Updates on Voter Registration

On demand, putting known/less-known/obvious/non-obvious Rules/Facts of Voters Registration for Elections at one place
1.      Forms Types/Usage
For Name Inclusion (new voters)
For Transfer of Registration from one Assembly Constituency to another one.

[Must mention old reg details in Declaration section of Form-6]

For Correction in Name/Photo/Address in existing entry/card
Name registered but Voter card not received
Change of address within same Assembly(Vidhansabha) Constituency Form-8A
For Objecting Inclusion or Seeking Deletion, by virtue of demise/relocation
2.      Supporting documents should get attested by Gazetted officer/SDM/Corporator.
3.      Photo ID proof : Passport/PANcard/License/Ration card
4.      Residence Proof : Bank/Kisan/PostOffice Pass book Or Ration Card/Passport/IT-Tax Assessment Order Or Latest Water/Telephone/Electricity/Gas Connection Bill for the address either in the name of the applicant or that of his immediate relation (parents/children/spouse) Or Postal Department’s posts received in the applicant’s name at given address
5.      Date of Birth Proof : Passport/PANCard/License/Birth Certificate/5th or 8th or 10th Marksheet if it has DOB
6.      Whosoever becoming 18 by 1/1/2013 is also eligible for registration
7.      Society chairman/secretary is allowed to submit forms in bulk to BLA/BLO/ERO, with a list of details like name, age, flat no, gender, mobile/phone no.
8.      BLAs are supposed to be available at Polling Booths to distribute and collect forms between 10 am to 5 pm on all days (including Weekends). BLOs visit Booths on Weekends. If no one found at the booth, complain.

9.  Link for Online Registration :  http://eci-citizenservices.nic.in/ which has Officer Contact List, Online Application and New User Registration

Activists say NO COAL to the PM

As Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh was addressing the world about biodiversity and the need to protect it at the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity on October 16, Greenpeace India’s online activists were sending him a very special tweet.

Hundreds of people tweeted a very simple message to @PMOINDIA- “NO COAL”. They were asking him to save the forests of Central India. Facebook wasn’t left out either. Thousands of people shared an image of the PM with “No Coal” written all over it. These were among the 2,50,000 people who signed the petition to show their support for the forests in Central India, threatened by the government’s plan to mine coal in them. One of their main demands was that the PM should meet Brikesh Singh who wanted to deliver the 2,50, 000 petitions to him in person.

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Consumer Rights for Food & Food Products

Consumer Rights 
As a consumer you have certain rights with regards to the food and food products you purchase. You also have a redressal mechanism to help you. All you have to do is to be aware and exercise your rights.

Know Your Rights

  1. A Purchaser of food article may, if he so desires, have the article analysed by the Food Analyst as per the provisions of the Act.
  2. The Purchaser shall pay the prescribed fee to the Food Analyst carrying out the analysis which will be refunded if the food sample is sub-standard.
  3. The Food Analyst shall send to the Purchaser his report on the analysis of the article of food and if the finding of the report is to the effect that the article of food is adulterated / misbranded / contaminated or does not conform to the standards prescribed under the Act or the Regulations, the Purchaser shall be entitled to get a refund of the fees paid by him.


It is mandatory that every package of food intended for sale should carry a label that bears all the information required under FSS (Packaging and Labelling) Regulation, 2011. Food package must carry a Label with the following information :

  1. Common name of the Product.
  2. Name and address of the product’s Manufacturer
  3. Date of Manufacture
  4. Ingredient List with additives
  5. Nutrition Facts
  6. Best before/ Expires on
  7. Net contents in terms of weight, measure or count.
  8. Packing codes/Batch number
  9. Declaration regarding vegetarian or non-vegetarian
  10. Country of origin for imported food

Consumer Reward Scheme 

FSSAI has a reward scheme for people who convey valid information about mislabelling, misbranding and extravagant claims. Your identity will be kept absolute secret. A reward of Rs. 500 will be given once FSSAI establishes the validity of the complaint. You can send the information to ceo@fssai.gov.in

For more details about Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) please visit their website at fssai.gov.in

The Toll Free Helpline No. is 1-800-11-2100 Complaints can be lodged and followed up online at foodsafetyhelpline.in/FSSAI/ This site also has interesting consumer resources in this area.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

Municipal History In 1869, for the first time the Kotwal-e-Baldia, the City Police Commissioner used to look after the Municipal Administration. In the year 1869, Sir Salar Jung-I the then Nizam has constituted the Department of Municipal and Road Maintenance and a Municipal Commissioner was appointed for Hyderabad Board and Chadarghat Board. The city is 55 sq.km and having a population of 3.5 lakhs. In 1886 Chadargat had became Chadarghat Municipality. In 1921 Hyderabad Municipality has increased to 84sq.km. These two Boards were amalgamated in the year 1933 into a Corporation and given statutory status under the Hyderabad Municipal Act. In 1934 for the first time elections were held for Municipal Corporation and a Standing Committee was appointed. In 1937 Banjara Hills, Jublee Hills etc are merged into Jublee Hills Municipality. In 1942, the Corporation status has been removed due to certain issues. In 1945 Secunderabad Municipality was formed. In 1951 it became Corporation. More

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Ready Reckoner Rates for Maharashtra

The following website has the Ready Reckoner Rates for Maharashtra, which includes Mumbai City and Suburbs, and also the detailed valuation rules :

Very useful for valuation of property, calculation of Stamp Duty, etc.
Beware, the site opens in Internet Explorer and Firefox Browsers only !
Changes in Ready Reckoner rates in Mumbai and Suburbs – some indicative figures as on 2 Jan 2013: