees, under Rule 4, Education Fund under Rule 53 & Rate of Court fees under Rule 86 & Dispute fees under Rule 86A of the MCS Rules, calling for prior objections from public on the Draft Rules, considering them & then placing them before both the houses of the State legislature for approval & enforcement, as it involves a legislative exercise. The quoted figures for fees in numerals & the various heads under the types of societies are an inseperable part. The mandate of the act require a legislative process & not an executive fiat in the form of any order under Section & 79A or 157 of the MCS act. What has been sought to be done hastily, in the instant case, is that the legislative power to fix, specify & notify the rate has been bypassed & infact usurped by the executive which is neither the intention nor can be drawn by implication from the legal provision. The MCS Amended rules, 2013 have not been reportedly notified as of date, nor are the rules published on the websites of the State Govt. Co-operation Department or the Registrar Co-operative Societies Pune office. Even otherwise it is settled law in numerous apex court & hc orders, that the term State Govt. referred to in any statute means the minister incharge of the particular department & the act precedes & over-rides the rule & all other orders, notifications, if they are inconsistent with the act. The present Order has been issued by the Housing Section 14-C of the department despite it only dealing with coop. hsg. society matters, whereas all legal & universally applicable orders to all societies are issued by the Legal cell desk-section 15-C of the Co-operation Department. The rules, regulations, orders & notifications are traditionally, customarily & mandatorily issued under the hand & signature of the Secretary to the department & certainly not a desk-section officer as is in the case on hand.

Protocol & Office procedure both appear to have been dented severely, leading to the said Order being declared as ultravires, nullity & struck down later.

Maha Gr on fixation Scale of fees for all co-operative Societies. Hsg. Socities on Page 16.

Courtesy: Mr.Jagdish Gianchandani​

Lodge a complaint with Anti Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra

The Maharashtra State Anti-Corruption Bureau is working hard to eradicate the evil of bribery and corruption. To help the cause, the citizens must report us the incidents of bribe demands.

Please register your complaint here. Your personal information will be kept secret. The Complainant / Victim will have to participate in the trap operation to be carried out by the ACB.



Courtesy : Jeby Patel