Hazardous chemical pesticides in our tea!

An investigation carried out by us has found residues of hazardous chemical pesticides in our tea! READ the report: http://bit.ly/CleanChaiAn investigation carried out by us has found residues of hazardous chemical pesticides in our tea! READ the report: http://bit.ly/CleanChai

A total of 34 pesticides were found in 46 samples of tea brands produced and consumed in India. More than half of the samples contained pesticides that are 'unapproved' for use in tea cultivation. 

Activists have been occupying billboards in Mumbai to demand clean tea for 21 hours. SIGN, SHARE and ASK FOR #CleanChai: 

A total of 34 pesticides were found in 46 samples of tea brands produced and consumed in India. More than half of the samples contained pesticides that are ‘unapproved’ for use in tea cultivation.

Activists have been occupying billboards in Mumbai to demand clean tea for 21 hours. SIGN, SHARE and ASK FOR ‪#‎CleanChai‬: 


Organic Foods : Perceptions and Buying Behaviour

CERC has taken up a project to study consumer perceptions and buying behaviour with regard to organic foods (grown without using synthetic pesticides and fertiliser), advocate relevant food laws and regulations for them, including proper labelling, and raise consumer awareness about quality and safety issues.

This survey is part of the project and will provide valuable insight into consumer behavior regarding organic food within the Indian context.

In India, organic foods are marked with the \’India Organic\’ certification mark issued by certification agencies accredited under the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). Most of the organic food companies in India voluntarily opt for this certification, though it is not mandatory for domestic sales.

Due to lack of effective quality standards and rules on labelling and certification of organic foods, the Indian market is flooded with uncertified products.

May we request your cooperation in this study. Kindly send your responses to the questions in the link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/V8NKGDN). We will be happy to have your views, comments, and suggestions even beyond the questions listed by us.

Your responses will help us understand the current scenario and influence the recommendations made to Ministry regarding safety and certification of organic foods. As the survey has to be completed in a very short time, may we please expect your response at the earliest, preferably by 30 August 2014.

CERC appreciates your time and cooperation. Your feedback will be very valuable for proposing effective regulations for organic foods.

Pritee Shah
Chief General Manager

Roll of sticky tape in McDonald’s salad wrap

40-year-old graphic designer Deepali Sathe bought a takeway salad wrap at McDonald’s, Ghansoli, and found the tape inside; manager told her to come all the way from Goregaon to exchange it


“As I was eating the wrap, I felt that I couldn’t take a bite. I checked to see what was wrong and found a complete roll of tape in the wrap. Thankfully, none of the seven kids ate it. My husband contacted their call centre and took the outlet’s number.” 

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Fight Fat with Ayurveda – naturally

CaptureAs we grow older, it can be extremely challenging to lose fat just through diet and exercise. To really fight that stubborn fat, the ancient medical system of India, known as ayurveda, uses age-old techniques that target the exercise-resistant fat by igniting your digestive fire. This is the biggest difference between ayurvedic weight loss and techniques and more conventional Western methods — ayurveda focuses on why your fat cells are getting bigger and gives you solutions that work long term. These techniques have worked for thousands of years and can be performed on a daily basis.

Ayurvedic techniques are targeted specifically at removing ama from your body, which shrinks your fat cells. The older you get, the more common it becomes to have ama in your body, but it doesn’t have to be this way. if you implement daily habits and detox programs that help remove these toxins, they don’t have to become a chronic issue leading to weight gain.

Each one of the recommendations will help you to shed those extra pounds. Individually, they are helpful, but when you put them all together, you may experience impressive weight-loss results. These fat fighters will help you not only lose weight — but you’ll be able to keep it off. You can adhere to this plan indefinitely — I consider the steps life-long “maintenance” recommendations.

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Say NO to GMO – already being banned in developing countries

Dear friends across India,

A flood of genetically modified crops will soon sweep India if Environment Minister Moily gets his way. A public outcry stopped Monsanto’s GM brinjal, and if we act now, we can get Moily sacked and save India’s fields and health. Sign now to challenge Rahul Gandhi to show decisive leadership and kick out Moily:


A flood of genetically modified crops will soon sweep across India if the Environment Minister gets his way. Minister Moily is meant to protect India’s fields and forests, not mollify Monsanto, and its up to us to ensure he does!

We’ve done it before! Citizens concerned about health and farmers furious about corporate bullying stopped Monsanto’s GM brinjal. But now Moily has convened a committee that could give the green light to 120 types of transgenic crops. Moily has already made many enemies by agreeing destructive forest and coal projects, so if we act now, we can get him sacked.

With elections looming, Rahul Gandhi is under real pressure to show voters strong leadership and ditch this minister for Monsanto. Let’s act fast, before Moily says yes to experimental crops that put us all at risk. Sign now, and share widely, when 50,000 people are on board, we’ll take the message straight to Gandhi:


Moily, who was given the post of Minister of the Environment in addition to his job as Minister for Oil, has already shown he can’t be trusted to protect the environment because he’s too busy trying to bend over backwards for businesses. In an unprecedented green sellout, he cleared projects worth over 150,000 crore in his first month on the job as part of his push for “creative destruction.” Now he’s under fire for boosting profits at Reliance Industries by hiking gas prices.

Monsanto may be on the back foot in India, but it hasn’t given up. Moily wants to use his position to make sure that GM companies like Monsanto can sink their teeth into India. Some argue that genetic modification holds great promise for increased agricultural efficiency, but so far the gains are just corporate PR hype. The dangers of cross-contamination and higher costs for poor farmers on the other hand are all too real.

Moily wants to move fast, hoping that fields can be planted with genetically modified crops this kharif season. So we need to move even faster. Join the call now and share widely:


Avaaz members are winning battles worldwide to protect our food supply. After over a million of us took action to halt a Monsanto GM factory in Argentina, the government rejected their environmental impact assessment and halted construction. Now let’s come together to protect India’s farmers.

With hope and determination,

Meredith, Alex, Emilie, David, Mais and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/start_a_petition/?ps

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India’s cows producing ‘toxic’ milk

Cows in India are producing contaminated milk because they are allowed to eat garbage in the street, lawyers state

India’s neglected holy cows are producing toxic and contaminated milk because they eat garbage while wandering the streets unsupervised, according to lawyers for one of India’s top milk-producing states.

The claim was made in India’s Supreme Court where judges ordered all of India’s states to impose life imprisonment sentences for those convicted of contaminating milk.

Justice K.S Radhakrishnan said he was so concerned about the scale of adulteration that he had not taken milk in his coffee for two years.

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What’s so amazing about Khichdi

Above all other Indian meals, there is one which is considered to help facilitate spiritual growth.

It is the Ayurvedic detox food—but it can also be found on many dinner tables on a normal day, as it is loved for other reasons, as well.

Khichadi, pronounced kich-ah-ree and sometimes spelled “kitchari” or “khichdi,” has long been used to nourish babies and the elderly, the sick and the healthy during special times of detox, cleansing and deep spiritual practice.

A simple, porridge-like blend of beans and rice, khichadi is often referred to as the Indian “comfort food.” But perhaps contrary to the western idea of comfort food or even health food, khichadi has many nourishing and cleansing benefits.

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Hawaii bans GMO

Mayor of Hawaii’s Big Island signs anti-GMO bill into law

“Our community has a deep connection and respect for our land, and we all understand we must protect our island and preserve our precious natural resources,” Kenoi wrote to council members. “We are determined to do what is right for the land because this place is unlike any other in the world.”

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