SEBI Complaints Redress System (SCORES)

SEBI has a centralized web based complaints redress system (SCORES). This enables investors to lodge and follow up their complaints and track the status of redressal of such complaints from anywhere. This also enables the market intermediaries and listed companies to receive the complaints from investors against them, redress such complaints and report redressal. All the activities starting from lodging of a complaint till its disposal by SEBI are carried online in an automated environment and the status of every complaint can be viewed online at any time. An investor, who is not familiar with SCORES or does not have access to SCORES, can lodge complaints in physical form. However, such complaints would be scanned and uploaded in SCORES for processing.

SCORES  is web-enabled and provides online access 24 x 7.  It has the following salient features:

  • Complaints and reminders thereon are lodged online at anytime from anywhere;
  • An email is generated instantaneously acknowledging the receipt of the complaint and allotting a unique complaint registration number for future reference and tracking;
  • The complaint moves online to the entity (intermediary or listed company) concerned for its redressal;
  • The entity concerned uploads an Action Taken Report (ATR) on the complaint;
  • SEBI peruses the ATR and disposes of the complaint if it is satisfied that the complaint has been redressed adequately;
  • The concerned investor can view the status of the complaint online;
  • The entity concerned and the concerned investor can seek and provide clarification(s) online to each other;
  • The life cycle of a complaint has an audit trail; and
  • All the complaints are saved in a central database which would generate relevant MIS reports to enable SEBI to take appropriate policy decisions and or remedial actions.

Investors are welcome to visit the website and lodge their complaints, if any, thereon. For any queries/ feedback or assistance, please contact 022-26449188/ 26449199/ 40459188/ 40459199 or e-mail to


One thought on “SEBI Complaints Redress System (SCORES)”

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